Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defined date of defense
Section Supervisor
The Relationship between “Economic Value Added” and “Tobin\'s Q Ratio” with “stock return” from Companies Enlisted Tehran Stock ExchangeMOHAMMAD HOSSEINIM.Sc.Vadiei2011-02-25
The relationship between Performance Measurment Criterias with Stock Cash Dividend of accepted companies in Tehran Stock Exchange(TSE)abdoulmajid haghtalabM.Sc.Vadiei2011-09-19
The relationship between earnings changes and operating cash flow changes with firm value changes in corporation life cycle modelmehdi sorayyakeshtibanM.Sc.Vadiei2011-03-01
survey some of the factors influencing ethical judgments of the earnings managementsaleh anbaraniM.Sc.Vadiei2011-11-08
Determining basics and criteria of financial reporting according Shiite jurisprudence and review of accounting and financial expert’s view points.saeed heydarnejadM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2013-02-12
Calculating the cost of milk production Using Activity Based Costing System: A case study in Astan Qods Razavi Mazrae Nemoone dairy herts.zahra taghaviM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2013-04-23
Effects of ownership change on the Audit Quality Companies listed on the Tehran Stock ExchangeHossein seyfi ghobadyM.Sc.Vadiei2013-05-21
The effect of stock market cycles on investor’s reaction to discretionary accruals In each of the industries in Tehran stock exchangenemat rahimiM.Sc.Kardan2013-06-18
A Study of the Relationship between Earnings Comparability and Cost of Capital in Tehran Stock Exchangesaeid khodadostM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2014-04-22
An investigation of the influence of financial indicators on trading volume of the listed companies in the Tehran stock exchangereza sarvghadiM.Sc.Nassir Zadeh2014-06-02
Survey on Dividend Changes with Respect to Stability of Financial Performance Measures in Companies Adopted Tehran Stock ExchangeSAMANEH SAKAKIM.Sc.Nassir Zadeh2013-10-06
The impact of product market competition on conservatismTOKTAM SOGHRAEEM.Sc.Nassir Zadeh2014-06-16
Effect of targeted subsidies on consumption, sale, collection of receivables and cash flow in the household, rural, commercial and industrial sectorAhmad AsgariM.Sc.Salehi2014-01-12
The impact of surplus free cash flow and audit quality on earnings management of listed companies on the Tehran Stock Exchangemohammad amin karamiM.Sc.Salehi2015-02-03
The Predicted of Disclosure Rank by Support Vector-Machine (SVM) in Tehran Stock Exchangemohamadreza erfanian parsaM.Sc.Vadiei2014-05-03
A Study the business cycle and its relation with P/Emojtaba abavisaniM.Sc.Vadiei2014-05-03
Study of Factors Influencing Auditor Switches from the Perspective of Firms & Certified Public Accountants of Iranian Association of Certified Public Accountants (IACPA)jamshid shahrokhichamanabadiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2014-04-27
An investingation into the amount of revenues and expenses (resources and expenditures) as a result of the implementation of pension act for hazardous or arduous jobs at the social security organization )Case Study Khorasan razavi(ali ghavidel mazarM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2015-05-05
The Relation Between Monitoring Mechanisms And Agency Costsazam abdishahriM.Sc.Salehi2016-08-14
The Effect of Equity Overvaluation on Firms Financial Crisiskamran ghaemmaghamiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2016-11-15
Modeling effect of Customer Concentration Risk on firms' Financial Reporting QualityMahdi OmidfarP.H.D.Lari Dashtbayaz2017-10-11
Review of national and international differences in the earnings management behaviors resulting from political costsAr ShariatyP.H.D.Saei2019-01-21
Empirical Analysis of Audit Reports by Text Mining to Extracting key Phrases as Predictors of Corporations Financial Distresszohreh mardanehM.Sc.Kardan2016-06-14
The Investigation of relationship Between Related Party Transactions and Real: Accrual-Based Earnings Management: The Role of Audit Quality and Corporate Governanceisa abdollahiM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2019-04-16
The relationship between tax avoidance and risk taking with regard to the moderating role of the company strategy and More confidence to managementseyyad Mohamadreza HoseiniM.Sc.Moradi2019-05-21
Investigating the relationship between regulatory quality, tax pressure and government integrity with the severity of fraud in financial statementsmona dehbashiM.Sc.Moradi2020-01-08
Approaches to measuring financial resiliencejavad zahediP.H.D.Salehi2019-12-22
Investigating hidden factors affecting audit fee in IranNiloufar BayattorkM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2020-08-23
developing a model to optimize GDP forecast error using accounting data: value-added statement approachIraj MirhosseiniP.H.D.Moradi2020-09-20
Labor investment and tax avoidance, moderating role of corporate social responsibilityElham MohammadianfarM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2020-08-22
Examining profit management methods and the role of corporate governance and independent auditing: a comparative study of Iraq and OmanYAQDHAN WAHABP.H.D.Bagherpour Velashani2022-10-03
Investigating the Spillover Effect of Financial Reporting Quality Evidence from Peer Firms Operational Decisionsmarjan basiriniaM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2020-11-01
The Application of Big Data to Study the performance of Capital Market of Iran and to Identify Anomalies Occurred in it in order to Modeling Investors Behavior using Fundamental and Technical Analysissolmaz arefiaslP.H.D.Abbaszadeh2021-03-07
Comparing the Effect of Intangible Assets and Macroeconomic Parameters on the Stock Prices in Firms Listed on the Stock Exchange of Iran, Saudi Arabia and IraqKarrar AbdulhadiP.H.D.Lari Dashtbayaz2021-04-04
The Modeling of Valuation of Technical Knowledge and User-centric Approach in its Financial Reporting Based on Grounded Theory and Fuzzy Delphi Analytical Hierarchy Process methodMohammad Hossein zolfaghar AraniP.H.D.Lari Dashtbayaz2021-05-16
Criticism, Development and Review Alternative Approach to Distinguishing Liabilities from Equityhiva khojasteP.H.D.Hesarzadeh2023-05-28
Investigating the Impact of Organizational Elements on Organizational Commitment, Effectiveness of Internal Audit and Audit Committeezahra rostamiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2021-05-16
The Impact of Some Macroeconomic Variables in the Sanctions Periods -Before and After JCPOA- on the Performance Indicators of Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange -Selected Industries-hashem manzarzadehtamamP.H.D.Abbaszadeh2021-06-06
the relationship between profit volatility and the timeliness of the audit report with the moderate role of the audit committeefatemeh fallahM.Sc.Moradi2021-06-06
A study of the Relationship between Improving Information Transparency and Class Changing of Listed Companiesmaryam esmaeilpourM.Sc.Salehi2021-09-19
The effect of economic policy risk on dividend policy and corporate performance with emphasis on the role of competition in the product marketMohsen ArqavanM.Sc.Moradi2021-10-23
Investigating the effect of successive periods of activity level change on earning management behaviorseyedeh mahdis Talbi zadehM.Sc.Saei2021-11-21
Exploring the gap between accounting training and professional needs: examining training topics, identifying challenges and providing solutions.azam beik boshrouyehP.H.D.Abbaszadeh2021-12-15
investigating the impact of auditing on reducing Tax avoidance: evidencefrom pre-approval and post-approval audit financial statementsali dehnaviM.Sc.Saei2021-12-26
Investigating the the Impact of ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT on Disclosure Transparency and Cost of Equity With International Financial Reporting Standards in the Banking Industry in IRAQ and Saudi Stock ExchangSIHAM JABBAR MEZHERP.H.D.Vadiei2022-01-24
Identify organizational factors affecting on Intrinsic motivations of auditors and their role on the auditors willingness to raise audit issueszakiyeh marandiP.H.D.Moradi2022-01-24
Designing a Model for Internal Audit Expectations GapMasoumeh shahsavariP.H.D.Salehi2022-01-03
A Study of the Effect of Revision in Core Financial Statements on its Users perception and Decision making Using Eye Tracking Datafarhad nasimtoosiP.H.D.Vadiei2022-05-08
The effect of US-economic sanctions on some aspects of auditingAdel VahediM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2022-02-14
The role of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on the auditors professional skepticismnegin sharifi khaksariM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2022-02-14
Investigating the Relationship between Abnormal Inventory and the Performance of Manufacturing Companies with Emphasis on the Moderating Role Institutional ShareholdersOmmolbanin rezaei kalatehM.Sc.Moradi2022-02-09
Investigating the views of managers, accountants and auditors on the impact of company innovation and information technology on financial resiliencefarahmand oladiM.Sc.Salehi2022-01-30
The Impact of Intellectual, Social, and Islamic Capital on the audit expectation gapForotan RahimiM.Sc.Salehi2022-04-17
effect of customer-base structor on managerial risk-taking with the modifying role of some of her-his- features of listed companies in Tehran stocks.maryam khammarM.Sc.Moradi2022-05-07
A Study of the Effect of Using Blockchain on Financial Reporting and AuditingMir Vahid PourrabbiP.H.D.Salehi2022-06-19
Investigating the source of managers non-answer to financial analysts questions: Evidence from the Tedan system information of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organizationfatemeh fallah nezhadM.Sc.Abbaszadeh2022-04-08
Designing a model for silencing the auditors of the Supreme Audit Courtsaeed bazrafshanP.H.D.Lari Dashtbayaz2022-05-19
The effect of corporate governance , market discipline, ownership structure and political relationship on bank performanceHussain TayarP.H.D.Kardan2022-07-03
The Role of Organizational Managers in Using Legal Accounting Services in Detecting and Preventing Fraud: A Case Study in Iran and IraqKhaled AlbaderP.H.D.Abbaszadeh2022-07-03
Investigating investment sensitivity to cash flow and Tobin s q on the company s financial crisismahdi khakshour shourchehM.Sc.Kardan2022-05-02
Real profit management and stock returns with emphasis on the role of moderatorsAli ZahedpourM.Sc.Nassir Zadeh2022-04-16
Investigating the moderating role of agency costs in the relationship between management front and dividend distribution ratio in companies listed on the Tehran Stock ExchangeMilad IravanyM.Sc.Moradi2022-07-13
Investigating the Status of Carbon Disclosure in Iran and Examining the Social Factor, Financial Factor, Economical Factor and Govenance Factor Affecting Voluntary Carbon Disclosure in Firms listed on the Tehran Stock ExchangeMahsa JafariM.Sc.Hesarzadeh2022-07-20
Investigating the relationship between CEOs personal characteristics and ownership type with innovation: the role of CEO changemasoomeh malakootiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2022-07-20
Investigating the Relationship between Workplace deviance, Organizational Injustice ,repeated work and Physical Environment with Audit Quality Reduction BehaviorsAfsaneh afshar hoseyn abadiM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2022-07-25
Does comparability enable financial reporting orderZahra sadat Sadati khadarM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2022-01-19
Investigating the relationship between customer concentration and social responsibility with emphasis on the Foreign Customerkhadijeh pourakbariM.Sc.Nassir Zadeh2022-09-24
A Comparative Study of the Impact of ISIL and COVID-19 on Fraudulent Reporting Motives and Audit Quality in IraqMahmood Abdullah Mahmood Al-gburiP.H.D.Bagherpour Velashani2022-09-07
Relationship between audit quality and readability of the board of directors report considering the adjusting role of the company s strategyHabib RostamsoltanyM.Sc.Moradi2022-07-19
Factors affecting organizational integrity among auditors of audit firmsAli MahaliM.Sc.Bagherpour Velashani2022-11-06
Investigating the relationship between cost stickiness and dividend policy with respect to the quality corporate governanceAmirhossein Nejati YazdizadehM.Sc.Kardan2022-11-06
The effect of resilience on the independence and professional scepticism of auditorsensiyeh khabaz noghaniM.Sc.Salehi2022-10-02
Audits of smaller business entities – for whom are they prepared and particular challengesZohreh FarivarradM.Sc.Salehi2022-10-07
Investigating some factors affecting the professional judgment of Iraqi auditorsSalah BalahM.Sc.Moradi2022-11-13
The Moderating Effect of Product Market Competition on the Relationship between Social Capital and Cost StickinessHami Adinehei Lotf aliM.Sc.Moradi2022-04-13
The moderating role of family ownership on the relationship between working capital management and corporate profitabilityzahra rezazadehM.Sc.Vadiei2022-09-23
The relationship between sustainable development based on -GRI-G4- standards and the financial performance of banks contorling interactive impact of corporate governance level : an empirical study in emerging financial marketsali al-janabiP.H.D.Saei2022-12-11
Study the relation between Gender of the Board of Directors and Related Party Transactions:Evidences from the adjustment rule of auditor expertisenegin nazarzadehM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2022-09-18
Audit quality and investment efficiency: Evidence from Iraqi stock exchange companiesAhmed AlhadadiM.Sc.Kardan2022-12-24
Investigating the relationship between corporate governance mechanisms and conservatism with emphasis on the interactive role of financial leverageMAJID JamaliM.Sc.Nassir Zadeh2023-02-27
A Study Of The Relationship between Knowledge Management and Performance Of Companies Listed On Stock Exchange IndicesMaedeh KhakzadM.Sc.Vadiei2022-11-13
The effect of types of accountability on the quality of financial decision making and judgment.Negar Julayi fallahM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-01-08
Investigating the effect of Dividend Policies and Financing on the Speed of Firms Capital Structure AdjustmentNeda HazratiM.Sc.Vadiei2022-10-23
Evaluating the views of managers and accountants on the impact of culture -organizational, social- and capital -intellectual, human, social, spiritual - on the establishment and implementation of accounting information systems with the mediating role of their personality types in IraqSadeq MozanP.H.D.Moradi2023-02-28
The effect of disclosing the significant judgments of Management in financial statements on the description of key audit matters in the auditor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Leila JalalipourM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-03-12
Investigating Accounting Profitability and Stock yeild of Capital Projects including the Moderating role of the Financing Method: Study of the Stock Exchange of Iran and IraqAli AljhayyishP.H.D.Saei2023-03-14
The relationship of Corporate social responsibility and stock price crash risk with emphasizing on political connectionsSomayeh GhaffarianM.Sc.Nassir Zadeh2023-02-19
The moderating effect of institutional stockholders on the relationship between customer concentration and social responsibilityMahdiyar NajjarzadehM.Sc.Nassir Zadeh2023-04-30
The relationship between the ownership structure and the performance of companies with the moderating role of stock liquidity in Iraqi stock exchange companiesSattar Hussein Mohammed Al SabeaM.Sc.Vadiei2023-04-16
The effect of investment efficiency on disclosure quality in sensitive and insensitive companies to the publication of financial statement.Ghazaleh Hesabi NamaghiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2022-12-26
The Moderating Effect Of Audit Committee Characteristics On The Relationship Between Non-Interest Income And Bank RiskMaral AsiayiM.Sc.Kardan2023-01-15
The relationship between climate change and firm value and stock price crash riskSaeedeh MehrabiM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-04-09
The impact of the Auditor Proposed Adjustments on Audit fees, audit quality and audit report lagAli EnsafM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-05-14
An examination of the influence of mutual CFO/ audit firm tenure on audit qualityemad al din hejaziM.Sc.Lari Dashtbayaz2023-02-12
Show a link between the financial distortion of the financial sector and the risk of the fall in the value of the shares in his account, with confirmation of the quality of the account in the High Stock Exchange Securities Company in Bahadar IraqHussein Salah Jalal JalalM.Sc.Vadiei2023-06-11
Examining the effect of gamification on the job performance of auditors and accountants with the role of mediating knowledge sharingElnaz MohammadiM.Sc.Salehi2023-07-02