Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defence Date
Section Supervisor
Experimental study the relationship between inventories and its discrete components with financial performance In manufacturing companieshadi ghorban ali abadiM.Sc.Saei2011-05-03
Information content and Prediction Power of Classification of Tax PaiedMohammad ali SariM.Sc.Saei2011-05-10
An examination of the relationship of delay in announcing annual earnings quarterly forecast with news type and forecast accuracysaeed mehrdadM.Sc.Moradi2011-09-20
A Study Of The Relationship Between Various Indicators Of Liquidity, Profitability And Firm Valueamin rostamiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2011-11-15
the agreement rate of financial statements users with differences between national and international accounting standardssadegh hasanzadehM.Sc.Saei2012-01-04
Examination of the association between annual financial reporting timeliness & corporate governanceMojtaba SoleymaniM.Sc.Moradi2012-01-07
The auditors opinions on factors affecting job satisfactionsmail shaniM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2012-01-07
Investigation of relation between financing activities and accruals with stock returns of manufatural companies in tehran stock exchange(TSE).arash kheyrkhahM.Sc.Kardan2012-02-28
Optimal Time Period in Earnings Forecasting ModelsSeyyed Mohsen MoosaviM.Sc.Saei2012-06-19
Empirical Evaluation of the Sticky Behavior of Costs in the Tehran Stock Exchange Marketali haddadM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2012-07-12
The effect of CEO reputation and explanations for poor performance on investors’ judgments about the company’s future performance and managementfarhad rana varnosfaderaniM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2012-08-01
Identifying,analyzing and ranking of nonfinancial measures that affect investors decision by using analytic hierarchy process techniques (AHP).seyedeh tahereh mehrabankhouM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2013-04-16
investigating of the relationship between some financial factors and cash holding for the companies tehran stock exchangemostafa malekian kaleh bastiM.Sc.Vadiei2013-08-30
the comparision of accuracy of prediction financial distress with ISVM and SVMhamid ramezaniM.Sc.Moradi2013-09-20
The Role of Market-based Assets in Reducing Corporate Risk.maryam saeedi kianM.Sc.Saei2013-09-21
Investigate Changes In Intellectual Capital Throughout The Life Cycle Of The Listed Companies In Tehran Stock ExchangeSaeed FallahiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2013-09-22
Study of the cash flow sensitivity of cash holdingshojjat hatefi majoomerdM.Sc.Moradi2013-09-22
The relationship between earnings management and investment efficiencyzohre moradiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2014-01-06
The survey of the effective factors in reducing expectation gap between auditors and users of financial statementhossein mirzaeiM.Sc.Saei2014-01-08
comparing the effect of index and models measurement quality accounting on information asymmetryhassan sepehrikiaM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2014-01-20
Survey of Effect of Ownership on Firms Performance, Based on Financial Indicators of Traditional and New (Experience of Privatization in Iran)Ali Khalilian movahedM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2014-01-29
Evaluation of the relationship between accounting quality and conditional and unconditional conservatismsoghra karamdar mezerjiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2014-01-29
A study Relation between financial report and type of financingRahimh AbdollahiM.Sc.Kardan2014-01-29
Forecasting Stock Prices: application of econometric models and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)omid amandadM.Sc.Salehi2014-01-29
Disclourquality, cost of capital and investor walfareshahpar moalemi karabM.Sc.Vadiei2014-01-30
Working capital management optimization using ANNsaeed samaeiM.Sc.Vadiei2014-02-04
An examination of users’ perceptions about the effects of auditor rotation on audit qualitymohamadreza asiayiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2014-02-10
The relationship between various combinations of cash flow components and stock returnssaeed mohammadiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2014-02-10
Impact of accounting education and work experience on emotional intelligenceALALEH ZHIAN TABASIM.Sc.Salehi2014-03-11
Detecting earnings management with models Support Vector Regression (SVR), Least Angle Regression (LARS) and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)ghassem ArastehM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2014-03-11
The relationship between variables based on the balance theories and pecking order theories and selected variables from cash flow statement with corporate cash holdings.nahid rezaeiM.Sc.Salehi2014-03-29
the relationship between owenership structure and investment inefficiencyvagiheh ragabikhamesiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2014-05-21
An Examination of the Accuracy of the Business Plan Predicted Earningssayyed esmaeel hezarkhaniM.Sc.Saei2014-05-24
operating cash flow- adaboost algorithm- adaptive neuro- fuzzy inference systemNooshin EslamiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2014-05-25
An investigation the impact of CEO’s financial knowledge on earnings management in listed companies of TSEmohammad mollazadehM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2014-05-31
dividend ratiofereshteh moshtaghM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2014-06-17
A Comparison of models Support Vector Regression (SVR), Least Angle Regression (LARS) and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for Earning Per Sheer (EPS) forecastingMohammad Rasool Dariush NiyaM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2014-09-15
Earnings Smoothing and Future Cash Flow Uncertaintyzohreh atghaeiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2014-09-17
A study of the Cash holdings effect of maintenance and ownership concentration on the performance of listed companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange (performance indicators EVA and REVA)Ghanbar ali shoshtariM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2014-09-18
The Relationship Between Sticky Costs and Forecasted EPS In Tehran Stock Exchange Corporationsomayeh najibzadeganM.Sc.Kardan2014-09-20
Compare and Evaluate the performance of the portfolio management investment companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange On the based measure of modern and postmodern portfolio theory.hadi seddighiM.Sc.Vadiei2014-09-20
A study of the barriers and challenges in the implementation of operational auditing listed companies on the Tehran Stock Exchangeelaheh mirzaie radM.Sc.Kardan2014-09-21
Prediction of probabilities of loss reversals and its impact on the future abnormal returns on the Tehran Stock Exchangeاحتمال بازگشت زیان، بازده سهام، اقلام تعهدی عملیاتی، هزینه تحقیق و توسعه، جریان نقدی عملیاتی، درجه محافظه کاری حسابداریmohammad hossein zolfaghar AraniM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2014-09-21
Review on the relationship between conservatism, cash holding and stock returnhashem ebrahimbayM.Sc.Kardan2014-09-21
the effect of different definition of corporate size on profitability and liquidityzeinab nourbakhsh hosseinyM.Sc.Saei2014-09-21
ارزیابی سیستم کنترل داخلی شرکتهای بورسی بر اساس چارچوب کنترل های داخلی ارائه شده توسط کوزو.samira eidmohammadpourM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2014-09-22
Modeling and Forecasting Stock Abnormal Returns Using the Nonlinear Gray Bernoulli ModelBahar DoryabM.Sc.Salehi2014-09-22
Impact of consolidated and non-consolidated information on the prediction abilityazade jafarzadehM.Sc.Saei2014-09-22
The effects of accounting restatements on firm growthmorteza mansouriM.Sc.Kardan2014-09-22
STUDY of the relation between humman development index and intellectual capital and firm performanceRAHELEH BOOSTANIFARKOOSHM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2014-10-07
The Association between Audit Quality and the Quality of Information Disclosure of Companisnavid paidarmaneshM.Sc.Salehi2014-10-28
A review and analyzing of Iranian auditing researchHossein Fateh GoushM.Sc.Saei2014-12-17
THE analysis of relation ship between intellctual capital and efficiency of accepted offices in stock exchanging by using the model of data envelopmentMahdi DelghandiM.Sc.Vadiei2015-01-06
A study of the view points of auditors and users about the factors effecting to audit marketingsomayeh sadat hoseiniM.Sc.Salehi2015-01-08
Investigating financial statements user’s opinion about the factors affecting their trust on auditors and their reportsfarzaneh noferestiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2015-01-14
Investigating financial statements users views regarding effect of performing internal controls guideline on their level of trustzahra golalizadehM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2015-01-17
investigating managers and auditors opinion about gender effect on auditors professional performanceBehrooz ArefniaM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2015-01-18
The feasibility of implementing a cost management system using kaizen costing in manufacturing firms Khorasan Razavimahla seyed hoseini moghadamM.Sc.Vadiei2015-01-20
the relationship between pecking order theory and the firms accepted in tehran stock exchange (tse)javad barouiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2015-01-20
A study of the predictive versus opportunistic earnings managementSIMIN POURSASANM.Sc.Moradi2015-01-20
Changes in Operational Efficiency and Firm Performance: A Frontier Analysis Approachsaide moradiM.Sc.Saei2015-01-27
The effect shares owned by banks on market value listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchangefatemeh sharifi shahriM.Sc.Kardan2015-01-29
The Relationship of Abnormal Audit Fees and Restatementsadineh vahidniaM.Sc.Salehi2015-01-29
Investigate the Factors Affecting the Conversion of the Cash Basis to Accrual Basis Accounting in Public Sectormahdi abbasi zarmehriM.Sc.Vadiei2015-02-03
A study of the Association between Earning Long Term Patterns and Information Content of Dividends When Earnings are Reduced of Companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange.Abbas MohammadianM.Sc.Moradi2015-02-08
Determining the measures of financial flexibility based on expert opinions and ratings are based on AHPsomayeh sheikhalishahiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2015-02-08
the impact of product market competition on different earnings quality criteriaBehzad BeygiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2015-02-10
Earning management prediction using hybrid algorithmsbita ghareh khaniM.Sc.Kardan2015-02-17
The study of the relationship between Capital structure, cash holding& firm valueali talebzadeh bardsiriM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2015-02-21
The relationship between audit quality , macroeconomic factors with the corporate dividend payout policy.atiyyeh sigariM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2015-02-24
calculate the cost of one kg of rainbow trout (case study)rasheen ghashghaeeM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2015-03-03
Ranking the influences financial and non financial Factors on taking decision of investors by using the Topsis and Ahp Techniqueslaleh montaseriM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2015-03-16
A study Identifing some factors reducing the companies'financial reporting qualityAli akbar AbediniM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2015-03-16
The day of the week effect on stock market return and volatility and turnover stock in Tehran stock exchangeelham mardaniM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2015-03-17
Examining relationship between industrial classification and amount and composition of value added elements.SAMANEH POUR RESANEH MANESHM.Sc.Saei2015-03-17
Relationship of Managers’ Enabling Perceptions on Costing System Use, Psychological Empowerment, and Task Performancesara etemadi eidgahiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2015-04-14
The Impact of Timeliness Reporting of Intermittent Financial Statements on Information Asymmetryroya zahmatkeshM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2015-04-29
Relation between Audit fees and Financial Report Misstatements: Evidence from Annual Restatementssara pezhmanM.Sc.Moradi2015-06-08
The relationship between audit quality and earnings management in overvalued Companiesmojtaba moghaddasM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2015-06-16
stockliquidity risk effecting the quality of accounting earnings on a separate industry groupShima khosrojerdiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2015-06-24
study of effective of physical assets price changes on volume of shares tradedMozhgan TorabiM.Sc.Vadiei2015-06-30
The Effect of Liquidity Power of Khorasan Regional Electric Co. on Financial Position & Performance of Electrical Industry ContractorsAli Asghar EbrahimianM.Sc.Saei2015-07-14
The Effect of Restatement on Auditor Changesazam eshaghniaM.Sc.Salehi2015-09-09
Evaluation Influence Financial characteristics and economic indicators on profitability of companies,by comparative approach between strategic and non-strategic industriessaeed safarzadeh baghalM.Sc.Vadiei2015-09-19
Need Assessment For On the job training in accounting : viewpoints of employers & employeesmohsen pouraliM.Sc.Saei2015-09-20
Investigating The Effects of Mandatory Auditor Rotation on Audit Qualitymasoome hafarM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2015-09-20
Internal and External Determinants of Capital Structure: A Fuzzy Decision Tree ApproachFarhad NasimToosiM.Sc.Vadiei2015-09-20
A study of effect of substitution of business masters students as nonprofessional investorsfahime kafashpourM.Sc.Saei2015-09-21
Corporate Governance and Earnings Management: A Meta-Analysissolmaz arefi aslM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2015-09-21
The Relation Between Audit Partner Rotation And Audit Qualityfatemeh imaniM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2015-09-21
The audit fee disclosure effect on the users perceptions of audit characteristicssaeedeh zareM.Sc.Moradi2015-09-22
Investigation the relationship between earnings quality with the maximum profit share (Exchange instructions)MONA MIRNEZHADM.Sc.Moradi2015-10-25
A Comparative study of Return and Investment Risk in the over the counter (OTC) Market versus the official Market of the Stock Exchange companies.mahdi kharghaniM.Sc.Saei2015-10-27
An Investigation Of Relationship Between Overconfidence And Financial Restatmentmarjan ahmad nia bagh abbasM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2015-10-27
A meta-analysis of the determinants of audit qualitymalihe khabaz tavakoliM.Sc.Salehi2015-11-17
Effects of Intellectual Capital Disclosure on the Cost of Capitalhossein rabbaniM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2015-12-01
The Study of Expectation Gap in Accounting Education Resulting from current legul Requirmendsfatemeh tavassoliM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2015-12-01
Effect of Exchange Rate Changes on The Financial Indicatorsfatemeh sadeghi vazinM.Sc.Kardan2016-01-02
Investigate the relationship between auditor industry specialization and the cost of advertising on audit feeMajidreza EghbaliM.Sc.Vadiei2016-01-03
A study about the relationship between financial reporting transparency, corporate goverance and budget deficit with Tax evasionneda alizadehM.Sc.Saei2016-01-03
Examine the relationship between asset liquidity and capital structure of listed companies in Tehran Stock ExchangeKhosro AzariM.Sc.Kardan2016-01-06
Career growth opportunities and employee turnover intentions in auditing firmsroghayeh salimi zadakM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2016-01-10
The Relation Between Managerial Ability, Audit fees And Qualified opinionzeinab ensafi barivanloM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2016-01-20
A study of Relationship between Working Capital strategy and agency costs With respect to operating Income Smootingmohamad hossain aliabadiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2016-01-20
An investigation into the effect of surplus free cash flow, corporate governance and firm size on earnings predictabilitymojtaba armounM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2016-01-24
The relationship between the future tax avoidance and firm valuejavad dorrahkiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2016-01-24
Review on the implication of competition in product market on real earning management and earning management through accrualsaliakbar parsamaneshM.Sc.Kardan2016-01-24
Comparative study of users' views about the relationship Between Mandatory external audit firm rotation and limiting the provision of non-audit services with audit quality and survey cost _ benefits of that requirementszohre abazariM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2016-01-24
Cash holdings and business group membership: The role of Internal capital marketsMostafa AkbariM.Sc.Vadiei2016-01-24
The research of relationship between systematic risk and accounting conservatism in the financial reportmaryam KahaniM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2016-01-25
The Relationship between the independent auditor's opinionand rating the quality of disclosure of financial statementsazam moradiM.Sc.Moradi2016-01-26
Comparison of burnout in Accounting Auditorsfarnaz alizadehM.Sc.Saei2016-01-26
A study relation of Human Capital, Capital Structure, and Employee Paymajid ansariM.Sc.Kardan2016-01-27
Overlapping evaluation of information asymmetry measuring methodsmojtaba ghabelM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2016-01-27
Financial reporting quality, debt maturity and investment efficiencymarzieh hedayatipourM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2016-02-04
The Effect of Managerial Ability and Abnormal Audit Fees On Audit quality.atena soleimaniM.Sc.Salehi2016-02-06
The Impact of Membership in Business Group on Conservatism and Earnings PersistenceAhmad HasanzadeM.Sc.Vadiei2016-05-31
A parsimonious model to forecast financial distress, based on audit evidenceshokofeh arghavaniM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2016-07-02
A model for Tax evasion estimating through CBR techniqueSAEID AKBARIDASTJERDEHM.Sc.Moradi2016-08-29
Empirical Test of Competing Theories of Initial Pricing in Auditingzohre mahdi zadeM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2016-09-08
Investigation the expectation gap between tax affairs organisation and taxpayers presenting financial statements in tax auditing processAfshin Mahmoodian moghadamM.Sc.Moradi2016-09-10
the relationship between ethics, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and turnover auditorsNader KhaksariM.Sc.Moradi2016-09-10
Effect of information asymmetry, lack of liquidity of the stock and ownership structure (concentration) on the accuracy of earnings forecastAli ZolfaghariM.Sc.Moradi2016-09-14
The Relationship between cash flow management and financial performance listed company on the Tehran stock exchangemahdi ramezani kariz balaiM.Sc.Salehi2016-09-15
A comparative Study of Auditing Expectation Gap from view point of users in Iraq and IranRami AlreeshaweeM.Sc.Salehi2016-09-17
The Relationship Between Product Market Competition, Cash Holding and Financing Decisionssadaf paseban rouzbahaniM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2016-09-18
The role of business groups as a domestic capital market in risk sharing and firms performancebehroooz mirbirjandianM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2016-09-18
identification of establishment and implementation problems of IAIS in public universityreyhaneh haghighiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2016-09-19
Assessing the process of declaration to collection of Value Added Tax (VAT) in order to review the meeting of the ability to measure reliably for revenue identifying and reporting via accrual basisvahid gholamzadehM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2016-09-21
The effect of the premium rates on Cost of services and goodsmahboobeh roshandellhesariM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2016-09-21
The Explores relationship between intellectual capital and its components for cost of equity of The Listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange.mojgan tirdadiM.Sc.Vadiei2016-09-21
Investigation of performance tax quality and Value added tax of expression, diagnostic and certain of individualsjavad mahboo biM.Sc.Moradi2016-09-21
A comparsian earning management and liquidity in tehran stock exchang and iran farabors (kind of OTC)saeed shayannazarM.Sc.Moradi2016-09-21
Investigation Comparison earnings persistence for qualified and unqualified Audit opinions Tehran Stock ExchangeReza MohammadiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2016-09-21
The effect of earnings management moderating role on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performancebehnoush ghanbariM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2016-09-21
The Modeling of Quality and Stock Earnings; Evidence from Fuzzy Decision Tree research methodANISEH ILKHANIM.Sc.Moradi2016-10-10
The Effect Of Neutrality and Presumptive Doubt On Auditor’s Professional Judgment and The Satisfaction Of The Audit Feesjavad rajabalizadehM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2016-10-17
Disin and cost system saffron processing and packaging in khorasan productivity companyMalihe GholamhoseinianM.Sc.Vadiei2016-10-22
Fuel transportation cost per ton-kilometer in 1392fatemeh alimiM.Sc.Kardan2016-10-24
Examination of the Construal Level Theory: Evidence of the role of linguistic issues in increasing willingness to invest in non-professional investorshengameh nazariM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2017-01-09
Review of Factors Affecting The Cos Of Capital Using Fuzzy Decision Treekazem salimi toosiM.Sc.Moradi2017-01-18
The Effects of Competition in Audit Market on Audit fee and Audit Quality: The Role of Audit Market Sizejavad oradiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2017-01-24
Survey of cost stickiness in economic growth and downturnHossein FakourM.Sc.Vadiei2017-02-06
A study at the effect of the managerial ability to tax avoidance and firm’s value in smoothing and non-smoothing earnings firmsFarzana AkbariM.Sc.Salehi2017-02-12
Accounting conservatism conditioned Firm Growth Financed by External Debt: The Role of Debt Maturitymorteza hajipourM.Sc.Vadiei2017-02-12
The Effect of reconsidered Standards of Auditing Reporting on Audit Report Lagamin bazariM.Sc.Moradi2017-02-12
Recognition of Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes Important for Present-Day Auditorsnahid sadat khalife soltaniM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2017-02-14
Fraudulent financial reporting and company characteristics and quality auditing: tax audit evidencejavad dehqanianM.Sc.Kardan2017-02-18
A study of the relationship between ownership structure and related party transactions and their effect on the quality of financial reportingEhsan KhorsandiM.Sc.Salehi2017-02-18
The effect of job satisfaction and ethical approaches (relativism) of accountants and auditors on their orientation of Machiavellismmasome baratiM.Sc.Moradi2017-02-18
Empirical Study of Shareholders Overreaction to the Financial Information: Some Evidance from Large Changes of Indexmorteza gholamiM.Sc.Saei2017-02-18
Investigating the association between mood and personality of auditors and the type audit reporthamid mahmoodiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2017-02-18
Studying the relation of the personal happiness and optimism with accounting conservative and aggressive choices of accounting studentsfereshteh AREFIM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2017-02-18
The relationship between cash holding, financial constraints and growth opportunities with audit feemohamad mohamadi asl kalkhoranM.Sc.Kardan2017-02-18
A Study of the Relationship between Major Shareholders -Audit Firm Interlock on Audit Quality of the Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock ExchangeMehri HanifezadehM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2017-02-18
The Impact of Conditional and Unconditional Conservatism on Audit feesSOMAYYEH ROHABADIM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2017-02-18
Impact of Audit Committee Characteristics on Audit Report timeliness and Restatement of Financial Statementsrohalla shoreiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2017-02-18
Business Cycle and Management Earning Forcastelahe fakoorizadehM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2017-02-18
Compare the financial performance and working capital management effect on its in the cooperative units of North Khorasan ProvinceMahsa HeidarzadehM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2017-02-19
A Survey of the Effect of Changing Audit Report on the Audit Expectation Gapmaliheh baradariazghadM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2017-03-12
The Mediation Effect of Effort on Relation of Self-Efficacy & Accountability with Auditors’ PerformanceHossein Soleimani MoqaddamM.Sc.Saei2017-03-18
The survey relationship between brand, stable cash flow and finavcial policies firmshadi abdiM.Sc.Kardan2017-05-17
Comparative of Ethical factors on earnings management in IraqKARRAR HAMZAH ABDULHADI ABDULHADIM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2017-05-30
studyiny corporate governance and earnings management relationship in listed companies of Iraq Stock Exchangemushtaq al husnawiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2017-06-07
Studying effective factors of auditors of Iraq court of audits independenceNadia Subhi Yaseen Al_JawharM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2017-06-10
Professional accounting education challenges in Iraq from the perspective of practitioners and academic referencesHussein Mohammed Tareq AlkhayyoonM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2017-06-10
The factors affecting the professional judgment of the auditor in relation to the quantity and quality of audit evidence in IraqJASIM MOHAMMED ABED ALNABHANM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2017-06-14
Investigating the Factors Affecting Internal Auditing EffectivenessMahmood Abdullah Al - GburiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2017-06-14
The impact of audit reports and mediated factors such as size and audit expertise on earnings response coefficient Iraqi companiesRasool KhaleelM.Sc.Saei2017-06-24
A Study of expectation gap between internal auditors and managers of public organizations in IraqALAA FADHIL ABDULAMEER KHAFAJAM.Sc.Kardan2017-06-25
Connecting Reading and writing in second language Writing Instruction Problems or errors in Teaching Tenses to Iraqi Learners.salvan oujeM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2017-06-25
Identifying the users of municipalities financial reports, their information needs and their purposes (Evidence from Iraq)Karrar Mohammed ghazi Al - ShafeayM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2017-06-28
The Relationship between the Criteria of Performance Measurement and Firm Value (evidence from Iraq country)ASAAD ALNAJIMM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2017-07-01
The impact of accounting information on the quality of management decisionsManhal Faraj Azeez GhorbaniM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2017-07-02
Investigating Relationship Between Some Corporate Leadership Mechanisms And Profit Management On The Iraq Securities Bourse And Comparison With Iran Securities BourseWisam Kamil ObaidM.Sc.Salehi2017-07-03
Bankruptcy prediction using financial ratios in IraqRIFAAT IBRAHIM KHUDHAIR SHUJAIRIM.Sc.Vadiei2017-07-03
Impact of accounting information technology on the transparency of financial reports by private banks in IraqSHAYMAA AL-ISAWIM.Sc.Vadiei2017-07-03
The effect of job stress, organizational commitment, job satisfaction and job performance audit staff in the Superium Audit Court of Iraqyaser Jabbar shaheedM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2017-07-08
Impact of audit Supervisor performance on job satisfaction, organizational commitment and persistence Superium court audit staff in Iraqmohammad arkan sahib tilealM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2017-07-08
study of investigate relationship changes of corporate governance features, with firm performance and earnings’ qualityRedha AltaeiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2017-07-09
Factors affecting auditor independence of external auditors in the Iraqi perspectiveMAZIN ALGHAZZAWIM.Sc.Vadiei2017-07-09
The effect of sacred months on Price and the Index of Iraq Stock Exchange and its Comparison with the Stock Exchange of IranFaisal SalmanM.Sc.Salehi2017-07-09
: The Relationship Between Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Management Motivational Factors On Performance And Earnings Management and Innovationmahboube mahmoudabadyM.Sc.Salehi2017-07-09
The relationship between the properties of the board and auditor in IraqAli Mohammed Shanan AlkndleeM.Sc.Kardan2017-07-09
The study of Corporate Governance Quality’s effect، Power and Managerial Human Capital On Board Compensationsomaye gholamiM.Sc.Moradi2017-07-10
Study of the Board compensation relationship with the economic model of performance evaluation of companies listed on the IraqAhmed Sameer DakheelM.Sc.Moradi2017-07-10
A Study of the Barriers of Using Computer Software in Superem Audit Court of IraqYasir Mohammed Ali Ridha AlwattarM.Sc.Vadiei2017-07-10
The relationship between earnings quality and earnings response coefficients in the Iraq Stock ExchangeSami Abdulridha Al - AnbariM.Sc.Moradi2017-07-11
Investigate the Relationship between capital structure and debt rate with the performance of the Iraqi companiesAsaad Abdulameer AlamM.Sc.Saei2017-07-11
Evaluation Overreaction Common shareholders in the Iraq Stock ExchangeBasim Mirdan KadhimM.Sc.Moradi2017-07-12
Analysis of the Effectiveness of Corporate Governance on the Efficiency of Investment in Iraqi CompaniesOday Ayyed Sabr HasnawiM.Sc.Saei2017-07-12
Studding the Accounting Education Expected gap in IraqZina Adnan Kareem Al MehanaM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2017-07-12
Astudy of the Relationship between Overconfidence of the Board of Directors and Remuneration In IraqWisam Hadi Jawad AbediM.Sc.Moradi2017-07-21
Organisational intelligence assessment on Iraq Court- Evidence of accounting and GhyrhsabdaranHaitham Jasim Khudhur Al - KhazaaliM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2017-07-22
Studding of Factors Affecting Internal Auditors job satisfaction in IraqMohammed Ridha AlbusultanM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2017-07-22
Study of the background of change in cash accounting to accrual accounting in Prerequisites universities of IraqJinan Abed Khachi AlkandleeM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2017-07-22
Study of the Relationship Between Earnings Management and Audit Tenure in Iraq and IranAws Alwan Hasan AlmusamM.Sc.Kardan2017-07-22
The Obstacles and The Problems The Use Of Computerized Accounting Systems In The Ministry Of Education In IraqEnas AbdalabbasM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2017-09-04
stock returns and their relationships with readability of earnings of forecasts and audit reportsamira AlikhaniM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2017-09-19
Employment a Word – Based Model to Identify of Fraud In Financial Reporting: Evidence From An Exploratory Studyfaezeh gholamimoghaddamM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2017-09-19
The Impact of Distress Risk on the Relationships between Corporate Features and Stock Risk Premium at Companies Listed in Tehran Stock ExchangeAfshin behsoodiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2017-09-20
Related Party Transactions and an Efficient or Opportunistic of Earnings ManagementMostafa GhannadM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2017-09-20
The existence of Contagion Effect of Low Audit Quality And the Moderating Role of Financial Distress and Investment OpportunitiesAli DelaramiyanM.Sc.Moradi2017-09-21
The effect Real Earnings Management and Internal control weaknesses on Current and Future Audit Feeshossein yazdan shenasM.Sc.Vadiei2017-09-21
Accounting studentsMohsen MoeinizadehM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2017-09-22
The effect of agency costs and the announcement until dividend and its impact on audit fees during the company's life cyclehamid reza attariM.Sc.Salehi2017-10-29
The effect of independent auditor opinion in creditor decision making in export development bank of iranhamed gorjestaniM.Sc.Vadiei2017-11-12
The effect of bank interest rate and accounting conservatism on trade creditzina jihad jasim al asadiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2017-12-05
Interactive effects of family firms and free cash flow on the relationship between accounting conservatism and dividend paymentsreza aazadM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2018-01-02
Investigating the effects of corporate social responsibility,risk and corporate governance on cash holdingsAzam DelpasandM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2018-01-07
Investigating The Effects of Audit Institute Quality Changes on Type and Basis for Modification Paragraphs of Audit OpinionFateme Karimi ZarchiM.Sc.Saei2018-01-07
The evaluation of effective factors on audit fees with emphasis on ceo turnoverhossein nakhjavanM.Sc.Salehi2018-01-23
Readability of Financial Statements and the Sensitivity of Investors to Use of Accounting InformationAbutaleb bagheri azghandiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2018-02-04
Review of Balance between auditing responsibilities and marketing practices by members of the Iraq Association of Certified Public Accountantssaif al ameedeeM.Sc.Moradi2018-02-06
Investigating the Factors Affecting Work-Family Conflict and Providing Solutions to Reduce it: Evidence from Auditorsniloofar naderiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2018-02-12
Assessing financial reporting quality of family and nonfamily firms by audit risk and audit feesneda kelidariM.Sc.Salehi2018-02-12
The Association between Management Performance And Audit Riskmojtaba peivandi nejadM.Sc.Kardan2018-02-13
The relationship between asset growth and stock returns according to the company's life cyclemohammad kamelanM.Sc.Kardan2018-02-13
Real and Accrual‐Based Earnings Management in the Pre‐ and Post‐the Regulations Governing the Trusted Auditing Firms of the Securities and Exchange Organizationhamidreza azadM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2018-02-14
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The relationship between financial indicators with Board of Director compensationHamed NasiriM.Sc.Kardan2018-02-18
Investigate the Factors Affecting Accountants' Ethical Decision Making in IraqMurtadha Saleh Mahdi Al - JuaifariM.Sc.Vadiei2018-02-18
Investigate the relationship between the quality of financial reporting and the investment efficiency in companies listed in the Iraq Stock ExchangeAhmed Mohammed Jasim ShuwailiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2018-03-07
Study The relationship between inventory turnover and economic performance in companies listed on the stock exchange in BaghdadSadegh Hadi MuhiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2018-03-11
Investigate the Factors Affecting Accountants' Ethical Decision Making in IraqHussein Abdulrahman AlhamndawiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2018-03-13
Identification of earnings management using changes in asset turnover and margin of profitAli Talib Ahmed Al - JuhaishiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2018-03-15
Investigating the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Company Value and Future Growth of Companies Acquired in Tehran Stock Exchangereza ebrahimiM.Sc.Kardan2018-03-18
Using Textual Analysis in Performance Forecastsmahdie miralliM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2018-05-13
Investigating the Relationship between Different Dimensions of Company Performance Conservatism in terms of information asymmetryMohammad Reza NajafpoorM.Sc.Vadiei2018-05-22
The Effect of Governance Indicators and Economic Freedom on firm performanceMahdi SaeediM.Sc.Kardan2018-05-27
Thesis Title: The impact of earnings management and it's interaction with biard independence on cost stickiness in the Iraqi stock exchange companiesAli Dakhil Skhial Al hasanyM.Sc.Kardan2018-05-27
Investigating the Effect of Investment Efficiency on Stock Returns and Operating cash flowmoslem gharaeianM.Sc.Saei2018-06-03
The Investigation of the obstacles to the establishment of performance budgeting in the technical and vocational training organization of Iraq (Case Study: technical institute of Karbala, Najaf, Babil)SHIRIN ALHADHIM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2018-06-03
The Investigation of the relationship between bankruptcy probability and earnings management in companies accepted at the Iraq Stock Exchangekarrar Talib Oudah AlbattatM.Sc.Saei2018-06-09
The Investigation of the relationship between working capital components and the performance of companies accepted at the Iraq Stock ExchangeAlaa Jumaah KareemM.Sc.Saei2018-06-09
Investigating the Relationship between the Characteristics of the Board of Directors and the Actual and Real Earning Management in the lists Companies on the Iraqi Stock ExchangeFarqad Mohammed Bakr AlsaadiM.Sc.Kardan2018-06-12
Investigating the relationship between the weakness of internal controls and conditional conservatism in companies accepted at the Iraq Stock ExchangeHaitham Hadi Talib Al- YasariM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2018-06-23
: The evaluation of the internal control system of Iraq Stock Exchange companies based on the framework provided by COSOliqaa taha albogwaraM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2018-06-24
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An Empirical Study of Corporate Loan Contracting and Its Affectingmitra assadzadehM.Sc.Saei2018-09-11
investigate the effect of corporate governance and capital expenditure changes on tax avoidancesomaye taghizadeM.Sc.Moradi2018-09-15
A study of relationship between going concern report with company’s strategy and quality of internal controlmaral dadfarM.Sc.Salehi2018-09-16
A study on systematic error sources of Jones-based accrual models: evidence of conservatism and change in working capital management policyArash GhorbaniPhDVadiei2018-09-16
Investigating the Effect of Accounting Information Quality and Auditor specialization on the Investment Efficiency at Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchangemohammad hasan farokhiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2018-09-18
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A study of the dividend and cost sickness on benefit comparabilit with mediating role of political connectionsreza ghodoosianM.Sc.Salehi2018-09-22
The relationship between Political communication And bold tax policies And the impact of the components Corporate governance And the quality of profit On this connectionmohammad abbasi hasan abadiM.Sc.Moradi2018-09-22
A study of the relationship between the auditor change and Audit Fees with the weakness of internal controls in downturn conditions.amir teymooriM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2018-09-22
Investigate the Relationship Between the Type and Paragraph of Audit Report with Information Asymmetry in the Stock Markethaniye taghaviM.Sc.Kardan2018-09-22
Comparative study of the relationship between some of the characteristics of corporate governance and financial reporting quality in family and non-family businesseszahra barzgar shahnabadiM.Sc.Moradi2018-09-22
A study of the Ratio of Income Tax Expense to Operating Income as an Indicator of Fraud in listed company on the Tehran stock exchangeSara MohammadzadehM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2018-09-22
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A Review of Factors Affecting on Managers’ Budgetary Biasmilad darvishiM.Sc.Saei2018-10-07
The ethical behavior of big taxpayers from a postmodern moral point of view in Iraq-BaghdadAyad Abed Hameed AlqarahghouliM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2018-10-08
Basis Change in Accounting of Public Section; Adversities Ahea (Case study: Executive Administrations in the city of Diwaniyah, Iraq)FORAT SATTAR HASSOON HASSOONM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2018-10-09
Study the Use of Performance Measurement Systems in Public Sector (Case Study: Mashhad Municipality)Roghayeh Mahmoudi yekebaghiM.Sc.Vadiei2018-10-17
The role of financial reporting quality in reducting the negative effect of dividend policy on investment decisionbarat hatami siniM.Sc.Moradi2018-10-22
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Investigation of Changes in Financial Statements on Audit Fees and Other Auditing Characteristics in Companies of the Stock Exchange of Iraq and IranQASSIM HEREZM.Sc.Salehi2018-11-28
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A Comparative Study of the relationship between the board's characteristics of intellectual capital listed companies of Stock Exchange of Iran and IraqHUSSEIN SHAWALM.Sc.Salehi2018-12-18
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the Relationship between Major Shareholders -Audit Firmsamaneh mirshekariM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2019-01-22
The role of the quality of earnings and liquidity of stocks in sensitive and non-sensitive companies over the publication of financial statementsSomayeh Alian BarinM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2019-02-06
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The Multiple Directorships, Financial Reporting Environment and PerformanceFaezeh HejratiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2019-02-12
The Effect of CEO Characteristics and Competition in the Audit Market on the Disclosure and Comparability of Financial Information in the Companies Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchangereza sedaghat divrazmM.Sc.Salehi2019-02-12
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Comparison of Statistical Models and Machine Learning Models to Predicting Banks FailureNafiseh GhazizadehM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2019-02-16
The effect of corporate governance features on the relationship between accounting conservatism and earnings qualityVahid ShahroudiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2019-02-17
Investigating the degree of consistency of the personality type of accounting students to study and work in the accounting professionelham asadzadeh BonabM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2019-02-17
Investigation the Impact of Strategic Knowledge Management on the Development of Intellectual Capital Organizational Effectssahar hayaeianM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2019-02-17
A Study of the Relationship Between Companies Political Connections with Auditor choice, Audit Fees and Abnormal Audit Fees.elnaz behzadiM.Sc.Salehi2019-02-18
Readability of financial statements and Stock Price Crash Riskleili mokhtari nezhadM.Sc.Moradi2019-02-18
the role of ownership on the relationship betweenmarjan naderiM.Sc.Moradi2019-02-19
Investigating the Impact of Managerial Ability and Audit Fees in Financial Disabilitymohammad taheri boshrooyeM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2019-02-19
The Relationship Between Frim Performance and Earnings Management With Mediating Roll of Ownership Structureatiyeh asadiM.Sc.Kardan2019-02-19
The relationship between Conditional conservatism and labor investment efficiencymansooreh shirin mazariM.Sc.Moradi2019-02-19
A Comparative Study of the Relationship between Operational Cash Flow, Earnings per Share and Stock Liquidity with Market Returns between distressed and non-distressed companiesmaryam sadat najjarM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2019-02-19
Investigating the Impact of Self-Deception and Professional Skepticism on Ethicality Using Earning ManipulationMohammad Reza GharavianM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2019-02-19
The relationship between self-compassion, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and integrative self-knowledge with earnings management behavioromid farhadiM.Sc.Moradi2019-02-19
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Investigation The Opinion shoppingmasoome barzgariM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2019-03-13
The relationship between business cycles and earnings per share componentsmina teimuri fathiM.Sc.Moradi2019-03-13
A studey of the effectiveness of internal controls (COSO) and providing a general guide for internal control structure based on the companies sizemahdi vakilianPhDMoradi2019-04-10
The disclosure quality and its association with sustainability of company's performanceFarzaneh MirzaeeM.Sc.Moradi2019-05-05
A study of the effect of managerial narcissism and accounting comparability in Iran and IraqMOHAMMED ALMALKEM.Sc.Salehi2019-05-07
Investigate The Relationship Between Earnings Quality and Predicting Financial DistressHUSSEIN HASANPhDKardan2019-05-07
The relationship between auditor specialized,auditor reputation,auditor size and corporate social responsibility with the role of corporate governancearash nasimi shadM.Sc.Moradi2019-05-29
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A Study of determining earnings management practices depending on the effect of earnings quality taking into account the risks of financial stressAli Tawfeeq Jameel Al - NaffakhPhDAbbaszadeh2019-06-11
Accounting Conservatism and Corporate Reporting in environments with high information asymmetry : Evidence of Initial Offering in Tehran Stock ExchangeMOSTAFA ALMANSOORIPhDMoradi2019-06-11
Identification the Error Source of Cash Flows Prediction and Comparison of Prediction ModelsAhmad AhmadiPhDNassirzadeh2019-06-22
A Study of the Effect of Top Managers Stability on Firm's Performance and Stockholders' BehaviorMansoore Seyed hosseiniM.Sc.Saei2019-06-25
Influence of selected campany characteristics on financing and earning managmentfatemeh zarghaniM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2019-07-13
investigate the effect of information disclosure quality on the relationship between corporate governance characteristics with debt financing and its costbahman shirkhaniM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2019-07-21
A study of the relationship between Business Strategy and Auditor Switchingvajihe abbaszadehM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2019-09-18
Investigating the relationship between internal control risk and audit fees in the listed companies on the Tehran Stock Exchangefarzaneh mohammadzadehM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2019-09-18
Developing internal auditors’ competency modelamin rostamiPhDVadiei2019-09-21
examining the interactive effect of the company life cycle on the relationship between the effectiveness of the audit committee and business strategy in listed companies in tehran stock exchange.saeed masumi hodkM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2019-09-22
Checking for abnormal profits or costs in determining audit feeszahra rezazadehM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2019-09-22
The Effect of Audit Quality on the Accuracy of Management Earnings ForecastsHamideh Nazari DavajiM.Sc.Salehi2019-09-22
The impact of enterprise risk management on economic value added and it`s partselaheh mashhadiM.Sc.Kardan2019-09-22
Product Market Competition, Dividend Policy, Financial statements comparabilitymohammad Hesam AradmehrM.Sc.Moradi2019-09-22
Accrual Earnings management in different stages of financial distresselahe kianiM.Sc.Saei2019-10-06
The impact of IT on the weakness of internal control; considering the impact of size of the company, capital structure and complexity of operationsbahare yavariM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2019-10-15
A Study Of The Relationship Between Business Strategy And Corporate Social Responsibility ReportingMaryam Akbarzadeh MiriM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2019-11-09
Critique and Extension on the impact of business strategy on financial report readability researchyasaman ertaghaeianM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2019-11-12
Investigating the Relationship between Business Group Affiliation and Corporate Social Responsibility with Moderating Role of Audit Qualitymohammadreza graylooM.Sc.Moradi2019-12-11
Study the Relationship Between Changes in Corporate Governance Characteristics on earnings Persistence in Companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange and Iraq Stock Exchangemohammad faez hameed aljaberiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2020-01-08
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The Relationship between Accounting Quality and Trade Credit in Listed Firms of Iraq Stock Exchangeghazwan ayad khalid alshiblawiPhDVadiei2020-02-10
Compilation of Theoretical Basis of Financial Reporting for Small and Medium –Sized Entities in Iranmohammadreza behmaneshPhDAbbaszadeh2020-02-15
investigate the impact of CEO narcissism on corporate riskfatemeh saber mojtahediM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2020-02-17
Review the role of firm attributes in the relationship between competition in the audit market and the quality of profitElaheh Almasi MoghadamM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2020-02-18
A Study of the Relationship between Internal Control Weaknesses and Operational Efficiency Based on the DEA ApproachAtefe MohammadzadeM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2020-02-19
The impact of Weaknesses in internal control, Solidarity of the Board of Directors on the probability of bankruptcyHossein daneshvarM.Sc.Moradi2020-05-12
A study of the relation between modified audit report basis remediation and accounting information quality, financial performance and market reactionAmirreza GhodratiM.Sc.Moradi2020-05-13
The Impact of Board Interlocks and Political connection on the Quality of Financial Reporting in Iran and Iraqali zuhair maallahM.Sc.Salehi2020-06-30
The impact of community social capital on asymmetric cost behaviorAmir Hossein RastegariM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2020-07-05
The Effect of Restatements and Optimistic Forecasts on Earning Management.Ali Saad Mohammed AlabdPhDSaei2020-07-26
Study the relationship between indicators of governance and economic freedom with audit characteristics in Iran and IraqHUSSEIN SHIHAB ABDULRAZZA AL-SAMRAEM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2020-07-26
Corporate social responsibility, financial distress and firm life cycleali arshadi khorasaniM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2020-09-08
The effect of intellectual capital changes on the relationship between earnings transparency and abnormal returnsmonir yazdiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2020-09-12
Investigation the association between the auditor's characteristics and the corporate governance on financial statement footnote readabilityseyed ahmad masoumiM.Sc.Salehi2020-09-15
A Risk-based Time Budget Model for External Auditbahare haghighitalabPhDAbbaszadeh2020-09-16
The Moderating Effects of Managerial Compensation Board Bonus and CEO Financial Knowledge on RelationShip between Business Strategy and Over Investmentsadegh asadiM.Sc.Moradi2020-09-21
The impact and implications of management motivations for detecting financial reporting fraud by external auditorsFarqad Faisal Jadaan SallalPhDBagherpour Velashani2020-09-22
The Impact of Ethics and Spiritual Characteristics on Auditors' PerformanceAHMED MUZAHEM HUSSEIN HUSSEINM.Sc.Kardan2020-09-26
investigates the association between effects of competition in audit market and major shareholders -audit firm interlock on financial reporting quality.fatemeh mohammadi khanamanM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2020-09-30
Investigating the Relationship between the Type of Auditor's Statement and the Quality of Profits in Companies Listed on the Iraqi Stock ExchangeKhalid AlbadrM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2020-09-30
Investigating the Relationship Between Ownership Type and CEO s Narcissism Board of Directors and Financial Leverage in Iran and IraqSAIF FAHIMM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2020-09-30
The Relationship between Aggressive Real Earnings Management and Current and Future Audit FeesAdel MohebbiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2020-10-05
The Investigation of the Relationship Between Debt and Cash Capital on Accrual and Cash PerformanceReza Ghasemi daghiM.Sc.Vadiei2020-10-07
Investigating the relationship between institutional ownership, board independence and management duality with the performance of Iraqi companiesAMJED YAHYA SABR SABRM.Sc.Vadiei2020-10-11
A study of Auditors Legal Responsibility and Auditors Awareness about Their Legal Responsibilities in Iraqhamzah almaghoothM.Sc.Moradi2020-10-13
The Impact of Accounting Quality and Auditing Characteristics on Falling Stock Prices of Iraqi Companies Before and After DaeshHAYDER AL KHALIDIM.Sc.Salehi2020-10-13
Investigating the Impact of Corporate Governance Characteristics on Delays in Financial Reporting (End of Period) on the Iraqi Stock ExchangeAKEEL ALDRAISAWIM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2020-10-18
The Impact of International Financial Reporting Standards on the Financial Position and Performance of Stock Exchange Companies in Iraqalaa obaidiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2020-10-20
Relationship between Personality types with Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of Auditorsseyediman AsghariM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2020-10-21
A study of Managerial Ability during Life Cycle Stages on cost stickinessbahareh sedaghaty maneshM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2020-10-21
Presenting a model to identify money laundering indicators for Iran by comparing the behavior of Iran’s and the UK’s auditors when red flags suggest the presence of criminal activity in the form of money launderingVahid Molla ImenyPhDSalehi2020-11-01
Relationship between Product Market Competition, Special Performance Evaluation and Audit Services Fees on the Iraqi Stock Exchangeاhusham al-jaberiM.Sc.Vadiei2020-11-12
The Impact of International Financial Reporting Standards on the Financial Reporting Quality of Stock Exchange Companies in Iraqahmed aljanabiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2020-11-15
The relationship Between the Elements of Intellectual Capital and the Performance Indicators of Companies on the Iraqi Stock Exchangeadham azzawiM.Sc.Moradi2020-11-15
The role of product market competition on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and company value.adel esmaeilzadehM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2020-11-22
A study of the relationship between corporate governance mechanisms with the cost of capital in Iraq and IranSAAD RAAD FAYSAL FAYSALPhDSalehi2020-11-23
Comparative Analysis of the Relationship between Internal Control Weakness and Different Types of Auditor Opinions in Fraudulent and Non-fraudulent FirmsMehdi HedayatzadehM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2020-12-14
The Impact of Earning Management and Weakness of Internal Controls on the Firm Reputationfaezeh faramarziM.Sc.Salehi2021-01-11
Interactive effects of Ownership structure on the relationship between overvalued equities and cost stickinessAli AbbaspourM.Sc.Kardan2021-01-16
The investigation of relationship between management entrenchment and audit quality in Tehran stock exchange listed companiesmobin mirghafouri jokandanM.Sc.Moradi2021-01-16
Client Demand for Audit Quality and its relation with Audit QualityَAta Farsad GhadimiM.Sc.Moradi2021-01-16
Modeling the Sources of Relative Cost Stickiness and Effects on Earnings Forecast accuracy: An International StudyAli ShirzadPhDSaei2021-01-16
Investigating the relationship between intellectual and human capital on relative performance and fluctuations in stock returnsshahram heidariM.Sc.Salehi2021-01-19
Analysis on audit fee and auditor selection with different quality in the capital market of Iranmohamad javad shabaniM.Sc.Moradi2021-01-23
The relationship between change in cash holdings and change in Trade credit with the Moderating role of financial power and market power of the firmmohhammad reza estemaeeM.Sc.Moradi2021-01-24
Investigating the effect of Tedan system analytical reports on the information efficiency of Tehran Stock ExchangeMorteza RafieeM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2021-02-16
Employee Skills and Wages Costs Stickinessabbas parsafarM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2021-02-16
The Moderating Effects of Stock Liquidity on Relationship Between Institutional Investors and Stock Price Crash Risk on Stock ReturnsMojtaba MZM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2021-02-17
A study of the relationship between social capital and intellectual capital on the prediction of earnings by management and social responsibility desclosureelham chenariM.Sc.Salehi2021-03-02
Investigating the effect of cost nature on its stickiness and their combined effect on the future profitability of companies listed on the Iraqi stock exchangeUMER alasadiM.Sc.Saei2021-03-16
Investigating the relationship between business strategy and auditor characteristics on the readability of the auditor's reportmasoomeh mousaviM.Sc.Salehi2021-03-17
nvestigating the Relationship between Investment Opportunities and Innovative Activities with the Moderating Role of Property Ownership and Family Ownershipaboulfazl alipour M.Sc.Moradi2021-03-17
The Relationship between cash flow volatility and trade credit with the moderating role of the economic crisis of Companies Listed in Tehran Stock ExchangeEileen Namdar MoghadamM.Sc.Kardan2021-03-17
Investigate the market reaction to business strategies and investment opportunitiesEhsan BazariM.Sc.Kardan2021-03-17
The effect of customer credits based on ESG factor (environmental, social and governance) on abnormal audit lag , audit quality an audit feeSeyed amir qeisarianM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2021-03-19
The relationship between managerial entrenchment, independent audit fee and internal control weaknesses related to financial reporting with an emphasis on the role of audit committee activitiesSaeede BayatiM.Sc.Moradi2021-05-02
Investigating the effect of board feature and company reputation on the auditors expectations and the auditors feesmohana usefi moghadamM.Sc.Salehi2021-05-23
The relationship between auditor characteristics and audit quality Comparative Study of Companies Listed in Iraqi and Iranian Stock Exchangesafa mohammed obyesM.Sc.Vadiei2021-06-01
The effect of Google's local biases on information asymmetry and market responsemohammad ebrahimiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2021-07-19
The Relationship between Financial Statements Comparability and Earnings Management On The Iraq Securities BourseISAM ABBAS HASANM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2021-07-19
Investigating the relationship between the company’s business strategies and profit quality during the financial crisis in the Iraqi Stock Exchangesaad alhamzawiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2021-08-03
Estimating Materiality Threshold at Financial Statements LevelAbdollah AzadPhDSalehi2021-09-05
Investigating the Simultaneous Impact of Earnings Quality and Audit Quality Increasing on Earnings Response Coefficient in the Iraninan Stock Exchangeameer zuhairiM.Sc.Saei2021-09-12
The relationship between corporate governance and readability of financial reportingsamira hessarianM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2021-09-12
Investigate the Relationship Between Internationalization of Companies, Management of Business Groups and Investment-Cash Flows SensitivityZohre NoferestiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2021-09-14
The moderating role of corporate goverance on the relationship between corporate social responsibility with stock liquidity and stock returnsfatemeh zibadiM.Sc.Moradi2021-09-15
The relationship between Competition in the Audit Market, Auditor Fees and Audit Quality on the Iraq Stock Exchangeahmed alshakbanM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2021-09-18
organizational trust and firm performance : evidence from textual analysisnima rigiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2021-09-20
Stock price informativeness, CSR and corporate governancezahra karimiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2021-09-20
Interactive effects of ownership structure on the relationship between Board Activity Report with the Stock Price Crash RiskMohsen TavakoliShandizM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2021-09-21
The effect of Management abilities, financial constraints and economic uncertainty on company strategieshamidreza heydariM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2021-09-22
Investigating the effect of nature and fluctuations of cash flows on earnings response coefficient in companies listed on the Iran and IraqStock ExchangeGhadeer Saad Mayoof AlshadoodM.Sc.Saei2021-09-22
The relationship between CEO narcissism and financial reporting quality on the comparability of financial informatinseyed karim karimian moghadamM.Sc.Kardan2021-09-22
to investigate the effect of loan diversification and cost of money on the relationship between credit risk and banks' returnsnabi allah ahmadiM.Sc.Kardan2021-09-22
The effect of psychological characteristics of the auditor on the audit quality and job satisfaction of auditorsmohammad sadegh ebrahimiM.Sc.Salehi2021-09-26
The effect of ownership structure on the relationship between comparability of financial statements and audit fees and delays in the auditor's reportZahra beygom Khansari PourM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2021-09-28
The relationship between comparability and trading volume for interim and annual financial statementsshirin ghodratiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2021-09-29
Studying the relationship between the competitive conditions, excessive increase in the exchange rate and, history of IACPA membership with audit quality.yasaman pahlavanM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2021-10-02
A study of between Corporate reputation on Financial Statement ReadabilityBehnaz KazemiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2021-10-03
The impact of financial reporting timeliness on audit adjustmentsSeyed Sadegh HadianM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2021-10-06
The Impact of Organizational Risk Management on Investment Efficiencymaryam razdarM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2021-10-17
Investigating the Effect of Political Connections and Social Capital on Customer Concentration and Firm's Relative Performancezohre soltsniM.Sc.Salehi2021-10-18
Investigating the relationship between political connections, financing and intellectual capital in companies listed on the Tehran Stock ExchangeZohre MolaeiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2021-10-19
Investigating Electoral Techniques and Analyzing the Content of Election Campaign Candidates for the Supreme Council of Certified Public AccountantsHooman JafarpoorM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2021-10-31
Commercial credit and profitability due to the moderating role of financial constraints and competition in the product marketali delavariM.Sc.Moradi2021-11-24
Investigating the relationship between asset growth and stock returns according to the life cycle of companies listed on the Iraqi Stock ExchangeHumam JenzeelM.Sc.Kardan2021-12-01
Investigate the relationship between customer industry characteristics and auditor changeayub karamatM.Sc.Moradi2021-12-06
Identification and Ranking of Barriers to Adoption Environmental Management Accounting Using Dematel Technique (Case Study: Cement Companies of Iran)Seyyed Ahmad MousaviM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2021-12-11
Investigating the relationship between intellectual capital and profit stability in companies listed on the Iraqi Stock ExchangeALI AHMED HADI AL-AMERIM.Sc.Vadiei2021-12-12
Investigating the effect of financial reporting legibility on stock liquidityfatemeh bahramnezhadM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2022-01-03
The impact of religious atmosphere on the types and methods of earnings management: A comparative evidence between big companies and SMEsAlireza SanaaeiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2022-01-22
A Study of the Relationship Between Weakess of internal controls and comparability of financial information Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchangeseyedjavad shahrokhiM.Sc.Vadiei2022-01-23
Interactive Effect of Debt Maturity on the Relationship between Financial Reporting Quality and Investment Efficiency: Tehran Security Exchange and Iraqi Security ExchangeMOHAMMED ABDULAMEER MAHMOODM.Sc.Saei2022-02-05
Investigating the Impact of Financial Situation on the Application of IFRS in Iraqi Stock Exchange CompaniesMohammed AlrammahiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2022-02-08
Investigating the Relationship between Comparability of Financial Statements and Risk-Taking of Companies Considering the Role of Institutional OwnershipVAJIHESADAT HOSSEININEZHADM.Sc.Moradi2022-02-08
A study of the Impact of Corporate Governance on the Application of International Financial Reporting Standards in the Companies Accepted in Iraq Stock Exchangeahmed hakimM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2022-02-12
A study of the relationship between Accruals Quality and Corporate Governance Quality on Performance Variability in Iraqahmed alrikabiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2022-02-14
Investigation Incentives for fraudulent financial reporting in SyriaHassan MahmoudM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2022-02-20
Investigating the Interactive Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Relation of Financial Reporting Quality and Corporate Cost of CapitalRUSIL MAHDIM.Sc.Saei2022-02-22
A study of the relationship between Intellectual Capital and Audit Fees in Iraqamjed aljaberiM.Sc.Salehi2022-02-24
Relationship between corporate tax evasion and audit report delay considering the adjusting role of some features of the audit firmBatool RashidM.Sc.Moradi2022-02-28
The effect of type of ownership (family ownership, institutional ownership, multi-level ownership) on the intellectual capital of companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchangesahar jabbareiM.Sc.Salehi2022-03-05
The impact of free cash flow and growth ratio on social responsibility disclosuremorteza shafaei kohneh oqazM.Sc.Vadiei2022-03-08
Corporate performance, corporate leadership and Executive remuneration: Evidence from Iran and IraqNadhim Khasran HassooniM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2022-03-08
Investigating the effect of auditors' inefficiency on the use of business processzahra gholizadehM.Sc.Salehi2022-03-09
Examining the familiarity of Iraqi auditors reaction to money laundering red flags in small and medium- sized Iraqi companiesADIAN SAFAULDEEN ADHAB ALSHAMIM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2022-03-09
The Relationship of Customer concentration and stock price crash risk with Emphasizing on Institutional OwnershipMahla AfghahiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2022-03-09
Related party transactions and firm value: The moderating role of corporate social responsibility reportingraheem abdulhussein mahdi abo dehlalM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2022-03-09
Investigating the relationship between dividend stickiness, debt Covenants and earnings management in stock exchange companiesZEINAB Hassanzadeh rahniM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2022-03-16
Investigating the relationship between stock price risk and the power of CEOs in Iraqhayder alhasnawiM.Sc.Moradi2022-04-06
Firm Valuation Based on Assets SynergiesMaryam EghbalPhDNassirzadeh2022-04-30
Identifying the Relationship between Economic Policy Uncertainty with Earnings Management Regimes and Financial Reporting QualityMehdi YaghoubiPhDAbbaszadeh2022-05-10
Investigating the effect of changes in financial leverage on capital marketHayder AlmasoodiM.Sc.Saei2022-05-11
Investigating the relationship between social performance, ownership structure and corporate governanceyasir al-kadhimiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2022-05-11
The relationship between corporate social responsibility and operational cash flow management with emphasizing on corporate governanceazadeh kazemiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2022-05-25
Identification the Network of Board of Directors and its effect on Earning Management and Corporate Financial Performance: The Network Analysis Method Approachreza hosseinipourPhDBagherpour Velashani2022-05-30
A Comparative Study of Cash Holding Long-Term Financing, and Profit Sharing in Family and Non-Family Companies of the Iraqi Stock Exchangehiba rhaif abo alhayl abo alhaylM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2022-06-01
Identifying problems in applying new management accounting methods in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) (Case study of Iraqi industrial companies)SAMAHER SADEQ ALI AL-GBURIM.Sc.Vadiei2022-06-01
Investigating the effect of accounting information on the stock market value of companies listed on the Iraqi Stock ExchangeRIYAM TAQI MOHAMMEDM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2022-06-08
The relationship between the quality of accounting information and trade credit in Iraq Stock Exchangerusul abedM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2022-06-08
Cognitive analytical model based on personality and situation interaction based on The relationship between dark personality (Dark Triad) and earnings management: The moderating role of ethical leadership styleMostafa ZangiabadiPhDNassirzadeh2022-06-13
A Comparative study of the effect of corporate social responsibility on cost stickiness in different companies and industries listed on the Tehran Stock ExchangeMahnaz MosaddeghM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2022-07-06
Impact of COVID-19 on the performance of small and medium enterprises in Iraqranya ali mnager mnagerM.Sc.Salehi2022-07-07
Designing the cost model of services in Mashhad Municipal Medical by using modern pricing methodsELHAM GHADERI BAJESTANIM.Sc.Vadiei2022-07-19
Examining the Type and Nature of Earnings Management in Banks: Evidence of Audit Quality and Significant Investmentsarefeh baraniM.Sc.Saei2022-07-26
The role of knowledge sharing and intellectual capital on the performance of the organization from the perspective of managers at different levelsParisa MoradiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2022-07-26
Studding the affective factors on disclosure of social responsibility in Iranian and Iraqi stock companiesHind Al-malikiM.Sc.Salehi2022-08-21
Investigating the Relationship between the Ethical Approach to Relativism, Job Satisfaction and Machiavellianism between the Society of Accountants and Auditors in Iraqaws al-arajiM.Sc.Moradi2022-08-31
The Role of Supreme Audit Court in Promoting Good GovernanceSAYYED MAHDI POURHOSSEINI HESARPhDHesarzadeh2022-09-11
Assessing the effective factors on the effectiveness of internal audit of member banks of the Iraqi Stock ExchangeRusul Al-BahraniM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2022-09-13
Investigating the impact of life cycle on the relationship between different financial reporting quality criteria and information asymmetryfatemeh khaliliM.Sc.Saei2022-09-13
The role of different leadership styles of audit firms in audit quality: The mediating role of knowledge sharingAli MohasselM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2022-09-13
Investigating the relationship between financial resilience and corporate reputation and risk-taking in Muslim countriesHind Al_malikiPhDSalehi2022-09-19
Investigating the relationship between management risk-taking and cost stickiness with the moderating role of institutional ownershipmaryam bazrafshanM.Sc.Moradi2022-09-19
Investigating the relationship between Related party transactions and earnings management with emphasis on the interactive effect of audit committee characteristicsZahra HourM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2022-09-19
The relationship between the comparability of accounting information and the relevance of accounting information considering the moderating role of institutional shareholders and information asymmetry.ali nekoeiM.Sc.Moradi2022-09-19
The relationship between overconfidence and re-election of CEO with emphasis on CEO performanceBehzad KhademzadehM.Sc.Moradi2022-09-20
Investigating the effect of management style on financial statement comparabilityfatemee attarM.Sc.Kardan2022-09-24
A Study of the Factors Effecting Auditor Opinion with Cognitive Neuroscience Approachreyhaneh haghighiPhDBagherpour Velashani2022-09-24
Investigating the relationship between social capital and innovation with the mediating role of knowledge sharing in audit institutionsfatemeh kafshchianM.Sc.Salehi2022-10-03
Investigating The Relationship between Managerial Ability and Value Relevance of Earnings with regard to the Corporate Governance and Product Market Powerfatemeh reyhaniM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2022-10-04
The Role of Spillover Effect of Auditor Selection in Peer Firm on Audit Quality Considering Market Competition and Auditor Tenure The Presence of Independent managerszahra baghrizomorodiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2022-10-04
Investigating the relationship between intellectual capital and social capital with the detection of fraud and money laundering in AfghanistanFarshid NaabM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2022-10-19
Investigating the Impact of Covid_19 on Accountants Organizational Behavior -Knowledge Sharing, Resilience, Organizational Commitment, Thought Control-samad hasanzadeh loulikM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2022-10-22
Investigating the expectations gap in management accountingAhad HasanzadehM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2022-10-22
The Effect of CEO Powerful on earnings Quality in the Iraq Stock Exchange: The Moderating Roles of Corporate Governance and International Financial Reporting StandardsMohammed AlhajjarM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2022-10-31
Psychological Factors Affecting the Auditor’s Professional Skepticism: Does tDCS Improve the Professional Skepticism?Sayyed Ali Mousavi GowkiPhDBagherpour Velashani2022-11-05
Identify and develop a model of factors affecting the performance of the team of auditors in IranReza ZamaniPhDLari Dashtbayaz2022-11-07
The role of the accounting system in identifying deviations and reducing corruption in Iraqi companiesHadeel AlsultaniM.Sc.Vadiei2022-11-28
Investigating the relationship between individual resilience, audit job stress and job burnout, and methods of reducing quality in the audit profession among Iraqi auditors.Muntadher Mohammed Ali Al TaieM.Sc.Moradi2022-11-29
Standards fulfill to effective components identification professional opinion from financial reporting international lecel series method with Iraq country accounting activistsdheyaa mohsinPhDVadiei2022-12-04
Investigating the effect of comparability of financial statements on the cost of equity by considering the moderating role of ownership structureFarhad feyziM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2022-12-13
The Relationship between Audit firm size and Industry specialization with Annual reports readabilityseyede mahnaz asadiniyaM.Sc.Vadiei2022-12-13
Investigating the Relationship between Financial Reporting Complexity and Auditor Report Delay with the Moderating Effect of Internal Auditor Characteristics and Audit FeesAhmad ZebardastM.Sc.Vadiei2022-12-19
Evaluation of operational budgeting in the executive bodies of Razavi Khorasan provinceSeyed Mohammad SaqiM.Sc.Kardan2022-12-25
The Relationship between City Crimes and Some Aspects of Accounting and Auditing QualitySeyed Mojtaba EsmatiM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2022-12-25
Providing the ideal model of corporate governance in the banking system Commercial and Islamic in Iraqjabbar alsarrajiPhDAbbaszadeh2022-12-26
Investigating the relationship between communication satisfaction and auditor narcissism with auditors' ineffective behaviorsFariba Abas zade kang soflaM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2023-01-09
Investigate the characteristics of the board and stock price crash risksamira mehriM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2023-01-31
The effect of the tone of management reports on audit outputsArmita NooriyektaM.Sc.Salehi2023-01-31
Investigating the effect of the company's business strategy on stock price awareness and profit smoothingseyed abbas hoseinyM.Sc.Vadiei2023-02-05
Investigating the relationship between the entrepreneur's green intellectual capital and audit quality with social responsibilityAhmed JabbarM.Sc.Salehi2023-02-05
A studying of the relationship between CEO power and worker productivity and company value in Iraqi stock exchange companiesAqeel HamadM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-02-05
Investigating the obstacles and problems of using operational budgeting in Iraqi electricity companiesHusam MohammedM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2023-02-05
The role of internal audit in combating money laundering in bankshossein ahmadiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2023-02-05
Trade credit and the speed of leverage adjustmentHojjat Moghri dashtbayazM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-02-07
A study of the Relationship between Improving Information Transparency and Class Change of Listed Companiesmaryam esmaeilpourM.Sc.Salehi2023-02-07
The effect of audit quality and accounting conservatism on the relation between political connections and earnings managementSeyed Ahmad EmaratiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2023-02-07
The relationship between the tone inconsistency of the managers' disclosure and the investigation of the reasons and the origin of the tone inconsistency of managersazam pouryousofPhDNassirzadeh2023-02-08
Performance evaluation of the Fast Recurrent Neural Network model (FastRNN) optimized by meta-heuristic algorithms (HOA and SHO) and the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) in stock price predictionFatemeh KeyvaniM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2023-02-12
Investigating the impact of management system on the relationship between managers' narcissism and social responsibilitymarziyeh hassanpourM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-02-12
Investigating the relationship between the comparability of financial statements with the accuracy of work and fees and the delay in the auditors report in Iraq stock exchange companiesZainab Qasim Jebur Al-nasrawiM.Sc.Kardan2023-02-12
The Effect of Political Communication and Information Asymmetry on Investment Efficiencyefat rohaniM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2023-02-12
Examining the effect of product market competition on social responsibility reporting, in the conditions of financial restrictions and economic uncertaintyAbolfazl khatamiM.Sc.Vadiei2023-02-14
Examining the relationship between audit committee characteristics and the auditor's expertise by auditor's opinion shoppingmehri abbaspourM.Sc.Salehi2023-02-14
Examining the relationship between knowledge sharing, innovation and competitive advantage in audit institutionsFatemeh Rajabi BesheliM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2023-02-20
The role of internal audit in combating fraud in banksmohsen azamiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2023-02-21
Investigating the impact of organizational elements on the effectiveness of internal audit and audit committeezahra rostamiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2023-02-22
Examining the expectation gap in internal auditmojtaba savadkuhiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2023-02-22
the relationship between profit volatility and the timeliness of the audit report with the moderate role of the audit committeefatemeh fallahM.Sc.Moradi2023-02-26
Examining the Social Responsibility Disclosure in Five Arabic Countries and its Impact of Social Responsibility on Company Performance: Testing Stakeholder Influence Capacity Theory in Some Arabic CountriesIbtihal Qasim Kteew AlhusseinPhDHesarzadeh2023-02-26
Evaluating the effectiveness of internal audit and providing a model to improve it in the Iraqi public sectorAhmed ShuwailiPhDHesarzadeh2023-04-04
The effect of CEO characteristics on the relationship between intellectual capital and dividend policy in Iraqi stock exchange companiesMohammed AlzuhairiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-04-30
Labor investment efficiency and stock liquidity: The moderating role of financial flexibilityMARYAM ABBASIM.Sc.Vadiei2023-04-30
Investigating the impact of Covid-19 on the performance of small and medium-sized companies, considering the mediating role of organizational climate, intellectual capital, and culture of innovationmostafa behrouzM.Sc.Salehi2023-05-15
Investigating the effect of economic uncertainty on company value and commercial credit in companies listed on the Tehran Stock ExchangeSajedeh SoltaniM.Sc.Moradi2023-05-23
Investigating the effect of the expansion of information technology systems on the security and quality of accounting information in Iraqi listed and non-listed companiesBashaer Khudhair Abbas AlkhafajiPhDLari Dashtbayaz2023-05-24
Investigating the effect of business ethics on the psychological condition of Iranian and Iraqi auditorsSaif AlameedeePhDMoradi2023-06-12
Investigating the effect of participation in budgeting and management accounting systems on the performance of company managers of Iraq stock exchangeHasan YaseenM.Sc.Kardan2023-06-13
Investigating the relationship between Financial Distress and Stock Price Crash Risk with the moderating role of Weak Internal ControlNavid Asgharian RezaieM.Sc.Kardan2023-06-13
Investigating organizational management management on company performance in terms of fraud detection using the modified Benish model in companies listed on the stock exchanges of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.Hussein AlkhyyoonPhDAbbaszadeh2023-06-14
Investigating the Impact of non-controllable Interests -Minority Share- on the Accrual Earnings Management in the Consolidated Financial Statements of Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock ExchangeBahaa AlhaideriM.Sc.Saei2023-06-20
Comparative Study of the Quality of Consolidated and non-Consolidated Financial Statements in Tehran Stock ExchangeAlaa ObaidM.Sc.Saei2023-06-20
The effect of climate change on the performance of companies admitted to the Iraqi stock exchangeAlyaa Al FatlawiM.Sc.Salehi2023-06-27
Simultaneous debt–equity holdings and corporate tax avoidancesajjad mousaviM.Sc.Kardan2023-07-04
The relationship between narcissism of company managers and the independent auditors with audit report lagMansoureh KhakshourM.Sc.Moradi2023-07-04
The relationship between the type of ownership and labor cost stickiness in companies listed on the Tehran Stock ExchangeMohammed Arkan Sahib TilealPhDNassirzadeh2023-07-15
A comparative study of the cost components of electricity production in three Iraqi electricity companies and providing necessary suggestions for improvementHayder Abdulhusen AbdulridhaM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2023-07-18
Investigating the moderating role of agency costs in the relationship between management front and dividend distribution ratio in companies listed on the Tehran Stock ExchangeMilad IravanyM.Sc.Moradi2023-07-23
Business credibility and cost stickiness with emphasis on the interactive effect of agency cost and customer focushosein abdiM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2023-07-26
Investigating the impact of corporate governance on the relationship between covid-19 and profit management - commitment and actual - in IraqUsra AlnefM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2023-07-26
Effect of customer-base structure on board risk-taking with the modifying role of some of board features of listed companies in Tehran stocksmaryam khammarM.Sc.Moradi2023-09-12
The impact of the Auditor Proposed Adjustments on Audit fees, audit quality and audit report lagAli EnsafM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-09-12
Study the relation between Gender of the Board of Directors and Related Party Transactions:Evidences from the adjustment rule of auditor expertisenegin nazarzadehM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-09-13
The Effect of Applying Public Sector Reporting Standards on Preventing Public Sector Financial Deviations and Helping to Fulfill the Accountability of Government ManagersYounes MasoudiM.Sc.Vadiei2023-09-13
Providing knowledge sharing model to improve audit qualitySafiye BakhshaniPhDBagherpour Velashani2023-09-18
Factors affecting organizational integrity among auditors of audit firmsAli MahaliM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2023-09-18
Investigating the relashionship between cost sticknessand dividend policywith respect to the quality of corporate governanceAmirhossein Nejati YazdizadehM.Sc.Kardan2023-09-19
Investigating the views of managers, accountants and auditors on the impact of company innovation and information technology on financial resiliencefarahmand oladiM.Sc.Salehi2023-09-19
Real profit management and stock returns: with emphasis on the role of moderatorsAli ZahedpourM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2023-09-19
The Modeling of Valuation of Technical Knowledge and User-centric Approach in its Financial Reporting Based on Grounded Theory and Fuzzy Delphi Analytical Hierarchy Process methodMohammad Hossein zolfaghar AraniPhDLari Dashtbayaz2023-09-20
Investigating the Relationship between Workplace deviance, Organizational Injustice, repeated work and Physical Environment with Audit Quality Reduction BehaviorsAfsaneh afshar hoseyn abadiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2023-09-20
The Moderating Effect of Product Market Competition on the Relationship between Social Capital and Cost StickinessHami Adinehei Lotf aliM.Sc.Moradi2023-09-20
The impact of some macroeconomic variables in the sanctions periods (before and after the JCPOA) on the performance indicators of the companies admitted to the Tehran Stock Exchange (selected industries)hashem manzarzadehtamamPhDAbbaszadeh2023-09-30
Comparing the Effect of Intangible Assets and Macroeconomic Parameters on the Stock Prices in Firms Listed on the Stock Exchange of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq Karrar Hamzah AbdulhadiPhDLari Dashtbayaz2023-09-30
The Relationship of Customer concentration and Social responsibility with Emphasizing on government and foreign customerskhadijeh pourakbariM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2023-10-02
The moderating role of family ownership on the relationship between working capital management and corporate profitabilityzahra rezazadehM.Sc.Vadiei2023-10-02
Audit quality and investment efficiency: Evidence from Iraqi stock exchange companiesAhmed AlhadadiM.Sc.Kardan2023-10-18
The effect of US-economic sanctions on some aspects of auditingAdel VahediM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2023-11-05
the gap between accounting education and the profession's needs: Examining educational curricula, identifying challenges and providing solutionsazam beik boshrouyehPhDAbbaszadeh2023-11-15
The impact of financial reporting distortions on the risk of stock price fall in the future with an emphasis on audit quality in Iraqi stock exchange companiesHussein Salah Jalal JalalM.Sc.Vadiei2023-12-03
The relationship between the ownership structure and the performance of companies with the moderating role of stock liquidity in Iraqi stock exchange companiesSattar Hussein Mohammed Al SabeaM.Sc.Vadiei2023-12-03
The Relationship between Sustainable Development as measured by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G4) indicators, and financial performance of banks through Controlling for the Interactive Impact of Corporate Governance: An Empirical Study in Emerging Financial Marketsali al-janabiPhDSaei2024-01-14
A Study Of The Relationship between Knowledge Management and Performance Of Companies Listed On Stock Exchange IndicesMaedeh KhakzadM.Sc.Vadiei2024-01-14
Investigating the relationship between corporate governance mechanisms and conservatism with the role of financial leverageMAJID JamaliM.Sc.Nassirzadeh2024-02-04
The application of big data to study the performance of capital market of Iran and to identify anomalies occurred in it in order to modeling investors behavior using technical and fundamental analysissolmaz arefiaslPhDAbbaszadeh2024-02-17
A comparative Study of the Impact of the Presence of ISIS and the Epidemic of Covid-19 on the Motives of Fraudulent Reporting and Audit Quality in IraqMahmood Abdullah Mahmood Al-gburiPhDBagherpour Velashani2024-02-18