Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defence Date
Section Supervisor
Survey of performance Changes in outsourcing process of Mashhad Power distribution companyM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2010-04-20
Financial Croption and Economic GrowthFaezeh GhaziM.Sc.Salimifar2010-08-05
A Survey on Effective factors on Non-oil ExportsM.Sc.Salimifar2010-08-31
A Comparison of social and private net benefits of dual fuel consumption “gaz-gasoline” automobiles; Case study: Mashhad taxi cabsM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2010-09-19
A Comparative Study of Social Capital and Economic Freedom Effects in Iran Economic GrowthAmir AryanaM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2010-09-20
The Effects of Intellectual Property Rights ProtectionSara SamadiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2010-09-20
comparative evaluation of impact of out-ward oriented and in-ward oriented trade policy on economic growth rateM.Sc.Kazemi2010-11-14
Effects of inflation on electricity prices in different parts of the economy with the approach of Input-outputaskare reza zadehM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2010-12-25
Modeling and comparison of GMDH Neural Network approach and Time series model (ARIMA) in Forecasting of electricity demand in Iranhadi javidi alesaadiM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2011-06-15
Dynamic effects of trade globalization on Imports of industrial machinery, equipments, tools and steel products in Iran,using ARDL modelhossein MoshkAbadiMohajerM.Sc.Naji Meidani2011-09-17
The Investigation of Effective Factors on Energy Productivity in Agriculture Sector of Iranmohsen niazi mohseniM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2011-09-27
Aconsideration and analysis of the relationship between labor productivity and wages in the Iranghasem ahmadiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2011-10-02
Investigating Efficiency of Melat Bank Branches in the North Khorasan Province Using DEA ApproachHadise GerivaniM.Sc.Kazemi2011-11-13
Financing methods to improve the energy sector mellatbank the situation presents itself new methodsali miriM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2012-01-26
Investigating the symmetric and asymmetric effects of oil price shocks on private sector investment (case study: industry sector in iran)ELHAM ZARGHAMIANM.Sc.Lotfalipour2012-01-31
The Study of Relationship Between Productivity Variations and Employment in Iran\\\\\\\'s Economy With Emphasis on Industry Sectorhasan moghadamnejadM.Sc.Falahi2012-02-02
The Principal-agent problem as One of The Market barriers to Energy Efficiency: the case study of fuel in cars of mashhadSaeed Khadivy RofougarM.Sc.Naji Meidani2012-02-02
Theoretical evaluation of the requirements for the realization of Justice and efficiencymohamad sadra sadeghiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2012-02-02
The study of export potensial of Afghanistan, using tradism gravity modelHassan RohaniM.Sc.Lotfalipour2012-02-02
A survey for The Effect of Infrastructure Development on Economic Growth in Iran (1355-1386)massoud ghorbaniM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2012-03-17
Investigation the Relationship Between Oil Price and Gold World Price in Period of April 1994 till April 2011majid farzamfarM.Sc.Naji Meidani2012-04-12
Financial development and energy consumption nexus in Iran During The 1346-1386moslem kohansalM.Sc.Mostafavi2012-06-27
Anlysis On Petrochemical Industry Structur And Competitiveness In Iranehsan rashidi nejadM.Sc.Salimifar2012-07-02
The study of performance evaluation of machine learning models and their combination using genetic algorithm in comparison with ARIMA time series model to predict short-term exchange rate in IranMorteza SabzekarM.Sc.Salimifar2012-07-03
The effect of investment in media section on social capital in IRANmilad arianM.Sc.Hoshmand2012-07-07
the effect of oil revenues on income distribution in iranali fathaniM.Sc.Salimifar2012-08-22
The effect of financial development on CO2 emissions in Iranakram zeynaliyanM.Sc.Kazemi2012-09-19
Resource Abundance and Financial Development with Emphasis on Governance Indicators: Case Study of Selected Oil Exporting CountriesNahid Rajabzadeh moghaniM.Sc.Falahi2012-09-19
study of determinant factors of energy productivity in Pegah factory in Khorasan Razavi provincemaryam hafeziM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2012-09-19
comprehensive evaluation and comparison of Energy Security in OPEC and OECD countries memberMina MohtashamiM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2012-09-20
Bottlenecks review underdevelopment of countries with emphasis on religion and natural resourcesMohammad Nejati HeydarzadehM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2012-09-27
Survey of Chaos Theory Coin Price and Forecast Price Trends in Iranseyedeh zahra shakeriM.Sc.Homayounifar2012-10-01
Comparative Survey of Effect of knowledge-based Economy on Human Development in Countries with High, Medium and Low Human Development during 2000-2009hossein rezaeiM.Sc.Razmi2012-10-06
The Study of Gas Pricing Mechanism and Forecasting Gas Price by Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) and ARIMA MethodsSahar AbbaspourM.Sc.Lotfalipour2012-10-06
Investigate How The Interaction Between The Total Factors Productivity of Production And Social Welfare in Iranmaryam eshghpoorM.Sc.Naji Meidani2012-10-06
Survey of econometrics analysis and grey system of CO2 emission in IranMorteza BastamM.Sc.Lotfalipour2012-11-04
The existence of Rational Bubble on Iran’s Gold Coin Marketfatemeh khaniM.Sc.Homayounifar2012-11-12
Investigation the causality relationship between oil price and economic growth in the selected importing countries(China and India)samira abdolahikhahM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2012-11-20
Factors affecting on development of absolute poverty in the urban and rural households in province North Khorasan in 1389Fateme GerivaniM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2012-12-17
Economic evaluation use of solar power and fossil energy in domestic consumption Economic evaluation use of solar power and fossAzam GhezelbashM.Sc.Salimifar2012-12-18
Investigating the Effect of Manufacturing Foreign Trade on Industrial Growth in Iran during the Period 1976-2010Nazgol Ashrafi BajestanM.Sc.Lotfalipour2012-12-22
Estimation the relationship between financial liberalization and total factor productivity of industrial sector in Iran by using Johansen methodsahar mohammadiM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2013-01-14
Study of Cash Waqf and It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Economic Impacts Based on Poverty and EmploymentSeyyed Mohammad Seyyed HosseiniM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2013-01-26
Investigate the inflation effects on the relationship between financial development and economic growthali akbar amiriM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2013-01-28
The effect of exchange rate volatility on the exports of some major agricultural products (A case study of selected countries(zahra yavariM.Sc.Falahi2013-02-02
The effects of industry deregulation, electricity prices on consumers using computable general equilibrium modelJalal ForotanM.Sc.Hoshmand2013-02-03
The deteminats of migration from developed and developing countries to the U.S.elahe jantanM.Sc.Falahi2013-02-03
Investigating an impact of macroeconomic variables on chemical stock prices of tehran marketsaeede kazemiM.Sc.Kazemi2013-02-05
Evaluation of student performance improvement by providing relative performance feedbackhamed joneidiM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2013-02-09
Economic Evaluation of Exports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Gas to Liquid (GTL) for Irannasrin khorasaniM.Sc.Mahdavi Adeli2013-02-13
Relationship between Industrialization and Energy Efficiency Industry in Iranmahdieh arabshahi delooieM.Sc.Naji Meidani2013-02-20
The effects openness and energy consumptions on total factor productivity in major industries of Iran for the period(2003-2010)saeed hosseinyM.Sc.Lotfalipour2013-03-05
The Relationship Between Major Oil Products Consumption and Economic Efficiency of Industry Sector in Selected Oil Exporting And Importing Countriesseyed mohsen seyed agha hoseiniM.Sc.Naji Meidani2013-03-05
the role of Governance Quality on Manufactured Export of selected MENA countriesFatemeh AzimiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2013-03-11
Investment in Education and Training and its Impact on Economic Growth of the Selected Developing Countries (Upper Middle Income)hossein hassan nezhadM.Sc.Hoshmand2013-03-12
Examination of Fama Hypothesis in Tehran Stock Exchange by ARDL approachmansoureh vakilM.Sc.Karimzadeh2013-03-13
Testing the environmental Kuznets, hypothesis in the provinces of the countryShima VeysiM.Sc.Salimifar2013-03-16
The Effect of Tourism Revenues on Economic Growth of Selected OPEC Member Countries (1995-2010ali teimouryM.Sc.Homayounifar2013-04-06
economic evaluation for oil and gas SWAP through Iran and its Impact on the Iran`s economy.mohamad khayyat sarkarM.Sc.Mahdavi Adeli2013-04-30
The effect of oil revenues on financial development in both the stock market and banking system in selected countries of OPEC membersmaryam rohaniM.Sc.Salimifar2013-05-13
the impact of institutional quality on size of underground economy of OIC member countries and OPEC and non-OPEC countries withinSamaneh MontazeriM.Sc.Razmi2013-05-22
The Effect of Tourism on Poverty Alleviation in Selected CountriesAKRAM MOHAGHEGHM.Sc.Hoshmand2013-05-25
The effect of good governance on sustainable development in the resources curse risk countriesSomayeh SedighiM.Sc.Razmi2013-06-01
inflation, inflation uncertainty and economic growth in selected countries of Middle EastMalihe BoroughaniM.Sc.Salimifar2013-06-08
Examination of Dynamic Correlation Between Stock Exchange Price Index with Oil Prices, Gold and Exchange Rate in Iran by DCC-GARCH Approachshadi amiriM.Sc.Karimzadeh2013-06-13
The Effect of increasing non-oil Export on Environmental Pollution in Iran (1352-1386)elahe razaviM.Sc.Lotfalipour2013-06-26
Assessing the impact of monetary policy on bank lending in the private and public sectors during 1382_1388vajiheh khosrojerdiM.Sc.Homayounifar2013-07-14
a survey of affecting factors to total factor productivity inKhorasans’ IndustriesHojjat GhassemizadehM.Sc.Hoshmand2013-09-16
The Economic Impact Evaluation of Extraction and Production of Unconventional Gas (Shale Gas) on The Iran EconomyNima ShahiniM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2013-09-22
An Economic Analysis of Applying Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technology In The Athletic Site In Water And Waste Water Company of Mashhad.seyed mohammad saeid mousavi sodagarM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2013-09-22
The Effect of Trade Openness on the Relation of Oil Resource Abundance and Economic Growth :A Selection of Oil Exporting Countrieselahe moradiM.Sc.Naji Meidani2013-09-22
Examination of the Exchange Rate Volatility on Private Consumption in Economy of Iranhamid lal khezriM.Sc.Naji Meidani2013-09-22
Assessing the Impact of Preferential Trade Agreements on FDI Inflows in Selected Developing Countriesalieh raeeniM.Sc.Kazemi2013-09-22
Effect of Foreign Immigration on Unemployment in Iranjalal nadimiM.Sc.Hoshmand2013-09-22
Investigation of Bilateral Trade between Iran and Selected Trade – Partner Countries based on the Linder Theoryzahra yazdan parastM.Sc.Karimzadeh2013-09-22
Studying long run trend of inflation in Iran: Estimation of core inflation in Iran by kalman filter methodnasrin rezaeimoghaddamM.Sc.Mostafavi2013-09-22
survey of licencing process in some economic activities in razavi khorasan provinceKOBRA GHAZIM.Sc.Salimifar2013-09-22
Electoral Institutions and Common Pool Problem in Iran\\\'s Development Budgetingsaeed malek sadatiPhDSalimifar2013-09-22
Investigation of Effective Soci-Economic Factors on the Life Expectancy in IranSaleh Taheri BazkhaneM.Sc.Karimzadeh2013-11-27
The Effect of Changes in Population Age Structure on Per Capita Income in Iran Considering Effective Channelsmasoud nikooghadamPhDHoshmand2013-12-11
A survey of absolute poverty determinants in rural and urban regions of Southern Khorasan provincenazanin mirzaeiM.Sc.Salimifar2013-12-21
The Impact of Economic Globalization on the Size of GovernmentMahsa ShahabiM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2014-01-27
the estimation of the income inequality in and its influencing factorsHamideh Mohtashami BorzadaranM.Sc.Mostafavi2014-01-29
The Economic Evaluation of Construction of GTL Plant in Sarakhs Special Economic Zonesayed mehdi hosseiniM.Sc.Mahdavi Adeli2014-01-30
The relationship between nuclear energy consumption,economic growth and co2 emission in some countries (1980-2009)maryam enadiM.Sc.Kazemi2014-02-01
The comparative study of role of R&D expenditures on human development index (HDI) in selected countries with High, Medium and Low Human Development index during (2000-2009)Habibollah Khorrami KakhkiM.Sc.Razmi2014-02-09
Investigating the role of GECF in the future of the natural gas market and determining the Iran optimal strategy; A game theoretical Analysisjalal dehnaviPhDFalahi2014-02-22
The Effect of globalization on quality of life (QOL) index in countries of D-8 GroupEsmat AbdiM.Sc.Kazemi2014-02-23
The Examination of the Effect of Competition in Banking Sector on Banks Stabilitymojtaba pustin chiM.Sc.Tahsili2014-03-12
Surveying the effect of financial development on human capital in Iranlida gohari gharaeiM.Sc.Salimifar2014-04-26
Examination of the Effect of Financial Development on Exports ( A Cace Study of D8 Countries)malihe bozorgvarM.Sc.Falahi2014-04-29
The Study of Volatility Spillover Effects of the Price in international Oil, Gasoline and Diesel Fuel MarketsElahe KarimiM.Sc.Falahi2014-05-24
Iranian Petroleum\'s Property Rights: An Institutional Analysisseyedjafar hosseiniPhDMahdavi Adeli2014-06-17
Stochastic Dynamic Optimization of Oil Production of Dorood Field in Iran and its Comparition with Actual Production under Buyback Contractsali taherifardPhDSalimifar2014-06-18
The Study of Infra-structures Determinants of the Effectiveness of Financial Development on Economic Growth in IranMohammad Ali AboutorabiPhDFalahi2014-06-18
the effect oil revenues on human capital accumulationseyed mohammad pezhmanM.Sc.Salimifar2014-06-19
Investigating underling energy demand trend in residental, industerial and aggregate sectors in Iran, using stractural time series modelsima nazemi moez abadiM.Sc.Lotfalipour2014-06-21
The impact of economic growth, trade and financial development on the environmental quality in Iran (during the period of 1352-1391)hadi esmaeilpourM.Sc.Lotfalipour2014-06-22
Asymmetric effect of oil price fluctuations on government expenditures in IranShahab MatinM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2014-06-23
The role of consumer rights protection in the interest of national production (case study of household appliances in Mashhad)nahid bazrgarM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2014-06-23
Assessment and Ranking of Townships of Khorasan Razavi Based on Indicators of Urban Sustainable Developmentamene zareM.Sc.Homayounifar2014-06-25
Investigating the Relationship Between Endowment of Oil Resources, and Human Development in Selected Oil Exporting CountriesMohammad SalimifarM.Sc.Hoshmand2014-07-01
The investigation of effects of oil revenues on agricultural sector performance in Iran.pooria ghassabi kohne ghochanM.Sc.Lotfalipour2014-08-19
The Impact of ICT Investment on Electricity Demand in Selected Economic Sectors of Iran by using Logistic Growth Modelbehnam pakrooM.Sc.Cheshomi2014-09-09
A Survey of The Effect of Trade Openness size on Inflation Rate in Iran During the Period of 1981-2010zahra taghizadeganM.Sc.Salimifar2014-09-22
The study of oil price effects on the terms of trade in Iranmehrangiz lekzianM.Sc.Behname2014-09-22
Examination of the effect of ownership on banks performance in Iranelham ostadM.Sc.Cheshomi2014-09-22
The Effect of Electricity Consumption Per Capita on Human Development in Selected Developing Countriesfereshteh majidzadehM.Sc.Naji Meidani2014-09-22
A survey for affect of financial development on the income inequality in the selected Islamic countriesFatemeh Yaghouti JafarabadM.Sc.Homayounifar2014-09-22
The Study of the Low One Price in Agricultural Products in Iran Case Study Citrus Fruitshadi kojouriM.Sc.Sabahi2014-09-22
Analysis and Comparison of Assets as Hedge against Inflation in Iranhoda zendehdelM.Sc.Seifi2014-09-22
The Study Of Nonlinear Relationship Between Government Expenditure And Private Consumption In Iran (Threshold regression)mahboobeh BakhtiaryM.Sc.Naji Meidani2014-09-22
Decomposition of Household Electricity Consumption Variations and Its Effective Factors in Urban Areas of Iran.amir tavana najarM.Sc.Feizi2014-09-22
Middle Income Trap, The challenge for successful transition to high income: Compare Iran, South Korea and JapanHasan Kamali DalfardiM.Sc.Hoshmand2014-09-22
A Comparison of income equality and its influence On human development indexFateme KarimpourM.Sc.Mostafavi2014-09-22
the survey of property right effect on investment in the middle east countriesKameh Kafi EmamiM.Sc.Homayounifar2014-09-28
Analysis the effect of value added tax rate increasement on inflation in IranElahe Rezazadeh KhorasaniM.Sc.Naji Meidani2014-10-07
the survey of the role of political-juridical(legal) institutions in financial development in selected developing countries: evidence from dynamic panel databanafsheh ghorbanniaM.Sc.Mostafavi2014-10-07
Asymmetric Effects of Government Expenditure on Economic Growth in Iranmaryam najibiM.Sc.Homayounifar2014-10-21
The Study of Effective Factors on Tax Revenue Gap in IranMohammad Reza BarakchianM.Sc.Behname2014-11-11
The effect of financial market development on foreign direct investment in selected developing countriesAsma AmarlooM.Sc.Kazemi2014-11-22
A comparative study on effect of energy consumption and economic growth on CO2 emission in a number of developing and developed countriesshahla aliniya kalatehM.Sc.Kazemi2014-11-22
The impact of competitiveness Index to the value added of agricultural sector in selected countriesreza habibpoor ledariM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2014-12-01
Estimation and forecasting energy carriers demand in transport sectorMohammad javad GorjipourM.Sc.Tahsili2014-12-14
The Effects of Exchange Rate volatility on Balance of Trade and it’s Forecast in Iranbahare bazarganM.Sc.Lotfalipour2015-01-06
The Effects of Exchange Rate Volatility on Commodity Trade between Iran and Chinasafieh najaf zadehM.Sc.Behname2015-01-07
An Investigation for tourism’s revenue effect on economic growth(A comparative study for a selected of developing and developed countries)zahra eiziM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2015-01-26
Investigation of the Structure of World Market of Iranian Selected Exportable Goods and Priority of the Target Marketshamid ardakaniM.Sc.Karimzadeh2015-01-27
The effect of Islamic teachings on information asymmetric reducing in the commodity marketnafiseh salehniaM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2015-01-27
Analysis of Economic Volunteers’ Motivationsfatemeh ahmadiM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2015-01-27
Social and economicfactorsaffectingunderground economy(Case Study: the province of Sistanand Baluchestan select cities)somaya rasouliM.Sc.Razmi2015-01-28
The Survey of Interaction Between Human Capital and Social Capital in Selected Islamic Countrieszahra ghaffaryM.Sc.Razmi2015-01-28
study of effect of alternative path ways energy transportation on energy demand security for iranamirhussein saeadi mohammadiM.Sc.Mahdavi Adeli2015-01-28
A Survey on the Possible Causality Between Innovation and Economic Growth in Selected MENA CountriesNava Ramezanian BajgiranM.Sc.Salimifar2015-01-28
The study of knowledge based economics convergence between rich and poor provinces in Iran: via HDIRaheleh RezaeeM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2015-01-28
The Impact of Oil revenue fluctuations on Monetary Policy in Iran (1369-1391) , Using Dynamic Conditional Correlationdavoud hajiyan piroozM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2015-01-28
Feasibility study of crude oil pricing by OPEC and OECD member countries, using game theory in the form of a win - winreza fahimidooabPhDSabahi2015-01-29
Optimality of economic - environmental, Municipale solid waste in fuzzy environment؛ case study: city of Mashhadzahra shirzoorPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2015-01-29
Identification some of economic indices of islamic lifestyle and investigation their effect on improvment the economic goals of islamic socityseyd amin tabatabaee ghomshehM.Sc.Sabahi2015-01-29
Economic Evaluation of outage cost caused by Electricity interruption for Industrial sector : case study for Sabzevar townshipparvin ghofraniM.Sc.Lotfalipour2015-02-03
Effect of symmetrical and asymmetrical changes in oil prices on the prices of petrochemicals (ethylene, propylene Vmtanvl) in the short term and long term.ehsan mohammadiyanM.Sc.Hoshmand2015-02-03
A Consideration for Institutional Impediments’ in Technology parks and incubators :transaction cost approuchNiloofar AmaniyanM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2015-02-03
The Survey of Effect on Energy exports and Economic Globalization on Economic growth in Selected Developing Countriesneda mehrzadM.Sc.Salimifar2015-02-04
Effect of Oil on democracy in selected Oil-rich countriesfariba naeimiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2015-02-05
A study for short-run and long-run effects of exchange rate on the bilateral trad ie balance, between Iran andts major trade partners, during the period of 1371 to 1391.Farzad AsghariPurM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2015-02-05
a survey of foreign direct investment effect on vertical intera industry trade in iran using panel dataARGHAVAN FORGHANIM.Sc.Mahdavi Adeli2015-02-07
Investigation the Effect of Economic Freedom and Social Capital on Productive Entrepreneurship in Selected Countriesakram asliM.Sc.Naji Meidani2015-02-08
A Comparative Consideration For The Effects Of Institutional Factors on Manufactures Exports Of Two Selected Groups Of Developing Countriesmaryam matlabiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2015-03-10
Determinant factors of crude oil price in NYMEX crude oil futures contractssamaneh abdollah abadyM.Sc.Kazemi2015-03-14
measuring and comparison of efficiency of food and beverage industry of khorasan razavi province with selected provinces and the total of the country by using data envolvment analysismohammad soleymaniM.Sc.Salimifar2015-03-17
The Effect of Human Capital on the Total Factor Productivity in Iran Big industries(1388-1379)Hosein FatemiM.Sc.Hoshmand2015-03-17
A Survey of Relationship between Budget Deficit, Money and Inflation: With Emphasis on the Role of Fiscal Sector Dominance on the Monetary Sectormehdi hajaminiPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2015-04-11
The examination of relationship between energy consumption and some demographic variables in Iran by use of ARDL Method,1972-2011mojtaba akhondiM.Sc.Kazemi2015-05-09
Estimation of water demand function in the industrial sector - Mashhadmasoud mohajeriM.Sc.Tahsili2015-05-18
Pricing of Natural Gas Derivatives Using Stochastic Modelling of International Spot PricesNarges SalehniaPhDFalahi2015-05-28
A Survey of Effects of Foreign Direct Investment and Human Capital on Environmental Pollution in Selected Developing Countries.samaneh eslamiM.Sc.Salimifar2015-06-16
The impact of central bank independence on the performance of inflation targeting regimeniksa barzegarM.Sc.Hoshmand2015-06-29
A survey of non-oil export components effect on employment in Iran (1981-2011)reza shafieeM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2015-07-04
The Effect of Inflation Uncertainty on the Mellat Bank Profitabilitymahnaz ooramanM.Sc.Behname2015-07-27
Effect of Competitiveness On the industrial of selected member countries of NAM(Non-Aligned Movement)Ahmad kaviany pourM.Sc.Homayounifar2015-08-02
Determination of Optimum Scenario of Renewable Power, Nuclear Power and Fossil Power Cogeneration Potfolio Within Generating System and Its Price Analysis; (Case Study of Khorasan Regional Electric Co.)mahdi ghaemiaslPhDSalimifar2015-08-18
The survey of economic globalization on poverty in Selected Countries using by KOF indexzahra jalalianM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2015-08-24
Estimate the impact of R & D units (R & D) on the promotion of industrial productivity in Khorasan Razavihamid sheidaeeM.Sc.Hoshmand2015-08-24
The Evaluation of the Financial Sector’s Impact on Tax Revenue in IranMaryam AziziM.Sc.Homayounifar2015-09-14
The Effect of Exchange Rate on Investment in the Different Sectors of Iran’s Economy by Co-integration Technique (2012-1979)fariba afrooziM.Sc.Karimzadeh2015-09-16
The investigation of method of providing Auxiliary covered wagon for exports by rail to CIS countries by applying game theory.vahide sotudeM.Sc.Cheshomi2015-09-19
Investigating the Impact of Internet Penetration on Business Environment in MENA CountriesMasoud Taghizadeh MehneM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2015-09-20
A survey of trust on trade flows between Iran and its selected trade partnerszahra attar khorasaniM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2015-09-20
The role of energy efficiency on improvement of the environment in selected Petroleum Exporting countriesatieh sharekianM.Sc.Lotfalipour2015-09-20
The study of oil income effects on employment rate in Iranseyedeh sara kakhkiM.Sc.Sabahi2015-09-21
Economic Determinants of Gold's Expected Return's Rate in Future Contracts of Iran Mercantile ExchangeMasoud FilsoufM.Sc.Cheshomi2015-09-21
The using input-output table model for identifying leading sectors in Iran’s oil-regionsfarhad tarahomiPhDHomayounifar2015-09-21
An Analysis of Monetry Uncertainty and Demand for Money in Iiran by Co-integration Method (1982-2013)NAFISEH GHANI SALMASIM.Sc.Karimzadeh2015-09-21
Football Marketing and Its Effect on Economic BoomKamran Pahlavan MosavariM.Sc.Homayounifar2015-09-22
The effect of financial development on energy consumption in selected developing countries: panel data analysis.Nahid FarhadiM.Sc.Naji Meidani2015-09-22
Evaluatoin of efficiency and total Factor Productivity in Iran’s petrochemical complexesnarges ghalavandM.Sc.Mahdavi Adeli2015-09-22
The study and Comparison of the effects of foreign direct investment (FDI) and per capita income on energy intensity in selected oil-exporting and importing countries.mohammad sadegh adibianM.Sc.Behname2015-09-22
The effect of the business environment on Non-oil exports from Mashhadbabak asadollahiM.Sc.Salimifar2015-09-22
Comparison of Clients' Behavior in Selecting Banks by Using Lancaster and ANP Methods (Case Study: Melli and Tejarata Bank in Mashhad)Amin KhooranM.Sc.Karimzadeh2015-09-22
Comparison of corruption or bribery on trade flows in developing and developed countries, 2005-2012 panel data approachkheyzaran khazaeeanM.Sc.Hoshmand2015-10-18
Ranking the level of development of the cities of South Khorasan, compared with the national averageebrahim delavariM.Sc.Tahsili2015-10-25
Knowledge-based Economy Index Calculation to Ranking Method of Fuzzy- Neuro and its Effect on Economic Growth (Case of Iran and selected Countries)atefeh moradiroudmajaniM.Sc.Mostafavi2015-11-03
Evaluate the efficiency and productivity of Iranian oil refineries using dynamic DEA during the years 1386 - 1391Azam AshourzadehM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2015-11-09
Assess the performance of the listed petrochemical companies and the factors affecting it using stochastic frontier approach (1380-91)mohaddeseh moghaddasiM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2015-12-01
The Effects of Monetary Policies on the Stock price in Iransomyeh poozeshM.Sc.Kazemi2015-12-16
The role of resource fund in governance in selected resource rich countries.soheila moazeniM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2016-01-16
Unemployment rate, household expenditure and marriage and divorce rates in the provinces of Iranroshanak sanei ghalibafM.Sc.Feizi2016-01-17
Microcredit and the Socio-economic Wellbeing of Women and families in Tabaszahra pezeshkianM.Sc.Feizi2016-01-18
A comparative study of The economic, social and cultural determinants of entrepreneurial activities in four selected groups of countries ranked according to income indexfarzaneh khoshvaght aliabadiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2016-01-18
Analyzing the effects of pension policy and government s health expenditure on household savings in IranElham CharkhkarM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2016-01-19
The Impact of Tourism Development on Employment in Iran (Direct and Indirect)Fatemeh MomeniM.Sc.Homayounifar2016-01-20
The Effect of Green Tax Implementation on Employment in Iran IndustriesZohourian ElmiraM.Sc.Lotfalipour2016-01-24
Gibson Paradox in Iran Economy, Impact of Monetary Base Components between Interest Rate and Inflationazam abdollahiM.Sc.Cheshomi2016-01-24
The study of volatility spillover of return rate among stock, gold and foreign currency markets in Iran during 2011 to 2014Niloufar Sadat HosseiniounM.Sc.Behname2016-01-24
Investigation the Role of Religious Tourism in Rural Development for Tabadkan Village, with an Emphasis on Social Capital and Quality of Life (Case Study:Tabadkan)Reihane afshariM.Sc.Hoshmand2016-01-24
The Effect Of Population Growth On Innovation (With The Approach Of Knowledge Economy) In OECD Selected Countries During The Period Of 1995 To 2013hamid safdariM.Sc.Salimifar2016-01-25
The effect of government debt on interest rate in IranMahsa RazaviM.Sc.Cheshomi2016-01-25
survey of demand for life insurance in Asia insurance co. Khorasan Razavi Statemahmood ayubiM.Sc.Tahsili2016-01-25
The Optimization of Fuel Consumption in Transportation Sector in Mashhad with the Aim of Reducing Environmental PollutionSamane RezaiyanM.Sc.Falahi2016-01-25
Comparative Study of Factors Affecting Inflation in Iran, Turkey and South Korea According to the Role of Political InstitutionsZahra Moradpour SheiykhkanlooM.Sc.Cheshomi2016-01-25
Assessment of Status Establishment of Good Governance Indexes in the Municipality of Mashhad; Case Study Municipal Planning Areamojtaba daneshiM.Sc.Sabahi2016-01-26
Estimation of Natural Gas Demand in Iran´s Industries with High and Low Energy Consumptionzohreh mohammadpour karizakiM.Sc.Falahi2016-01-26
The study of effects of exchange-rate regimes on the relationship between economic growth and inflation in Iransamane yadoostM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2016-01-26
The study of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Effect on the value added of Industry sector (case study: selected developing countries)parisa abdiM.Sc.Falahi2016-01-27
The Study of oil price fluctuations effects on income distribution in Iran during 1969-2012atiyeh shojaeeM.Sc.Lotfalipour2016-03-01
The survey of internal and external determinant of oil market on Iranian crude oilseyyed abdollah razaviPhDSalimifar2016-03-03
A Comparative study of the relationship between environmental degradation, industrial structure and technical efficiency (Case study: Selected ECO and OECD countries)Sara FarhangdoostM.Sc.Lotfalipour2016-03-12
Interstate Impact of Inflation and Unemployment on Income Distribution in Iranmorteza beiranvandM.Sc.Feizi2016-03-14
،The Study of Oil Revenues Effect on the Value Added of Industry and Mining Sector inIranHAMED NAGHIB ZADEHM.Sc.Falahi2016-05-04
The Survey of Comparative of Impact of Oil Revenuse Fund Quality on Economic Growth Within Two Selected Groups of Oily Countriessusan sarvari ostadM.Sc.Salimifar2016-05-07
عنوان پایان نامه (به انگلیسی): Investigation of Effect of Knowledge Based Economic Indicators on the Employment of Selected Oil-Exporting Developing Countrieshashem azghadiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2016-05-11
The Study of Factors Involved in the Tax Capacity of Provincesmahmoud khodadadiyanM.Sc.Sabahi2016-05-23
Compare relationship financial development and energy consumption (Electricity energy) between agriculture and industry and mining sectors in Irannayere tavassoliM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2016-06-08
Study of effective factors on saffron supply and analysis of Price transmission in iran's saffron marketJavad GhiyasiM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2016-06-12
Studying the Probability of Default on Payable Facilities of The First Micro Finance Bank in Herat, AfghanistanMohammad Sadeq MohammadiM.Sc.Karimzadeh2016-06-21
The study of causality relationship between money, quasi money and real GDP in Iranmarjan tashakoriM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2016-06-22
Investigation of The relation of news with stock prices of the private banks and privatized state banks in IRANmina moghaddasM.Sc.Lotfalipour2016-07-03
The study of Hofstede's cultural dimension effects on economic development (index of employment, income, investment and people living index) of IranMahdi NoghabiM.Sc.Hoshmand2016-07-05
The oil price shocks effects on petrochemical companies stock price index in Tehran stock exchangemajid mazloumiM.Sc.Mostafavi2016-07-12
Recognizing the WTI oil price cyclical behavior with respect to economic variable of growth and world crisisreyhane abbasiM.Sc.Sabahi2016-07-12
Estimation (1380-1393) and forecast (1395-1400) of underground economy capacity using artificial neural networksjalil alipourM.Sc.Razmi2016-07-16
A Study of the Impact of the Quality Improvement of Produced Goods and Services Increase on Sales of Firms Enjoying an Iran National Quality Award Medal (INQA)ARASH YAVARIFARM.Sc.Salimifar2016-07-16
The Effects of Human Capital and Structural Changes on Economic Growth in IranAzadeh ShariatfarM.Sc.Lotfalipour2016-07-18
The Explanation of Intermediate Factors in Influence path of The Islamic Teachings on The Intra household Consumption Expendituresvahid arshadiPhDSalimifar2016-07-18
Investigating exchange rate pass-through to consumers in iranFatemeh LashkaripourM.Sc.Lotfalipour2016-08-13
the threshold impact of oil revenue on Effectiveness financial development on economic growth in iran (1352-1391)Elahe SHahparastM.Sc.Mostafavi2016-09-07
The Study of Oil Price Volatility Effects on Inflation in Iran during 1991-2014fatemeh soleimaniM.Sc.Lotfalipour2016-09-18
The Survey of the Relationship between Labor Force Productivity in Construction Sector and Economic Growth of Iran Spans the Time Period 1368 – 1393halimeh nakhli ferizM.Sc.Sabahi2016-09-18
Effect of exchange rate on attracting tourists in selected countries in the MENA period - 1995 to 2014hosein poornamdarM.Sc.Salimifar2016-09-20
Studying the effective factors on bank deposits portfolio of Khorasan Razavi Post Bank, with use of Panel data model (2010-2013)hamid jafarinezhad bajestaniM.Sc.Kazemi2016-09-20
The Survey of the Impact of OECD’s Comercial Crude Oil Inventories on OPEC Crude Oil Price IndexMahsa MesgaraniM.Sc.Salimifar2016-09-21
Investigate the Possibility of Substitution of Exchange Rate rather than Interest Rates in the Analysis of the Impact of Monetary Policy on the Economysara shahrakiPhDSabahi2016-09-21
study of factors affecting tourism in iran with emphasis on health tourismshabnam anvariM.Sc.Hoshmand2016-09-21
experimental economyMohammad ali MotahhariM.Sc.Lotfalipour2016-09-21
The Study of Effective Factors on Energy Consumption and Forecasting by Kalman filter in Iran's EconomySara ShafieianM.Sc.Behname2016-12-06
The impact of renewable and non-renewable energy consumption on the economic welfare in selected countriesfatemeh eilkhaniM.Sc.Naji Meidani2017-01-25
The Effects of North America and China Shale Gas on Natural Gas MarketFaezeh RezaeeM.Sc.Falahi2017-01-26
The Effect Of Knowledge-Based Economy Factors On Environmental Pollution in Selected Numbers OECD Countries.ELAHEH SHABRANGZADEHM.Sc.Salimifar2017-02-04
Studying, assessing and ranking the investment barriers in Iran’s informal settlements (Case study: Mashhad metropolis)Sheykh Saleh Seyfi SangachinM.Sc.Homayounifar2017-02-06
The Economic Evaluation of Constructing an Anaerobic Digestion And Incineration Waste Recycling Complex (Case Study Of Mashhad County)Amirhassan AkbarikhalilabadM.Sc.Kazemi2017-02-07
The effect of public and private expenditure on health in countries with low, medium and high income level using panel data model in the period of 2000-2013tayyebe azodiM.Sc.Razmi2017-02-07
Analyzing the Effect of specialist and Non- specialist Human Force contribution on Value Added of larg scale Industries in Iranzahra erfan zadehM.Sc.Lotfalipour2017-02-08
Analysis of the impact of directed loans of state owned banks on non-performing loans and return of housing market with rent-seeking theorysima keshavarzM.Sc.Cheshomi2017-02-08
check of weak efficiency hypothesis and presentation early warning system volatility intense in foreign exchange market iran with approch Markov Switching GARCHmoheb alah motahariPhDLotfalipour2017-02-09
The modeling of distribution of Iran's provincial constructive budjet using spatial regression modelreza jamshidiPhDSalimifar2017-02-09
: Investigating the Effects of the Subsidy targeting plan on the Expenditures of Education and Health in First to Third Decilemorteza abdollahnejadM.Sc.Feizi2017-02-12
The effect of population aging on economic growth in Iran and Economic growth forecasts using time-series models and artificial neural network.leyla nadiM.Sc.Razmi2017-02-12
The effective factors on the proportion of medicine consumption in the basket of goods for the households under coverage of services of social security organization in Mashhadrabeh kushaM.Sc.Razmi2017-02-13
The effect of some of the banking and macroeconomic factors on profitability Tejarat Bank branches in Mashhadjalil mehrizianM.Sc.Karimzadeh2017-02-14
Factors affecting redemption of life insurance and investments with an emphasis on micro-economic factors (Case Study: Parsian Insurance)nazli habibi marandM.Sc.Sabahi2017-02-14
Comparative study of the effect of financial development on energy consumption in Iran and Turkeynasrin rayiniM.Sc.Naji Meidani2017-02-14
A comparative research on effect of tax paying facilitation of economic sectors on GDP per capita in selected countriessepehr estiriM.Sc.Hoshmand2017-02-14
The study of gold futures Market as a hedge against the stock market in Iranmaliheh zarindel hosseinabadM.Sc.Behname2017-02-15
Extravagance and its impacts on Health ( Case Study of Iran)Sayed Elyas FarahatM.Sc.Salimifar2017-02-18
The Examination of the Effect of Market Structure in Banking sector on Access to credit of Industry and Mining Sectorali mansouriM.Sc.Tahsili2017-02-18
The Effect of Government Size on Quality of Life (A Case Study of Selected Countries With High Human Development)javad nashadM.Sc.Salimifar2017-03-08
The Study of Effective Factors on Credit Risk of Bank's Customers by Using Survival Analysis (Case Study of Maskan Bank)nahid rajabzadeh moghaniPhDSeifi2017-04-20
Investigation of the effect of urban residential density on fuel consumption in the transport sector in the Iran provincesfateme shafiey tavandaryM.Sc.Tahsili2017-04-30
The Effect of Human Capital on Incom Inequality in selected Provinces of Iranesmaeel hadadiniaM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2017-05-09
A study about the effect of democracy on the relationship between economic growth with income Inequality in Iran(1350-1393).seyyedeh mohaddeseh hosseiniM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2017-05-20
External measurement of formal education and evaluation of its effects on growth of Iran economy 1354_1392 yearsmandana ghafooriPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2017-05-21
A study of the effects of renewable and fossil energy consumption and economic growth on Environmental Performance Index (EPI) in the selected developing and developed countriesFATEMEH AKHOUNDI KHARANAGHIM.Sc.Falahi2017-05-21
The study of volatility and shock spillovers of the rate of return between the foreign exchange market, chemical products, and petroleum products stock markets in Iran during the years of 1390 to 1395mosayeb hosseineM.Sc.Behname2017-06-07
Recognition and Codification of Appropriate strategies for Development of Life Insurance by Use of SWOT Analysis (Case Study : Mashhad and Sabzevar)Afshin KhosrowjerdiM.Sc.Karimzadeh2017-06-15
Investigating the Impact of Economic and Social Infrastructure on Employment in Iran during 1979 to 2014ramin jafariM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2017-06-20
The study of opportunities and challenges of health tourism industry in Iran's Economy (Case Study: Mashhad)seyedeh mahboubeh alerasoulM.Sc.Hoshmand2017-06-21
Evaluating credit risk of loan’s portfolio (Case of Khorasan Razavi’s Melli bank)hamid safay nikooPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2017-06-24
Comparative Study of the Relation between Electricity Consumption from Renewable Sources and Economic Growth (Case Study: Selected Developing and Developed Countries)Ghazaleh NajarM.Sc.Seifi2017-06-28
The Study of the Effects of Renewable and Non-renewable Energy and Trade on GDP in Selected Developing Countriesnafiseh hashemi andorokhM.Sc.Falahi2017-07-05
Investigation of Recovery Rate of Profit-Loss Sharing and Fixed- Return Contracts: A Game Theory Approachshokoofehsadat ashrafzadehPhDLotfalipour2017-07-10
Investigating and comparing the urbanization effect on fuel consumption in the transportation sector in high and low income provinces in Iranmahjoobe maghsoodiM.Sc.Tahsili2017-07-12
Study the Role of Financial Development on the Impact of Natural Resources Rents on Accumulation of Tangible and Intangible Capitals in IranFarzaneh Ahmadian yazdiPhDHomayounifar2017-07-27
The Economic Evaluation of Absorption and Compression Chiller's Options in Ferdowsi University of Mashhadmaryam mousavi daliniM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2017-08-08
The Effect of Educational, Welfare, Infrastructure and Public Services Facilities in Rural Development in Khorasan Razavi Province in 2011Mahdi cheshomiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2017-08-08
A comparative study of financial indicators of ministry of Petroleum subsidiaries organizations with other ministries after privatizationAtiyeh razi kazemiM.Sc.Homayounifar2017-08-13
Investigating the Effect of employees' empowerment on Bank Profitability with the Mediating Role of Service Quality in the Banking Industry of Naserieh, Iraqsadeq thamer ajelM.Sc.Mostafavi2017-08-15
The impact of intellectual capital on firm performance (Case Study: Sina Insurance Company(Faeze HojjatianM.Sc.Razmi2017-08-15
The study of Impact of Economic Sanctions on Performance of Companies accepted on The Tehran Stock Marketarefeh zeinalitorbatiM.Sc.Sabahi2017-08-29
analysis the consumption of fossil fuels on the human development index in the developing countriessahar aghaeeM.Sc.Homayounifar2017-09-04
Crowding-Out and Crowding-In Effects of the components of government Revenues and expenditures on Private Investment in Tradable and Non-Tradable Sectors in Iran EconomyRoohollah BabakiPhDHomayounifar2017-09-14
A Survey of the Effect of Credit Risk on Banks Assets’ Efficiency During the Time period of 1388 to 1394Mohammad ShayanmehrM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2017-09-16
Investigating Effect of Income Inequality on Subjective Well-being in Developing CountriesMohammad Bagher FakoorM.Sc.Sabahi2017-09-16
An Economic Analysis of Supply of Handicrafts in Mashhad and Solutions for its Expansionfateme shakeriM.Sc.Tahsili2017-09-16
Studying The Effect of Government Performance on EPI index in selected countriessomaye elahi radM.Sc.Naji Meidani2017-09-17
The Survey of Substitution Elasticity of Production Inputs in Iran’s Industries Before and After Subsidy Reform Plan (with an Emphasis on the Energy Input)samira ahmadi moghaddamM.Sc.Malek sadati2017-09-17
Media Economics; Study of Newspaper Market structure in Iranmajid monfaredM.Sc.Cheshomi2017-09-19
The Effects of Oil Price Shocks and Monetary Shock on the Stock Market in Iran (1991-2014)golara hosseinianM.Sc.Salimifar2017-09-19
The Study of the Factors Affecting Innovation Emphasizing Intellectual Property Rights in the Selected Countriesmahla agM.Sc.Malek sadati2017-09-19
The role of religious NGOs in poverty alleviation: Empowerment approachnarges abolfazlianM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2017-09-19
Effect of The Share of Employment of Women on Labor Productivity in Iranrahele rajaeiM.Sc.Kazemi2017-09-20
The effect of changes in energy prices on the industry's environmental efficiency in Iranmahboube ghodratnamaM.Sc.Razmi2017-09-20
Measuring Vertical Education-Job Mismatch in Iran’s Cities and Identifying Some of its Effective Factores in Sections 1375, 1385 and 1390AKRAM DARTOUMIM.Sc.Salimifar2017-09-20
Comparative Analysis of optimum production path of oil in the Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC) and Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with stochastic dynamic programming approachHamed SahebhonarPhDHoshmand2017-09-21
The impact of transaction cost on present bias for individual consumption-saving behavior: experimental approachparvin tashakkoriPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2017-09-26
The Investigation Of The Monetary Exchange Rate Overshooting in Economy of Iran(1369 - 1393)sanaz dolatabadiM.Sc.Karimzadeh2017-10-15
The Effect of Personality Traits on Individuals Behavior in Investment Game (Case study: Students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)marzie khazaeiM.Sc.Feizi2017-11-10
Comparative study about effect of ease of paying tax on foreign direct investment in the selected developing and developed countrieskobra khaniM.Sc.Hoshmand2017-11-13
The Effect Of Financial Development On Income Inequality From Human Capital ChannelAbolfazl NoferestiPhDRazmi2018-01-06
The Investigation of Tax Revenues and Government Expenditures Impacts on Air Pollution in IranAsiyeh bagher poor devinM.Sc.Lotfalipour2018-01-29
Comparing two methods of price discrimination and uniform pay in Iran's electricity market, In the framework of the Q-learning algorithm from the perspective of producer surplus and consumer prices .(Case Study of Khorasan Power Plants)HAMED MORTEZAZADEPhDHomayounifar2018-01-30
The Effect of Deep Democracy on Economic Growth Due to the Role of Air Pollution (Compare Iran and South Korea)sahar yazdan panahM.Sc.Karimzadeh2018-02-10
Studying the effect GDP shock on loan portfolio allocated to equity participation, Mudaraba and installment saleJAFAR EDALATIM.Sc.Mostafavi2018-02-14
The study of causality relationship between oil price, unconventional oil and gas supply with Granger and Toda and Yamamoto techniquesFatemeh HajisamiM.Sc.Mahdavi Adeli2018-02-15
Evaluation of Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Instability and its impact on Iran's Non-Oil Trade Balance: Stochastic Volatility Model Approachbehnam elyaspourPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2018-02-17
Investigating the possibility of regime change in the rate of returns on the stock market of oil products in Iran from 2012 to 2017 (the Markov Switching Model)habibeh ebrahimiM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2018-02-18
Identifying Natural Gas Demand Determinants in Iran by Using Bayesian Model AveragingRoxana Asadi maneshM.Sc.Falahi2018-02-18
Assessing the impact of socio-economic and climate factors on urban drinking water demand in Iran during 1385-1392 /Anousheh nasrolahzadehM.Sc.Falahi2018-02-19
The relationship between economic policy uncertainty and market returns housingmohammadmahdi daneshfarM.Sc.Lotfalipour2018-02-19
Studying the effect of financial proportions on performance of Iran’s banking network using Auto-Regressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) approachhossein HasaniM.Sc.Homayounifar2018-03-03
Analysing and Prioritising the Components of Business Environment for Industrial Small and Medium Enterprises in Herat Province of Afghanistanmostafa abbasiM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2018-03-04
The effect of government spending on welfare in Iran:yekta ashrafiPhDMahdavi Adeli2018-03-06
Economic evaluation of electricity generation from biogas from municipal waste in Kut city-Wasit provinceOsamah Hasan Hadi Al - AbboodiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2018-08-04
Investigating Factors Affecting the Foreign Direct Investment in IraqHanan Shaker AamerM.Sc.Kazemi2018-08-04
Measuring Value at Risk with wavelet analysis and comparing it with GARCH model: industry of oil productsmobina azhM.Sc.Malek sadati2018-09-11
The Impact of Energy Consumption inTransport and Foreign Direct Investment on Co2 Emission in The Selected MENA Countriessamaneh sheybanifarM.Sc.Behname2018-09-12
Survey The Impact of Technology Diffusion Through Importing High-Tech Products on BRICS Countries Economic Growth Compared to Selected Developed EconomiesMahdi VatanparastM.Sc.Naji Meidani2018-09-13
The Effect of Behavioral Policies on Household Electricity Consumption: A Field Experiment in Birjandpegah mahmoudiM.Sc.Malek sadati2018-09-15
The Effect of Ease of Starting a Business on the the Economic Growth of Countriesmorteza pakizehM.Sc.Lotfalipour2018-09-15
(The effect of gender inequality on human development index (HDI) in selected countries of the world (2010-2015zeinab shakeriM.Sc.Razmi2018-09-16
Socio-economic Factors Influencing Participation Rate in Five Rounds of Presidential Elections of Iran (2001-2017)Elahe FarjadfarM.Sc.Feizi2018-09-16
The Effect of Resilience Economic Indexes Shocks on “TEPIX” by Bayesian VAR model approachmohammad azam rajabianPhDLotfalipour2018-09-17
Analysis of the process of the Housing Market and the Stock Market in Monetary Transmission in Iranbanafshe tajalliM.Sc.Lotfalipour2018-09-20
Estimation of oil demand function of oil importing countries from Iran with a view to technological changes Environmental environment: study of an asymmetric patternREZA DARISAVIPhDNaji Meidani2018-09-22
Investigating The Impact Of Some Economic, Institutional and Environmental Factors On The Human Development Index In Selected OPEC CountriesSafora MohamadzadehM.Sc.Naji Meidani2018-09-22
Investigating the effect of housing prices index on income inequality in Iran during (1977-2015)ahmad ebrahimi ghoozhdiM.Sc.Lotfalipour2018-09-22
A comparative study on the effect of commercial liberalization on the human development index in two selected countriesleili sherafatiM.Sc.Kazemi2018-09-22
Investigating influential factors on Asian natural gas exporting countries productionAhmed Falih Abd Alhasan Al - SaediM.Sc.Salehnia2018-09-22
Poverty Nutrition Trap in Mashhad Informal Settlements: Case Study of Shahid Ghorbani Districtsahar soltaniM.Sc.Feizi2018-09-22
Optimal management of oil revenues in Iran with emphasis on the role of the National Development Fundalireza bastaniPhDRazmi2018-09-30
foreign investment(direct and indirect), Foreign Investment obstacles, AfghanistanMojtaba EbrahimiM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2018-10-02
Investigating the impact of trade openness and corruption control index on PM۱۰ in selected countries of three income groupsFatemeh GolzadehM.Sc.Seifi2018-10-14
The study of the Impact of Exports and Foreign Direct Investment Flows on the Environmental Performance Index (Case study: selected number of developed & developing countries)Negin HeidarianM.Sc.Seifi2018-12-25
Investigating the energy and environmental efficiency of selected developing countries with an emphasis on determining the optimal contribution of fossil and renewable energies in Iran's economyBahram FathiPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2018-12-31
Providing a goal programming model for the simultaneous attainment of economic, social, energy and environmental goals in Iran (Input – Output Approach)zeinalzadeh rezaPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2019-01-01
Investigation Dynamic Impacts of Income Inequality and Economic Growth on the Environmental destruction in Iran: Structural Vector Autoregressive Modelmohadeseh jafari nasab kermaniM.Sc.Lotfalipour2019-01-15
Investigating the Optimal Allocation of Water Resources Using Economic-Hydrologic Models (Case study: Mashhad Plain)morteza ashrafiPhDHoshmand2019-01-22
Estimating Potential Output of Iran’s Economy with Production Function Approach and Survey of Its Evolution with special focus on financial and energy sanctionsMasoud kiumarthiPhDSalimifar2019-02-04
The Study of Regime Shifting and Forcasting Stocks Returns of Iran Khodro and Saipa Companies Using Markov-Switching Models during 1387 to 1396vida aliasghariM.Sc.Salimifar2019-02-05
بررسی عوامل موثر بر جذب سرمایه گذاری مستقیم خارجی در کشورهای گروه D8 با استفاده از داده های تابلوییnasim taheriM.Sc.Homayounifar2019-02-05
Investigating some important factors affecting the consumption of household water in Mashhad cityamir narimaniM.Sc.Kazemi2019-02-06
The Study of Hydropower Plants Profit Maximization on Karoun River Basin in Khuzestan ProvinceArash JamalmaneshPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2019-02-06
The Study of Exchange Rate Volatility Effect on the Stock Return Index of Oil Companies in Tehran Stock Exchang.hosna ghadiriM.Sc.Falahi2019-02-12
The study of Long- term optimal allocation model for natural gas in Iran using hyperbolic discount rateseyed ehsan alaviPhDFalahi2019-02-13
Investigation of the Effects of Renewable and Non-renewable Energy on Climate Change in OPEC Selected CountriesNasrin MohammadpourM.Sc.Naji Meidani2019-02-16
Comparing Different Volatility Measurements In Forecasting Iran Electricity Daily Spot Pricesahar khavariM.Sc.Salehnia2019-02-16
The role of institutional conditions on the impact of economic growth on poverty and income inequalitysaeedeh behnezhadM.Sc.Razmi2019-02-16
The estimation of Iran’s direct rebound effect in the inter-states of road freight transportation sector (2006-2016)elahe saeidiM.Sc.Salehnia2019-02-17
Investigating the Effects of Oil price Volatilities on Iran's Economic Growth through some Institutional, Monetary and Financial VariablesHamid KhavariM.Sc.Falahi2019-02-17
The Study of management and optimal allocation of oil revenues in IranAzam GhezelbashPhDSeifi2019-02-17
(The Impact of Money Priming on Trust between Children in Trust Game (Case study: Fourth-grade girl students at Primary Schools in district four in Mashhadzahra ebrahimiM.Sc.Homayounifar2019-02-17
Estimation of Optimal Monetary Policy Rule in Forward -Looking Model Framework in Iran's Economy: Flexible Inflation Targeting Strategyfereshteh jandaghi meybodiPhDFalahi2019-02-19
The Effect of Economic Development on Environmental Pollution in Selected Developing Countries with High Incomemaryam babaeeM.Sc.Salimifar2019-02-19
Poverty Dynamics in Iran (An approach with synthetic panels)Fateme GerivaniPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2019-02-19
Determining and Providing a Suitable Method for Financing of Old Texture Around the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza with an Emphasis on the Financing of Public and Residential Projectsmorteza jafarzadeh najjarPhDHoshmand2019-02-19
The role of human development in the impact of population density, per capita income and economic openness on the environmentzahra sharifiM.Sc.Razmi2019-02-19
The Impact of Foreign Aids Assistance and Corruption on Economic Growth in Selected Low-Income CountriesGulam Hassan RahmaniM.Sc.Malek sadati2019-03-02
Investigating Selected Economic, Climatic and Institutional Factors on Demand of Energy (Oil and Gas) in Iran and Selected (Developing) Countries using Threshold Panel Methodsaeed zeinivandM.Sc.Salimifar2019-03-12
Analyzing the Costs of Collective Actions for Political, Administrative, and Economic Agents to Facilitate Investment: Case Study North Khorasan Provinceghasem izanlooPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2019-03-19
The Study of Macroeconomic, Social and Institutional Factors on Environmental performance Indexes in Selected CountriesAli PouraliPhDFalahi2019-07-02
Analyzing the impact of housing loans’ interest rates and household income on housing prices in Iranjavad hassaniM.Sc.Hoshmand2019-07-10
Studying the Effect of Green Tax on Iran’s Energy Consumption, Air Pollutant Gases and Social Welfare Using Recursive Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (RDCGE)salman sotoudeh nia koraniPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2019-08-25
Forecasting Volatility of Gold Coin Price in Iran by using Stochastic Volatility and GARCH Modelsnasime panahiM.Sc.Behname2019-09-04
Investigating the effect of corporate size on the difference between the declared tax, Diagnostic tax and Finalized tax in firms Tehran stock exchangeAhmad abediM.Sc.Cheshomi2019-09-14
Investigating the Influential Factors on Solar Energy Consumption in Afghanistan Balkh Provinceabdullah tawanaM.Sc.Salehnia2019-09-15
The Role of National Development Fund in Confrontation Oil Shocks in Iran Economy from Government Expenditure Channel by Using a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Modelsepideh tavakoliPhDHoshmand2019-09-15
Identification and analysis the employment barriers of educated women in Afghanistanyelda aribM.Sc.Razmi2019-09-15
Analysis the Effect of Industrial Firms’ Age and Size On Transaction Costs of Financing In Khorasan Razavi ProvinceALIREZA HAJIANM.Sc.Cheshomi2019-09-16
The Effect of Some Economic, Institutional and Environmental Variables on Life Expectancy of Selected Men and Women From Developing Countries Using Panel Threshold Regression Methodhamed mokhtari torshiziM.Sc.Salehnia2019-09-17
The impact of Interaction between Institutional Quality and kinds of government Expenditures on Economic Growth in Iran-1984-2016-somayeh moghaddasi naghd aliM.Sc.Malek sadati2019-09-17
Analysis of the Impact of Earthquake on Economic Growth: By System Dynamic Approach (Case Study: Tehran)mitra seyedzadehPhDMahdavi Adeli2019-09-17
Economic Integration of Iran - Russia In the CIS Areamansour molaeepourPhDMahdavi Adeli2019-09-18
An investigation of the effects of US monetary and financial variables on OPEC return volatilities using GARCH-MIDAS approachBahare RamezanianM.Sc.Behname2019-09-21
Investigation of the Nonlinear Behavior of the Real Exchange Rate in the Iranniloofar afkhami radM.Sc.Behname2019-09-21
study of effects of economic sanctions on Iran s bilateral trade with eastern and westerns countries, using gravity model 1995-2016najmeh heidarzadeh Janat AbadiM.Sc.Seifi2019-09-21
Investigating the Effects of Banking Resources Shock on Some Variables of IRAN’s Macroeconomics, by DSGE ApproachAli EnamiPhDLotfalipour2019-09-22
A Survey Of Effective Factors On Economic, Social And Cultural Motives Of Families In Participating Or Not Participating In Informal-Household Funds (Case Study Of Mashhad )ameneh khoshghamatM.Sc.Salimifar2019-09-22
Investigating the Effect of some Influences Factors on Early Retirement in Iran During the 1384-1396faeze jalili shenasaeeM.Sc.Malek sadati2019-09-22
Identification of speculative bubbles in Tehran Stock Exchange and analysis of the role of changes in the agents` variety in determining their characteristics according to log periodic power law model and Agent-based model.ahmad barkishPhDEbrahimi Salari2019-09-22
Investigating the Factors Influencing Tax evasion the Viewpoint of Taxpayers in Herat Province, AfghanistanNarges BarateyanM.Sc.Salehnia2019-10-08
A Survey of Greenhouse Gases Emission Trading between Iran and BRICS Countries: A Game Theory Approachazam mohamadbagheriPhDHoshmand2019-11-13
Determine the appropriate rate of government debt (Treasuries) in proportion to the oil industrial projectsSeyed Mohamadreza AhmadiPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2019-11-23
The Study of Effective Economic Factors on Tourism Density in Iran Provincessamaneh zareM.Sc.Naji Meidani2019-12-01
Investigating the effect of knowledge based economy index on environmental pollution in selected countries from the exporting countries and importing crude oilsima shahi souqM.Sc.Homayounifar2019-12-18
The analysis of the survival functions of people covered by unemployment insurance and supporting of unemployment policies in Iranazadeh davoudiPhDHoshmand2019-12-18
Determination of Iran's Factor Content of Trade based on Augmented Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek (HOV) model Using International Input- Output TablesSeyed Hamed FahimifardPhDKarimzadeh2019-12-31
Financial - Economic Appraisal of Solar Power Production in Maysan Provincemohammed ali salmanM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2020-01-01
The Identification of Domestic Crude Oil Demand Determinants in Iran by Using Bayesian Model Averagingmahshid mehr motamediM.Sc.Falahi2020-01-07
Investigating and Recognizing the Prior Relationship between Moral Philosophy and Economic Science Theoriesmohamadreza kalaeiPhDNaji Meidani2020-01-20
Economic evaluation of the construction of a biofertilizer unit on the outskirts of BaghdadHussein Abdulhamza Salman Al- RikabiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2020-01-25
The effect of prominence of religious beliefs on the rate of intertemporal of preferences. Case study: Mazar-e-Sharif, AfghanistanNematullah ZakiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2020-01-25
A Consideration for asymmetric information in health insurance market in Iran and formation information consistent contractnasim arabiyanPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2020-01-28
The Determinants of High-technology Exports with Emphasis on Competitive Industrial Performance and Trade Openness For Selected Upper-middle-income CountriesSaeed JalalianM.Sc.Sabahi2020-02-01
Investigating the Effect of Democratic Processes and Providing Government Services on Health Expenditur MENA countriesnasibe sedighiM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2020-02-04
Investigating the effect of the most critical Economic, Human and Climate Factors on Air Pollution in Mashhadhassan asadi barbarihaM.Sc.Hoshmand2020-02-05
Analyzing Prosocial Behavior: Case Study of Mashhadseyed hamed hosseiniPhDSalimifar2020-02-05
Investigating the effect of economic, environmental and institutional variables on infants mortality rate in selected countries with abundant resourcesmahdieh mehrabiM.Sc.Mostafavi2020-02-08
Investigating the impact of new energy and fossils on economic growth in middle-income countries upwardsOsamah Kadhim Abdulazeez AlqaraghuliM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2020-02-08
Studying the Factors of Probability of Default on Payable Facilities of AIB Bank in Herat, AfghanistanMohammad Hasan MohammadiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2020-02-08
Investigating the Effect of Fossil Energy Consumption and Electricity Consumption on the Human Development Index in OPEC Selected Countrieshassan salmani ghasem abadiM.Sc.Homayounifar2020-02-09
Investigation of Influential Factors on Graduates Employment: Evidence from Graduates of Kabul University in 2015Mohammad Samim MiskenyarM.Sc.Malek sadati2020-02-09
Investigating factors affecting education-job mismatch Case Study: Graduates of 2015 and 2016 University of Samangan, AfghanistanSayed Mohammad Monir AnsariM.Sc.Feizi2020-02-09
(Investigating the Impact of Some Socio-Economic Factors Affecting Crime in Iran's Provinces (2008-2015zakieh heshmati azariM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2020-02-12
Examining the Relationship between Internal and External Imbalances by Extending the Trilemma theory (Case Study of Iranian Economy)Mahmoud AllahyarifardPhDKarimzadeh2020-02-15
Investigating the Effects of Oil Shocks on Macroeconomic Variables by Considering Scenarios of Oil Revenue Distribution: DSGE Approachakram gheibihashemabadiPhDRazmi2020-02-17
Study of the Effect of Energy Subsidies on the Environmental Performance Index in OPEC member countriesfatemeh askariM.Sc.Naji Meidani2020-02-17
Investigating the impact of air pollution on private and public health expenditures in the countries of Iran's development perspective document 1404azadeh jahantabinezhadM.Sc.Naji Meidani2020-02-18
Comparing the Effect of Economic Growth, Inflation and Government Expenditure Variables on the Unemployment Rate of Men and Women in the Iranian Economymortaza fahimiM.Sc.Salimifar2020-02-19
Investigate the effect of institutional-economic variables on the unemployment rate in selected developing countriessedighe kamali hamamianM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2020-07-18
Investigating the Effect's of Network Readiness and Good Governance Index's on Tourism Industrial Revenues in Selected Countries of Southwest Asiaseyyed mohammad ghaem zabihiM.Sc.Hoshmand2020-07-19
Forecasting & investigating of co-movement between oil price and the stock market index in selected OPEC countries by using the GARCH copula modelsepide arumM.Sc.Hoshmand2020-07-23
The study of effective factors on the lack of realization of national Boujeh of Afghanistan from the viewpoint of expertsFayeza AzimiM.Sc.Tahsili2020-08-31
The study of relationship between customs tariff and smuggling in IranNayerehalsadat AyatiM.Sc.Falahi2020-09-05
Identification of effective factors influencing the beliefs of the elite agents in the formation of official institutions of Iranian economy using a cognitivereza khajeh naeiniPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2020-09-06
Investigating the Impact of Selected Economic, Political and Climatic Factors on Internal Conflicts: A Case Study of Selected Countries in the Mena Regionahmad saradari torshiziM.Sc.Feizi2020-09-12
A Comparative Study on the Effect of Alternative and Fossil Energy consumption On Economic Growth and Foreign Direct Investment in Selected Countries Using SUR Regression Approachsamane zangoeiM.Sc.Salehnia2020-09-13
Investigating the effect of rule of law and corruption on Stagflation in Iran's economy: institutional approachmorteza ebrahimiM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2020-09-15
Determining the Optimal Quota of Oil Production in OPEC Member Countriesfarzaneh rahmatjooM.Sc.Falahi2020-09-15
afghans social identity and their preferences an experimental studySayed Mohammad HussainiPhDLotfalipour2020-09-16
Investigating the main factors affecting the price of kidney donation: Empirical Evidence from Mashhadtannaz moeindarbariM.Sc.Feizi2020-09-16
Measuring Oil Price Uncertainty Index Based on Internet Searches For Iran, and the Impact of It's Shocks on Exchange RateAbolfazl AbasiM.Sc.Sabahi2020-09-21
A Survey of OPEC Behavior in World Oil Market: Application of Markov Regime-switching and Fractional IntegrationRouhollah NazariPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2020-09-26
Investigating effects of Taxes on Income distribution - A Case Study of Provinces of Iran.Neda DelavarM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2020-09-30
Modeling for Comparative Analysis of Optimal Oil Production Path for Buy Back Petroleum Contracts Corespondents: A Case Study of one of the Iranian Offshore Oil FieldsSHARAREH KAVOSIPhDRazmi2020-10-13
The study of rate of return and trading volume volatility regimes and the shocks effects on their fluctuations in the Iranian petrochemical stock between 2011 to 2016 using Markov switching model and GARCH modelkimia asarifarM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2020-10-18
An Investigation to the Threshold Exchange rate Pass Through to Consumer Price Indexs , Import and Export in IranSeyedmahdi PezhamPhDTahsili2020-10-21
The Determination of the Optimum Share for Different Types of Energy Under Iran’s Industrial Subsectors With Regard to Economic and Environmental Purposes Using NSGA-ΙΙPayam RashidiPhDHomayounifar2020-12-27
Measuring the efficiency of Low-Carbon Economy in Energy Intensive Industries of Iran using the Range Adjusted Measure (RAM)Pouneh EftekharianPhDHomayounifar2020-12-30
The effect of US. monetary policy and oil price shocks on some of macroeconomic variables of major oil exporting countries: A GVAR approachELNAZ HAJEBIPhDRazmi2021-01-09
The Impact of Innovation (Knowledge-Based Economy Component) and Human Capital effect on Energy Intensity in Selected Developing Countrieshadiseh sayyadiM.Sc.Salimifar2021-01-23
Investigating the effect of oil sales revenues on the governance index in OPEC member countriesALI ALAASEMIM.Sc.Naji Meidani2021-01-25
Investigating the Determinants of Non-Performing Loans of the Banking Network from the Private and Public Sectors with Emphasis on Fluctuations in Asset Markets and Social Capital: (Application of Wavelet Transform and Markov Switching Patterns)soheil rudariPhDHomayounifar2021-01-26
Investigating the Relationship between Economic Growth and Combined Environmental Performance Index (MCIEP) in Iranian Provinces during 2005-2017Zahra RazaviM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2021-02-06
Impact Of Employment Status On People`s Political Orientation in the 2013 Iranian Presidential Electionfateme salariM.Sc.Cheshomi2021-02-07
Investigating the Effect of Fossil Fuel Consumption on Health Expenditures with Emphasizes on the Role of Per Capita Incomemahla khasheeiM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2021-02-09
Investigating the Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Oil Revenues on Economic Growth in Selected OPEC Countriesmuneer hadi ali aliM.Sc.Homayounifar2021-02-13
Investigating the Impact of Temperature Changes, Institutional Indexes (Democratic Process, and Government Service Delivery) on Life Expectancy in Two Groups of Developed and Developing CountriesFereshteh Allahwerdizadeh mameghaniM.Sc.Lotfalipour2021-02-13
The interactive effect of market structure and economic freedom on the performance of the banking industryrezaei rezaeiPhDLotfalipour2021-02-15
Estimation of Energy Efficiency and Rebound Effect in Iran's Energy Intensive Industries with Emphasis on Determination of Effective Factors on Energy Efficiency Based on Nonparametric Analysismahdieh arabshahi deloueePhDFalahi2021-02-15
Economic and environmental assessment of the construction of a distributed generation power plant(Case Study: Mashhad city)faezeh hoseinzadehM.Sc.Falahi2021-02-16
The Impacts of Industrial Employment on Income Inequality in Iran’s Provinces During 2011-2015Fereshteh YousefzadehM.Sc.Falahi2021-02-16
Comparing Welfare Effects of the Fossil Fuel Energy Subsidy Reform in Selected CountriesMohammad HazratpourM.Sc.Naji Meidani2021-02-16
The analysis of time-related underemployment and its determinants in IranABBAS REZAYIM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2021-02-17
Modeling of incentive-based oil contract designingmohamad moosa motalebiPhDSalimifar2021-02-18
Forecasting Drinking Water Demand Considering the Consumers’ Social Interactions and Diffusion Process, Based on Agent-Based Modeling (Case Study: Shiraz City)Seyed Farzad MoosaviPhDSalehnia2021-02-18
Determination of the Optimal Portfolio Of Pension Funds In Iran (Case Study: Social Security Fund)Raha Sadat RamezanianPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2021-02-18
Investigating the Effect of Energy Consumption and Climate Change on Income Inequality (Gini Index) in Iranhamed shabaniM.Sc.Sabahi2021-03-03
The Impact of Nonlinear Relationship and Stability of Population Aging on Economic Growth in Iranshahrzad akbariM.Sc.Homayounifar2021-03-14
Investigating the effect of economic and climatic variables on hydropower generation in Iran using Kalman filter modelMARJAN HEIRANI MOGHADAMM.Sc.Salimifar2021-06-24
The Impact of Human Capital on Reducing Unemployment in Selected Countries Middle East and North AfricaAlireza ZaghiM.Sc.Hoshmand2021-06-28
Economic Evaluation of tourism Investment in Historic Houses of Mashhadnegar dehghan nayyeriM.Sc.Karimzadeh2021-07-07
Comparison of technical analysis method with econometrics (ARIMA model) to predict the exchange rate in IranSeyedfoad HosseinyM.Sc.Tahsili2021-07-11
Behavioral analysis of fare evasion in Mashhad's bus transport systemsamira mojaradM.Sc.Cheshomi2021-07-14
The Impact of Corporate Governance Principles on the Credit Risk of Private and Public banks in Iransareh dorafshanianPhDSalimifar2021-07-25
Productive and Unproductive Entrepreneurship and its Implications on Economic GrowthAli ZARIF HONARVARPhDFeizi2021-09-18
Investigating how to improve the kidney allocation process in Iran using Genetic Algorithm to reduce dialysis costsSara MollaeivaneghiM.Sc.Feizi2021-09-22
Investigating the effect of information and communication technology and good governance on infant mortality rate in selected developing countriessajad sargolzaei ghadimM.Sc.Hoshmand2021-09-28
Investigating the effect of energy consumption intensity and good governance index on economic growth of OPEC member countrieshadi yasir lafta al aayediM.Sc.Hoshmand2021-10-02
Investigating some affecting factors on the financial stability of social security organizationmasoud bahariM.Sc.Falahi2021-10-03
An analysis of the effects of price policies on metro public transport demand in Mashhadreyhaneh ghayourM.Sc.Cheshomi2021-10-09
Investigating the Impact of Climate Change on Food Security and Food Access in Selected Countries Using Observations Seemingly unrelated regressions (SUR)mina hamidiM.Sc.Malek sadati2021-10-10
Investigating the Impact of Using Public Transportation on Reducing Environmental Pollutants (Case Study Comparing Subway and Bus Mashhad city)NARVAN GHODRATIM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2021-10-11
Investigating the factors affecting the smuggling of energy carriers and its economic consequencesTOKTAM AHMADI BOOHLOLIM.Sc.Salimifar2021-10-11
The impact of behavioral policies on the amount of electricity consumption of urban households during peak consumption hours – a field study in MashhadReyhane QashqaeeM.Sc.Feizi2021-10-13
Investigating the effect of economic freedom on the consumption of renewable energy in a selection of OPEC member countriesmustafa khudhair ahmedM.Sc.Razmi2021-10-13
The survey of the Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuations On the Uncertainty of Stock Market Return of Iranpooneh nasiriM.Sc.Salimifar2021-10-13
Investigation of the Effect of Energy - Water Security on Iran's Economic Growth: Vector Autoregressive with Exogenous Variable ModelNooshin Karimi AlavijehPhDFalahi2021-10-14
Impact Of Resource Rents And Good Governance On The Ecological Foot PrintAli MohammadiM.Sc.Lotfalipour2021-10-17
Evaluating the Impacts of Balance of Payments Variables Shock on Selected Macroeconomic Variables Using FAVAR Modelmorteza cheshtiPhDLotfalipour2021-10-17
Assessing the effect of average population age on inflation in IranSajjad NasseriM.Sc.Tahsili2021-10-18
The effect of per capita income and inequality on children's school dropout in the provinces of Iran (2015-2019)Mozhgan AsnaasharyM.Sc.Feizi2021-10-19
The study of economic, financial and political risks on the resource curse vulnerability index in the countries of Mena regionDanial FarbodM.Sc.Falahi2021-10-19
Investigating the Impact of Oil Prices on the Economic Activity of OPEC Selected CountriesMoqdad BananaM.Sc.Hoshmand2021-10-19
Assessing the Impact of Renewable Energy on Economic Growth (Case Study of OECD Countries)majid ansarimohseniM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2021-10-20
Investigating the effective factors on dropout of child labour : case studay of Mazr-e- sharifeSakhi Baksh AssadiM.Sc.Mostafavi2021-10-20
Comparison of the Impact of the 2008 Economic Crisis and the Corona Pandemic on Oil Consumption in Selected OECD CountriesSabah MohammedRidha FaisalM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2021-10-20
Application of Agent-based simulation in determining the feasibility of using transfer of development rights to eliminate Redistributional rents due to building density in urban plans - Case study of TehranMahmoud OladPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2021-10-21
Investigating the Impact of Good Governance on Economic Resilience in the Selected Oil Producing Countries with Emphasis on Corruption Controlsayyid hamed hokm abadiM.Sc.Falahi2021-10-22
Investigating the Impact of Economic Sanctions and Environmental Pollutants on Food Index in IranHaditha LotfiM.Sc.Falahi2021-11-01
Comparison the Impact of the Corona and SARS Pandemic on the Housing Market "A Case Study of OECD Selected Countries by Continents in Europe, Asia and the AmericasRASOOL RAFEA ZGHAIR AL-LAMIM.Sc.Sabahi2021-11-02
Environmental Impacts of Road Freight Transportation in Iran (During 1397-1392)Mahsa MousazadehM.Sc.Lotfalipour2021-11-10
Analysis and comparison of economic efficiency of traditional cultivation with greenhouse cultivation of saffron (Case study of Ghaenat city)masoud gandomkarM.Sc.Tahsili2021-11-24
The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment and Personal Remittances on the Human Development Index in Iran During the Period (1991-2018)Mahla Ghaeni sardashtM.Sc.Karimzadeh2021-12-20
Investigating the short-term and long-term impact of information and communication technology on Gini coefficient in Iranalireza farmaniM.Sc.Tahsili2021-12-29
The post-Corona outlook for the US oil market to the horizon of 2022ahmed aboodM.Sc.Sabahi2022-01-10
Investigating the Impact of Information and Communication Technology and Human Capital on Reducing Income Inequality in Selected Developing Countries.mozhgan kargarM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2022-01-12
Urbanization and Spillover Effects on Economic Growth and Convergence in Iranian Provinces (Spatial Regression Approach)Mohammad Ali ShabaniPhDHoshmand2022-01-17
An Investigation of Import Duties and Foreign Exchange Rate Impacts on Foreign Trade of Industrial Sector at Disaggregated Level in Iran (An Evaluation of Tariff Reduction Scenarios for Accession to the WTO)ali zahedtalabanPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2022-01-19
Investigating the Impact of Institutional Quality on the Ratio of Clean to Dirty Energy Consumption with Panel Quantile approach: a Cross-Country Analysismohammad amin shojaeeniaM.Sc.Salehnia2022-01-26
Investigating The Impact of Labor Market Situation (In Terms of Unemployment Rate And Relative wages) On Demand of Higher Education In Iranmahnaz ghaeniM.Sc.Salimifar2022-01-31
Impact of the Corona Pandemic on Energy Demand in the US Industry Sector (Based on Renewable Energy and Oil)ahmed ibrahim kadhimM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2022-02-01
Investigating The Effect of Foreign Trade and Economic Growth on The Severity of Poverty in Urban Areas of IranSalman DehvariM.Sc.Lotfalipour2022-02-06
The Impact of the Corona Pandemic on the Financial Transmission of Parallel Markets (OECD selected countries)noor aldalboohiM.Sc.Behname2022-02-07
Investigating the Effect of Fossil Fuel Consumption on Health Expenditures with Emphasizes on the Role of Per Capita IncomeAfnan AlwaeliM.Sc.Behname2022-02-08
Investigating the Impact of Housing Costs on Marriage Rates in Urban Areas of IranMeisam YousefiM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2022-02-09
Comparative study of energy consumption economic prosperity in Iran and OECD countriesElnaz TaherianM.Sc.Sabahi2022-02-09
A Consideration for the Sensitivity of Price Stickiness for the Impact of Value Added Tax on Consumer Price and Consumption in Iran with DSGE modelmasoud ghorbaniPhDCheshomi2022-02-12
The role of development in the Income inequality of port cities of IranSajede RahimiM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2022-02-16
Risk theory with the approach of Islamic jurisprudence And its role in the distribution of profits between factors of productionali naqi qaemi nikPhDRazmi2022-02-17
Measuring Iran's economic uncertainty index with news content mining approach and its impact on stock market fluctuationsMilad SalemiM.Sc.Salimifar2022-02-19
Rainfall variability and Economic Growth in Provinces of IranNegar GazeraniM.Sc.Malek sadati2022-02-19
Estimating the Impact of Climate Change on Economic Growth with the Emphasis on the Governance of the Selected Countries Using Threshold Panel Data Modelsomayeh meyghaniPhDKhodaparast Mashhadi2022-02-20
Investigating the Impact of Foreign Trade and Financial Development on Environmental Pollution in IranFatemeh RamezaniM.Sc.Lotfalipour2022-02-21
Investigating the Impact of Sanctions Index on Tax Revenues in Iran from 1981 to 2017hossein kazemi farimaniM.Sc.Homayounifar2022-02-22
Comparison and analysis of the effect of regulation on the credit risk in traditional and shadow banking (mutual funds) in Iransahebeh masoudiPhDCheshomi2022-03-03
the analysis of Public-Private sector wage Differentials Iranian labor market: An Oaxaca decomposition and Quantile regression analysis approachnahid cheshmeh ghasabaniPhDMalek sadati2022-03-06
A Survey for the role of financial development on the effectiveness of monetary policy in Iranneda reihaniPhDFalahi2022-03-07
The Impact of Renewable and Non- Renewable Energy Consumptionon Economic Growth and Total Factor Productivity in Iranmohammad ovisyPhDHomayounifar2022-03-09
The Impact of ICT on the Performance of Private Banks -Eghtesad novin,Saman,Saderat Iran,Parsian,Pasargad,Tejarat,Khavarmianeh,Dey,Shahr,Karafarin,Mellat,Post Bank Iran -Tannaz MoslemM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2022-03-09
Identification Pillars of the Development of North Khorasan Province With an Emphasis on the Production and the Employment With Use Regional Input-output Tablenasrin omidiPhDQavami2022-03-16
The effect of natural resource rents and good governance on welfare curse in developing countries: A quantile regression approachali sargolzaieM.Sc.Lotfalipour2022-05-14
Investigating the relationship between economic growth and the insurance industry in separately sorted by life and non-life insurance in MENA selected countries (1994-2017)Ali TahmoorespourPhDHoshmand2022-05-17
Investigating the Impact of Human Capital and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Economic Growth in Selected Developing Countries.Hamed MoradiM.Sc.Seifi2022-07-03
Investigating the Impact of the US Unconventional Oil Reserves Supply on Global Oil Price Behavior Using System Dynamics ApproachEmad KazemzadehPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2022-07-06
Impact of Foreign Trade on Factor Mobility (Revisiting Mundell’s Theorem) in Iran’s Economy Using Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP)LADAN GHODRATIPhDKarimzadeh2022-08-10
Investigation of major challenges and opportunities in the field of export in economic ecosystem of Anzali free trade zone and providing appropriate solutionsABOLFAZL FARROKHIM.Sc.Salimifar2022-08-17
Investigating the effect of value-added structure on the share of gross per capita cost of income decilesamirhossein dashtiM.Sc.Salimifar2022-08-27
Future Outlook The Impact of the Corona Pandemic Uncertainty on Total Electricity Production in the United Statesdhuha aldubaisiM.Sc.Homayounifar2022-09-04
Investigating factors influencing on citizens' belief in economic corruption in issuing urban planning permits in Mashhad municipalityzahra yamiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2022-09-06
The Relationship Between Poverty And Export Product Diversification in Iran During the Period 1983-2019najmeh sooriM.Sc.Karimzadeh2022-09-07
Economic evaluation of investment in wind and photovoltaic power plants, according to the different prices of emission reduction coupons, in order to achieve a cost-effective and reasonable price in Iranroqaya zafarzadaM.Sc.Sabahi2022-09-13
Investigating the size and structure of countries' capital, including (natural, physical, human capital) on economic growth during the years 1995 to 2018SAHAR GHOLI ZADEHM.Sc.Salimifar2022-09-14
Investigating the effect of oil price uncertainty on renewable energy consumption and production (Turkey case study)Atieh AzimiM.Sc.Hoshmand2022-09-18
Investigating the impact of economic uncertainty index shocks on the total index of the stock market in Iran, Using internet search datahassan akbarijahaniM.Sc.Razmi2022-09-20
(The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Liberalization on the Environmental Performance Index (Case study: Mena countriesHabiburrahman RahimiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2022-09-20
Study the impact of climate change on financial stability index (in selected Asian developing countries)nasrin elahifargiM.Sc.Salehnia2022-09-21
The effect of inflation on short-term deposits _Case study: Sepah Bank, Khorasan Razavi regionmajid pakzadM.Sc.Tahsili2022-10-08
The welfare cost of unemployment: The Case of states of IranHashem RoudiM.Sc.Malek sadati2022-10-18
Investigating the effect of trade openness on renewable energy consumption in selected OPEC member countriesVAHID SHIEZADEHYAZDIM.Sc.Homayounifar2022-10-18
Analysis the effects of fiscal and monetary policy shocks on asset prices in Iran's economy; A combined application of Bayesian averaging models and Factor-augmented vector autoregressive with time-varying parametersmaryam rohaniPhDHoshmand2022-10-18
The Study of Socio-Economic Factors on Mental Health for Men and Women in Iran’s Provincessamaneh heji zade bahmadiM.Sc.Falahi2022-10-23
Investigating the Effect of Unemployment Rate on Wage Gap between Private and Public Sector in the provinces of Iransahar jalilian mehriM.Sc.Salimifar2022-11-01
Studying the effects of climate change on Iran’s economic sector based on IPCC scenarios (A Computable general equilibrium approach)Mostafa ArabiPhDLotfalipour2022-11-15
Investigating the Effects of Economic, Social and Environmental Factors on EIWB Index Using Bayesian Analysis of Threshold Panel DataZahra Rouhani NeghabPhDEbrahimi Salari2022-12-03
The effect of the outbreak of Corona on OPEC oil pricemilad hosseinpourM.Sc.Tahsili2023-01-04
Investigating obstacles to the development of electronic banking in Herat citymohammad jawad forootanM.Sc.Tahsili2023-01-09
Investigating the effect of stock market development on the low-carbon economy: the role of technology innovation and renewable energy in OECD countries and non-OECD in the period 1997-2020mohamad hoseyn Puor nazariM.Sc.Lotfalipour2023-01-31
Investigating the impact of human development index on renewable energy consumption in IranMahshid SamiM.Sc.Behname2023-02-01
Investigating the effects of education and corruption perception index on CO2 emissions (case study: selected MENA countries)Wahid Ahamd MajidiM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2023-02-05
The Effect of Per Capita Income and Income Inequality and Poverty on Fertility Rate In Iranhaniye hosseinzadeM.Sc.Salimifar2023-02-05
Investigating the effects of higher education structure on income distribution inequalityfarideh khaniM.Sc.Salimifar2023-02-05
Investigating the Role of Human Development in the Impact of Income Inequality On Environmental Quality in Selected CountriesNasrullah ShahidaniM.Sc.Razmi2023-02-05
Investigating the effect of female labour economic participation rate and marriage rate on housing prices in urban areas of selected provinces of IranMarjan GhoddousiM.Sc.Karimzadeh2023-02-06
Studying the effect of natural resources, urbanization and environmental degradation on the human development of OPEC member countries during the period (2003 to 2021)firooz ahmad ghalgaeiM.Sc.Tahsili2023-02-07
Impact of human capital, foreign direct investment and environmental quality on economic growth (MENA countries)ehsanullah pakdelM.Sc.Tahsili2023-02-07
A comparative study of the effect of social capital on income distribution in Iran’s provinces with panel quantile regression approachSara AmirhosseiniM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2023-02-13
The impact of human development index and drought on economic growth in the provinces of Iranmasomeh bageriM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2023-02-14
The Impact of exports and imports in the provinces on the unemployment rateyasamin mirbehrouzianM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2023-02-15
The effect of financial inclusion on economic growth in a selection of OPEC member countriesfatemeh amaniM.Sc.Homayounifar2023-02-19
The study of coronavirus outbreak -COVID-19- effects on the economic welfare index in MashhadSaeedeh Heidarzadeh BarzegarM.Sc.Falahi2023-02-19
Investigati the impact of Women's Education on Poverty in Selected Countries with High, Medium and low human Development.Saifullah SaifariM.Sc.Razmi2023-02-21
An Investigating into the non-linear effect of trade openness on life expectancy in Iran's economyHeydar Saken BorjiM.Sc.Tahsili2023-02-21
Investigating the effect of human development index on corruption perception index in countries with very high, high, medium and low human development index.mir mo haris hussainiM.Sc.Razmi2023-02-21
Impact of GDP and Foreign Direct Investment on the Development of Renewable Energy in MENA Countries: Panel Quantile Regression Approachzahra zarif sang atash khabazM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2023-02-21
Irans Balance Trade Todel based on System Dynamics Approach to Vision 1414maryam torabifardM.Sc.Lotfalipour2023-02-22
An Analysis the Effects of Covid-19 Outberak on Income, Unemployment and Saving and Providing Solutions to Reduce Its Consequences in the Short Run (Case Study of Mashhad)Hossein Moshkabadi MohajerPhDSalimifar2023-02-26
Investigating the Impact of Central Bank and Oil Sanctions on Private Sector Accumulation and Government Budget Deficit in Iran Based on the Stock Flow Consistent Modelmohammadali maghsoudpourPhDSalimifar2023-02-26
The Study of the Impact of Industrial Agglomeration on Pollution Agglomeration: A Spatial Econometric Approach (the Case of Slected MENA Countriessakineh eslami giskiPhDSalimifar2023-02-26
Investigating the effect of bitcoin mining on the quality of the environment in a selection of major bitcoin mining countries in the worldParisa Ali ZadehM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2023-03-13
An examination of the effect of per capita income and income distribution on the crime rate in IranMohammad amin MashayekhanM.Sc.Khodaparast Mashhadi2023-07-03
Credibility of Group Manipulation in Random AssignmentsHoma Hosseinzadeh RanjbarM.Sc.Feizi2023-07-11
Investigating the relationshin between time-varying inflation risk and stock returns using a consumption-based asset pricing modelfariba osmaniPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2023-07-30
Evaluating the Effect of Economic, Climatic and Hydraulic Variables on Urban Drinking Water Consumption Based on Fuzzy Inference System -Case Study: Gonabad City-Fatemeh Seyyed RamezaniM.Sc.Salehnia2023-08-29
Investigating the impact of physical health on the relationship between the middle-aged workforce and economic growth in Iransaeed rahmniM.Sc.Naji Meidani2023-09-09
The effect of climate change on household electricity demand in Mazandaran provinceKian TaghaviM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2023-09-10
Investigating the effect of venture capital shock on economic growth with panel VAR in a selection of developed countriesSepehr MaghsoudiM.Sc.Esmaeilpour Moghadm2023-09-13
Examining the Environmental Kuznets Curve From The Point of View of The Economic Complexity Index In Selected CountriesMasoomeh DamavandiM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2023-09-13
Investigating the impact of economic globalization and economic complexity on environmental quality in IranMohammad Amin MirM.Sc.Lotfalipour2023-09-20
Comparative comparison of the industrial policies of Iran and Saudi Arabia in order to achieve economic complexitymilad hosseniM.Sc.Mahdavi Adeli2023-09-25
investigating the Effects of climate change and technology improvements on economic growth in selected developing countriesGolsa AbbassiM.Sc.Karimzadeh2023-09-27
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Analyzing the Factors Affecting Residential Water Demand in Iranian Provinces: Block Tariffs Perspective.Parvanehsadat TabatabaeiM.Sc.Malek sadati2023-09-27
Analysis Of Labor Behavior with Emphasis on Overtime in Iran's Labor Marketsomaye sadat naghaviPhDHoshmand2023-09-30
Investigating the effect of the COVID-19 epidemic on the gross domestic product of Iran's provincesMostafa SovizyM.Sc.Lotfalipour2023-10-01
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Calculating the ecological footprint’s index based on shannon’s entropy (case study: iran , 2005-2017)akbar bagheriM.Sc.Ebrahimi Salari2023-10-02
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Impact of Renewable Energy Development on Economic Growth: Evidence from the Panel Quantile Regression Approach for OECD Countriesbahareh poursalimM.Sc.Ahmadi Shadmehri2024-02-13
Factors Affecting Economic Recession in Iran during 1981-2022Elahe Mokhtari MasinaeeM.Sc.Salimifar2024-02-17
Investigating the impact of social capital on ecological footprint in selected OECD and non-OECD countries: Quantile panel regression approachFatemeh SabzehkarM.Sc.Salehnia2024-02-18
solution to improve and development tourism industry in afghanistan (case study : balkh provinceKhojesta HamidiM.Sc.Hoshmand2024-02-18
Investigating the Effect of Inflation Rate on the Occurrence Rate of Judicial Crimes in IranFatemeh AnsariM.Sc.Behname2024-02-19
An Analysis of Political Economy of Provincial Development Budget Model in Iran’s Parliamentary Processfateme mardaniPhDAhmadi Shadmehri2024-02-19
Analysis of the Structure of the Post-Soviet Trade Network in Order to Promote Multilateral Trade Relations with Iran: Descriptive Approach and ERGM ModelSaleh TaheriPhDKarimzadeh2024-02-19
Investigation Housing Rental Bubble in Iran by Using the Kalman Filter MethodFaezeh AfzaliM.Sc.Naji Meidani2024-03-12
The Effect of Globalization on Human Development in BRICS Countriesseyedehfatemeh esmaeiliM.Sc.Lotfalipour2024-03-16
Investigating the Spillover Effect of Macroeconomic Variables Uncertainty on Different Sectors of the Stock Market Volatility in IranMOHAMMAD JAVAD GORJIPOURPhDNaji Meidani2024-05-21