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عنوان الرسالة طالب جامعي الدرجات مشرف تم تحديد تاريخ الدفاع
الدرجات مشرف
: «بررسی و شناسایی پتانسیل صادراتی محصولات کشاورزی افغانستان به شرکای تجاری با استفاده از مدل جاذبه تجارت»سیدمحمد حسینیماجستيرسیفی۲۰۰۹-۱۲-۰۸
Investigating relationship between government size and economic growth In the framework of an augmented model (Case study: selected OPEC countries)امین حق نژادماجستيرخداپرست مشهدی۲۰۱۰-۰۹-۲۲
A comparison of Genetic Programming Technique and Econometric Model (ARIMA) for forecasting of Iran crude oil priceحامد باقری سلطان آبادیماجستيرناجی میدانی۰۰۰۰-۰۰-۰۰
AN INVESTIGATE OF RATIONALITY IN iSLAMIC ECONOMY AND IT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\زینب شوریده بختماجستيرحسین زاده بحرینی۲۰۰۹-۱۱-۳۰
Business environment analysis (The study of industrial entrepreneurs Khorasan razavi; years 1388 to 1384)امید غریبماجستيرصباحی۲۰۱۱-۰۴-۱۲
Measuring Environmental Efficiency of Industry: A Case Study of Thermal Power Generation in three Khorasan provincesهانیه فنودیماجستيرسیفی۲۰۱۰-۰۵-۱۸
The effects of long-term and short-term oil price shocks on trade balance in Iranساناز محمدیماجستيرلطفعلی پور۲۰۱۱-۰۲-۲۲
Behavioral Scoring of Customers of Banks and Financial Institutions and Presentation of a Dynamic Model of Customers’ Behavior Using Markov Chain Theoryمهدی کوکبی دلاورماجستيرسیفی۲۰۱۲-۱۱-۱۳
Comparison of Linear Parametric and Nonlinear Nonparametric Methods in Estimating and Forecasting of Annual Demand for Natural Gas in IRAN’s Household Sector.امیر وطن دوستماجستيرمصطفوی ترقی۲۰۱۳-۰۷-۰۲
The effects of globalization on firms performance in selected countries of Asiaسپیده حقیماجستيرمصطفوی ترقی۲۰۱۴-۰۳-۰۸
Extraction and Critical Analysis of Intergenerational Justice Theories in Islamic and liberal school With an Emphasis on Hakimi and Dworkin and Their Implications in Nonrenewable Natural Resourcesمرتضی مرتضوی کاخکیدكتوراءمهدوی عادلی۲۰۱۴-۰۶-۱۹
Factors Affecting Stock Prices Of Banks Active In The Iran Marketحسن ضیائیماجستيرچشمی۲۰۱۵-۰۴-۰۷
The conformity effect of agents behavior on principal profit during wage delegation: an experimental study among students of Ferdowsi university of Mashhadکمال مروجماجستيرفیضی۲۰۱۶-۰۵-۰۴
The estimation of Iran’s Industrial, Agriculture and Residential Electricity Demand Function (Kalman Filter Approach)معصومه جلائیان قاسم زادهماجستيررزمی۲۰۱۷-۰۶-۱۸
The effects of population aging on some macroeconomic variables with emphasis on the state budget using overlapping generations model in Iranجواد خزاعیدكتوراءلطفعلی پور۲۰۱۷-۰۳-۱۲
Reviews impact of oil revenues on the supply of housing sector in Iranالهام اعلامیماجستيرلطفعلی پور۲۰۱۷-۱۲-۳۱
The Investigation of the Relationship between Intra-industry Trade of Automotive Parts and Value Added of the automobile Industry in Iranایدا ارام پورماجستيرکریم زاده۲۰۱۸-۰۶-۳۰
Investigating risks of fiscal and financial dominance over the central bank's monetary policy to achieve its primary objective of price stability in Iranاکبر چشمیدكتوراءاحمدی شادمهری۲۰۱۸-۰۸-۱۴
Effect of inflation on voluntary and involuntary job loss in Iran economic sectorsحمیدرضا ایمانی مقدمماجستيرچشمی۲۰۱۸-۱۰-۰۲
Investigating the Welfare Impacts of Pollution Control in the Framework of an Augmented Growth Model: Application of System Dynamic Approach in Iranian Economyتکتم امینیدكتوراءلطفعلی پور۲۰۱۸-۱۰-۲۱
The study of welfare changes of income deciles and income distribution caused by price changing based on pro-poor approach in Iranمرتضی بستامدكتوراءلطفعلی پور۲۰۱۹-۰۱-۳۰
The Impact of Reduction in Services Import Regulation Barriers on Iran Economic - A CGE Approach-فاطمه جعفریدكتوراءلطفعلی پور۲۰۱۹-۰۳-۰۷
An Analysis of political Economy of Provincial Development Budget Model in Irans parlemantary processفاطمه مردانیدكتوراءاحمدی شادمهری۲۰۱۹-۱۰-۲۱
The Impacts of Social Capital and learning on Regional Economic Development s Outcomes Case Study: Sistan and Baluchestan Provinceعبدالرحیم کردیدكتوراءخداپرست مشهدی۲۰۱۵-۰۵-۲۴
The Effects of Macroeconomics uncertainties and news about corruptions on cooperative behavior: Based on Laboratory Experimentsمسعود فیلسوف کاخکیدكتوراءخداپرست مشهدی۲۰۲۰-۰۲-۱۶
Investigating the Impacts of Public and Private Transfer Payments on the Absolute Poverty Reduction of Iranian Rural and Urban Householdsولی گریوانیدكتوراءرزمی۲۰۲۰-۰۵-۰۴
Measuring Economic Uncertainty: A Machine Learning And Textmining Approach And Its Impact on Exchange Rateحبیب حبیبی نیکجودكتوراءچشمی۲۰۲۰-۰۹-۲۰
Irans Balance Trade Todel based on System Dynamics Approach to Vision 1414مریم ترابی فردماجستيرلطفعلی پور۲۰۲۱-۰۱-۱۸
examining the reaction of the private sector in contrast to the efficiency of the islamic republic of iran in the institutional context of economy and politicsمیثم طاهریاندكتوراءخداپرست مشهدی۲۰۲۱-۰۷-۱۲
Survey of Impact of Climatic factors on Fluctuations of agricultural index in Tehran Stock Exchangeمریم اژدری گوشماجستيربهنامه۲۰۲۱-۰۶-۲۷
Investigating the Effect of Demand for Life Insurance with Social Security Insurance in Iranزینب جمدرماجستيرچشمی۲۰۲۱-۰۵-۱۶
Analyzing the Factors Affecting Residential Water Demand in Iranian Provinces: Block Tariffs Perspective.پروانه سادات طباطبائیماجستيرملک الساداتی۲۰۲۱-۰۵-۱۶
Simulation the production-consumption balance of oil and gas on the horizon, focusing on its effects on trade balance and government budget, using System Dynamics Modelفاضله خادمدكتوراءاحمدی شادمهری۲۰۱۹-۱۲-۱۰
Comparative study of energy consumption economic prosperity in Iran and OECD countriesالناز طاهریانماجستيرصباحی۲۰۲۱-۰۶-۲۷
Analysis of labor behavior with emphasis on overtime in the Iranian labor marketسمیه سادات نقویدكتوراءهوشمند۲۰۲۱-۱۰-۱۶
Financial feasibility of food versus energy production in the city of Mashhad under uncertainty (a fuzzy approach)سیدمحمد سیدحسینیدكتوراءمصطفوی ترقی۲۰۲۱-۱۲-۰۱
the impact of international trade on carbon dioxide emissions on oil exporting countriesافسانه نظریماجستيرلطفعلی پور۲۰۲۰-۱۰-۲۰
Investigating the Impact of Good Governance Index via Tourism Industry on Energy Consumption in the Selected Developing Countries: Quantile Regression Approachافسانه زمانیماجستيرصالح نیا۲۰۲۲-۰۵-۲۹
Investigating the comparative effect of capital structure on the economic growth of selected developed countries and developing countries based on HDI indexسحر قلیزادهماجستيرسلیمی فر۲۰۲۱-۱۱-۱۶
The study of economic variables effects on bank\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s unbalanced balance sheet and also the resulting liquidity creation in Iran\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s economy.حسین اسدی گرجیدكتوراءلطفعلی پور۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۲۱
Revisiting Fiscal and Monetary Policies Effectiveness on Economic Growth in Iran focusing on Financial Stress Conditions.جواد پاکدیندكتوراءصباحی۲۰۱۹-۰۶-۰۱
Modeling Integrated Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development of Water- Energy -Food in Iran -Grounded Theory Approach-فاطمه مومنی مهموییدكتوراءناجی میدانی۲۰۲۲-۰۲-۲۶
Investigation of the Impacts of Non-Oil Exports and Economic Growth on Income Inequality in Iranمونا جلالیماجستيرناجی میدانی۲۰۲۲-۰۱-۱۶
News-based GDP Nowcasting in Iran Using Sentiment Analysis Approachمرتضی بیرانونددكتوراءملک الساداتی۲۰۲۲-۰۲-۰۹
Economic analysis of the effects of financial and oil sanctions on labor migration from Iranافسانه زارعیدكتوراءفلاحی۲۰۲۲-۰۳-۰۶
Investigating the Impact of Financial Inclusion on Economic Growth in Selected OPEC Countriesفاطمه امانیماجستيرهمایونی فر۲۰۲۱-۱۲-۱۲
Investigating the Effect of Housing Price on Marriage Rates in Urban Areas of Iranمیثم یوسفی چوبینیماجستيربهنامه۲۰۲۱-۰۷-۰۶
Investigating the Effect of Unemployment Rate on Wage Gap between Private and Public Sector in the provinces of Iranسحر جلیلیان مهریماجستيرسلیمی فر۲۰۲۲-۰۳-۱۵
Impact of Renewable Energy Development on Economic Growth: Evidence from the Panel Quantile Regression Approach for OECD Countriesبهاره پورسلیمماجستيراحمدی شادمهری۲۰۲۲-۰۵-۱۵
The study of covid-19 pandemic on Gross production of proviences in Iranمصطفی سویزیماجستيرلطفعلی پور۲۰۲۳-۰۳-۱۴
Cognitive mediators of scarcity and economic decision-making: A lab experimentزهرا خدادوستدكتوراءملک الساداتی۲۰۲۲-۰۷-۱۲
Studying the firm financial behavior dynamics in conditions of uncertainty in a selection of Bank-Based versus Market- Based countriesنسرین رضایی مقدمدكتوراءابراهیمی سالاری۲۰۲۲-۰۷-۲۴
Investigating the impact of social capital on ecological footprint in selected OECD and non-OECD countries: Quantile panel regression approachفاطمه سبزه کارماجستيرصالح نیا۲۰۲۲-۱۰-۱۶
Investigating the Impact of Unemployment risk and Inflation on the Financial Sustainability of the Social Security Fund of Iran -Considering the Pension Adequacy-مهدی چشمیدكتوراءسلیمی فر۲۰۲۲-۰۹-۰۶
Investigating the effect of financial and geopolitical uncertainties on financial markets: Evidence from a TVP-SVAR-SV Modelمحمدصادق ادیبیاندكتوراءابراهیمی سالاری۲۰۲۲-۰۹-۰۶
Investigating the effect of employment in the service sector on income inequality in Irans provincesمریم ریشه چی فیاضماجستيرفلاحی۲۰۲۲-۱۰-۱۶
A Survey of the factors affecting the gender wage gap in the Iran s labor market before and after COVID 19حمید اکبریماجستيرسلیمی فر۲۰۲۲-۱۰-۲۵
Investigating the impact of economic globalization and economic complexity on environmental quality in Iranمحمدامین میرماجستيرلطفعلی پور۲۰۲۲-۱۰-۱۶
Analysis of the Structure of the Post-Soviet Trade Network in Order to Promote Multilateral Trade Relations with Iran: Descriptive Approach and ERGM Modelصالح طاهریدكتوراءکریم زاده۲۰۲۳-۰۱-۰۹
Optimal strategies of social security parametric reforms in the framework of automatic balancing mechanisms -ABM-.اسماعیل لقمانی دویندكتوراءاحمدی شادمهری۲۰۲۲-۰۹-۰۵
Investigating the Phenomenon of Financial Crunch in the Production Sector and Effective Factors on the Mutual Relationship between Credit Crunch and Stagnation of Industrial Firms in Iranزینب شعبانی کوشالشاهیدكتوراءاحمدی شادمهری۲۰۲۳-۰۱-۳۰
Investigating nexus among Entrepreneurship, Ecological Footprint and Adaptation to Climate Change in World Economic Forum Countries Using the Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach -PSTR-زهرا رنجبریاندكتوراءخداپرست مشهدی۲۰۲۳-۰۲-۰۷
Investigating the short-term and long-term effects of foreign direct investment and corruption index on financial development in selected developing countries -dynamic panel approach-مهدی دهقانماجستيرقوامی۲۰۲۳-۰۳-۱۴
Examining the obstacles for the implementation of the profit and loss sharing model in the public banks of Bojnord city -from the perspective of people and banks-سحر ملکوتیماجستيرخداپرست مشهدی۲۰۲۳-۰۳-۰۷
Investigate the effect of the commodity index on the stock index of selected countriesامیررضا صبریماجستيراسماعیل پورمقدم۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۰۳
Investigating the mutual effects of climate change on the macro economy, financial sector and environment in Iranمحسن صالحی اردکانیدكتوراءخداپرست مشهدی۲۰۲۳-۰۲-۰۷
Comparative comparison of the industrial policies of Iran and Saudi Arabia in order to achieve economic complexityسیدمیلاد حسینیماجستيرمهدوی عادلی۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۰۹
An analysis the impact of inflationary tax and bank facilities on inequality across income classes (case study: Iran\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\حمیدرضا شهابیماجستيراحمدی شادمهری۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۰۹
Investigating the effect of good governance indices on global competitiveness index in selected countries with high human development indexمحمد ارحمی چیتگرماجستيرتحصیلی۲۰۲۳-۰۳-۰۷
Feasibility of using green bonds to finance sustainable development goals in Iranزهرا احمدجواهریماجستيررزمی۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۱۰
Investigating the effect of venture capital shock on economic growth with the Panel VAR approach in a selection of developed countriesسپهر مقصودیماجستيراسماعیل پورمقدم۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۰۳
Examining the effect of financial inclusion on income inequality in selected countriesسمانه بیدختیماجستيراسماعیل پورمقدم۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۱۵
Predicting the Effects of Economic Policies on Greenhouse Emissions -CO2- in Iran: Bayesian Vector Autoregression -BVAR- Approachابراهیم قائددكتوراءاحمدی شادمهری۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۳۰
Solution To Improve and Development Tourism Industry In Afghanistan - Case Study : Balkh Province-خجسته حمیدیماجستيرهوشمند۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۰۹
The Investigation of the effect of Corruption Perception Index and Human Development index on Poverty inSelected countries of the Middle East during the Period -2003-2021-حسن نوریماجستيرکریم زاده۲۰۲۳-۰۶-۲۷
Estimation of the production function of the assembly car industry in Kerman province -application of the combined data model-بهروز لقمانیماجستيرهمایونی فر۲۰۲۳-۰۷-۱۱
Examining the environmental Kuznets curve from the point of view of the economic complexity index in a selection of developing countriesمعصومه دماوندیماجستيرابراهیمی سالاری۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۰۷
The effect of the use of renewable energy on the happiness index in selected countries of the Middle Eastرضا شیخ اسکندریماجستيرهمایونی فر۲۰۲۳-۰۷-۱۱
Factors affecting Iran\\\'s economic recession during the period 1370 to 1399الهه مختاری مسینائیماجستيرسلیمی فر۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۰۲
The effect of climate change on household electricity demand in Mazandaran province.کیان تقویماجستيراحمدی شادمهری۲۰۲۲-۱۲-۱۳
The Impact of Financial Development and Institutional Quality on Economic Growthالهه قربانیماجستيرسلیمی فر۲۰۲۳-۰۵-۲۱
Investigating the impact of physical health on the relationship between the middle-aged workforce and economic growth in Iranسعید رحمانیماجستيرناجی میدانی۲۰۲۲-۰۹-۰۶
investigating the Effects of climate change and technology improvements on economic growth in selected developing countriesگلسا عباسیماجستيرکریم زاده۲۰۲۳-۰۳-۰۷
Investigating the relationship between liquidity growth and inflation rate in Iran\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\میثم سادات فاطمیماجستيرحسین زاده بحرینی۲۰۲۳-۰۷-۱۱