Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defined date of defense
Section Supervisor
Organizational characteristics on the CRM adoption processNazemi0000-00-00
Application of AHP technique in selecting appropriate RFID system in Supply Chain Management, case of Mashin sazi ArakM.Sc.Nazemi2010-09-18
The Impact of supply chain integration dimensions on competitive capabilities in large and medium size enterprises(case study: Mashhad Food and Beverages Industries)fateme kharidarM.Sc.Nazemi2010-10-05
شناسایی نقاط بحرانی و راهکارهای بهبود در زنجیره تامین با استفاده از مدل اسکور، تئوری محدودیت ها و شش سیگما (مورد مطالعه: شرکت تولیدی پیله وران )hosein khorsandiM.Sc.Nazemi2010-06-20
Application of leanness measurement framework using fuzzy analytic network process¬M.Sc.Tavakkoli2009-06-24
Influence fairly social exchanges variables on employees resistance to organizational change (Case study: Social security hospitals of Golestan province)reza gholizadehM.Sc.Doaei2010-06-30
The Impact Spirituality at Work on Behavioral Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Attitudinal Outcomes (Case Study: Shiraz University)Morteza AziziM.Sc.Doaei2010-05-21
Identifing and evaluating major \"office – Service\" barriers affecting Non-oil exporting firm in the North Eastern part of IranM.Sc.Nazemi2011-02-08
Effect of information quality result from human resources accounting system in effectiveness of ....M.Sc.Doaei2008-12-16
Survey of the impact customer,s perception of the marketing mix on brand equity Using customer characteristics \\\\\\\"case study: Razavi products hypermarkets in city of Mashhad\\\\\\\"Seyedeh Mansoureh Hosseini RobatM.Sc.Doaei2010-07-20
The impact of individualism and collectivism on consumer trust considering the perceived role of the customer interface in online shoppingfateme nejad shokoohiM.Sc.Doaei2010-07-20
Identifying of factors affecting adoption readiness of ERP by using FUZZY AHP: the case of Municipality of Mashhadmasoome sadeghimoghaddamM.Sc.Mehraeen2010-06-15
Identifying the enablers of information risks mitigation in supply chains and modeling them through ISMAmir MirzaeiM.Sc.Mehraeen2011-09-21
E-readiness Assessment for Implementing E-city (Case study Mashhad)RaoufehSadat AfsharzadehM.Sc.Mehraeen2011-10-10
A survey on e-commerce security(Case of trade company in Mashhad)maryam hajmalekM.Sc.Tavakkoli2014-02-18
The impact of emotional intelligence on Counterproductive work behaviors of bojnourd hospitals’ nurses with mediating role of career adaptability.samira kiyani nezhadM.Sc.Mortazavi2014-03-18
Applying data mining to discover relationship adjacency of stuffs(on the shelves) in increased sales in supermarketsehsan khojasteh nezhadM.Sc.Tavakkoli2014-05-06
Investigating impact of trust on repurchase intention with the mediating role of customer’s satisfaction in online storesAbolfazl AkhondiM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2014-05-18
Investigating the Mediating Role of Customer Information Quality in Relationship Between Inter-Organizational Factors and Customer Relationship Performance: (Private Banks Branches Of City of Mashhad)shahrzad ziaeeM.Sc.Poursalimi2014-05-05
Investigating effective factors on consumer intention to adopt mobile commercelida moayyedianM.Sc.Poursalimi2014-05-05
Examining the impact of antecedents and dimensions of relationship marketing on Postgraduate students' loyalty to the Ferdowsi university of Mashhad International campus with mediating variable of reputation.Shayli DelavarM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2014-09-25
Scrutiny effect of retail service quality, lifestyle and demographic variables on consumer choice of shopping channel types: The food industry in Toos Industrial Town of Mashhadkhadijeh mohammadiM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2014-05-18
Investigating the import of training on effectiveness with moderating role of knowledge managementALIREZA JAMIM.Sc.Maharati2014-06-05
studying influence of ethical working condition on customer orientation behavior of the staff in tehran post bankaida abdollahzadeM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2014-05-24
The effect of codification and personalization knowledge management strategies ,and innovation on theorganizational performance (Thecase of Kavian petrochemical company)AHMAD GHORBANZADEHM.Sc.Kazemi2013-12-29
Measurement the factors affecting on acceptance of ECRM systemsJavad Javadzadeh TabatabaeiM.Sc.Mehraeen2014-05-05
Effect of e_services quality and perceived value of customers on e_loyality via satisfactionHamide Roohbakhsh MaarefM.Sc.Hadadian2013-05-30
Effect of Attitudes towared Advertising variables in Brand EquityNafiseh SohrabifarM.Sc.Hadadian2015-02-10
Reducing the Operational Risks of Production Process and Economic Environmental Risks in Supply Chain of Perishable Products Applying System Dynamic Modellingzakieh ShooshtarianP.H.D.Pooya2016-10-04
Designing a Fuzzy Rule-base System for Routing Strategy Based on The Current Situation and Future Scenarios (Case Study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)milad hakimzadehP.H.D.Motahari Farimani2017-01-30
Comparing the Effect of two Forecasting Methods of ARIMA & Artifical Neural Network on Bullwhip Effect (Case Study : Baspar Taban Company)Pedram Parsa FarM.Sc.Motahari Farimani2017-04-23
Investigating The effect of knowledge sharing attitude and subjective norms on competitive advantages by mediating role of intention to share knowledge.(case of study : economic organization of astan quds razavi ).seyedeh mahboobeh bazregarM.Sc.Malekzadeh2017-05-23
Identifying and Prioritizing Critical Success Factors in the Transition from Different levels of Business Process Maturity Model Using Delphi and Fuzzy AHP Technique (The case of Mashhad Urban Railway Operation Company(MUROC))Abdollah SarkhoshM.Sc.Farahi2018-05-01
Survey Effect of Attitude on Viral Advertising on Purchase Intention with the Role of Mediator of Brand Attitudemarzieh sadeghiM.Sc.Poursalimi2018-05-01
Developing Equilibrium Model for the Evolutionary Information Dissemination in a Social Network Using the Game Theory Approachmohammad reza hesariP.H.D.Kazemi2018-04-17
Explanation and cognotion of big data’s barriers and drivers in development of Iran’s electronic government with design science approachelham JudiP.H.D.Mehraeen2018-05-22
Investigating the effect of transformational leadership on organizational commitment in group by mediating role of shared vision and group-goal commitmentmaryam izadiM.Sc.Shirazi2018-12-11
The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Organizational Entrepreneurship with The mediating Role of Innovative Interfaces in Iran, United States of America and swednAMIR JALALIZADEHM.Sc.Shirazi2019-01-15
Bench Marking of thesis defense process in a selection of Superior universities in the worldsepideh sabriM.Sc.Motahari Farimani2019-04-23
Investigating the effect of Knowledge absorption capacity on the Firm performance due to the entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation -Case of: Small and Medium Firms of Herat city-Edris MohammadiM.Sc.Rahimnia2019-04-30
Developing Employability Market Orientation in IranLEILA SHORAKAP.H.D.Maharati2019-11-09
Multi-objective Modeling of Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing System Using Meta-Heuristic Algorithms -Case study: University of Tehran Library -MOHSEN SOJOUDIP.H.D.Pooya2019-11-03
Educational Gender Gap Among Iranian and Polish EmployeesZahra MomenfarP.H.D.Eslami2019-12-01
The presentation of an integrated model of virtual kansei engineering for government websitesReyhaneh Amel SadeghiP.H.D.Pooya2020-05-12
Presenting an integrated system model of economic and social development based on the system dynamics approachzahra khak khahM.Sc.Pooya2020-09-22
Designing the Strategic Leadership Model in Iran Private Banking SystemMohammad Gol mohammadiP.H.D.Maharati2021-02-13
Designing of biodiesel supply chain network using fuzzy multi-objective mathematical programmingamirhossein behrouzP.H.D.Kazemi2021-02-17
Choosing a green marketing strategy using BWM and EDAS methodssanaz monirimoghadamM.Sc.Naji Azimi2021-05-22
Identifying Mental Patterns of the University Professors Toward the Antecedents of the Glass Cliff in AcademiaNarjes YazdaniP.H.D.Khorakian2021-06-13
Developing Female Leaders Competency Model for Future OrganizationsFateme BeygiP.H.D.Farahi2021-06-22
Identifying the Causal model of factors affecting the creation of infrastructure to implement Blockchain technology in the drug supply chain by Fuzzy Dematel MethodZahra JahangardM.Sc.Fakoor Saghih2021-07-04
Explaining the model for Implementing Digital Transformation in Iranian Non-Governmental Commercial BanksHadi TaghaviP.H.D.Mehraeen2021-12-22
Optimizing of regional cropping pattern decisions using mathematical programming model -Case study: Mashhad, Binalood and Chenaran country-MAHSA KARIMIM.Sc.Motahari Farimani2021-05-30
Analysis of lean manufacturing strategies to improve customer satisfaction in a production company using system dynamics modelingfaezeh safariM.Sc.Pooya2022-01-23
Investigating the Impact of buyers personality with mediating role of buyers Preference of Foreign Brands and moderation sensory perception on Purchase Intention -case of: Herat Wood Industry in Afghanistan-Abdul azim Faqir yarM.Sc.Poursalimi2022-01-16
Designing a model for the recruitment of adjunct faculty of Ferdowsi University of MashhaSEYED HOSEIN GHANEIP.H.D.Kaffashpoor2022-10-02
Investigating the Challenges of Human resource Management in the Public sector and its impact on employee Productivity: Case Study of government Organizations in Heart cityfaraidoon nazaryM.Sc.Bagheri2021-12-26
Designing a model for human resource governance in Ministry of Petroleummajid damanpakP.H.D.Farahi2021-12-05
Exploring the components of acculturative stress and investigating its effect on academic performance Case of Iranian students in PolandAmirmohammad Maleki FarmadP.H.D.Rahimnia2021-08-04
Dynamic simulation and optimization of the blood supply chain in conditions of epidemic disorder with the aim of increasing resilienceSomayeh FadaeiP.H.D.Pooya2022-05-16
Developing Best Worst Model based on differential scale under fuzzy environment Case Study: healthcare waste treatment technologyNastaran GoldaniP.H.D.Kazemi2021-06-22
Designing the Model of Human Resource Analytics AdoptionMona Kardani MalekinezhadP.H.D.Rahimnia2022-09-12
Investigating the impact of customer comunication capabilities and marketing innovation on competitiveness with the intermediary role of creating value for the customer -case study: branches of Saderat Bank, Mashhad-Enayatullah TamimM.Sc.Maharati2022-09-11
Identifying the enablers of blockchain technology adoption in the supply chain and designing its conceptual modelMahnaz RezapourM.Sc.Mehraeen2022-08-09
Designing an operational framework for using big data analytics in wheat supply chain managementAli KamyarP.H.D.Mehraeen2022-09-28
Human reliability analysis using the integrated approach of SPAR-H and Bayesian networks -Case study: Farabi Hospital blood bank, Mashhad-Fateme TatarM.Sc.Fakoor Saghih2022-10-16
Designing a work-life balance model in telework conditions in Iraqi government organizationsIhsan AlquraishiP.H.D.Maharati2022-11-08
Investigating the effect of inclusive leadership strategy on pro-social rule-breaking through self efficacy and organizational identification -case study: mashhad social security employees-Sajjad HooshvarM.Sc.Rahimnia2022-10-04
Designing The model of work stress management in teleworking conditions in government organizations in City of BAGHDAD in IRAQYaseen AlmazkhoriP.H.D.Maharati2022-12-06
Designing an entrepreneurial leadership model in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of IraqMohammed AlzubaidiP.H.D.Rahimnia2022-11-19
Exploring the formation framework of corruption in Iraqi public sector organizationsInas YounusP.H.D.Eslami2022-12-11
Presenting a model to identify the abnormality of business processes based on summary descriptive data mining in business process management softwareFarshid NaqizadehM.Sc.Mehraeen2022-07-12
Investigating the effect of advertising structure on market share with the mediating role of marketing knowledge in food production firm of industrial town of Herat provinceQudratullah FayazM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2023-01-03
Examining the effect of self-efficacy on employee performance by considering the mediating role of employees\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Aida AsadiM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2023-02-07
Providing a three-level supply chain planning model based on vendor-managed inventory policy under demand uncertainty considering blockchain technologyazam modaresP.H.D.Motahari Farimani2022-12-20
Designing and explaining the model of occupational stress factors in the workplace -Case study: Operation Unit of east Oil and Gas Exploitation Company-Maryam KadkhodaM.Sc.Kazemi2022-10-02
Green Supply Chain Performance Evaluation Using SCOR Model and Fuzzy BWM methods with emphasis on planning-A case study: Electric Khodro Shargh Company-Mahboba QorbaniM.Sc.Kazemi2023-02-05
Investigating the influencing factors on the intention of consumers to adopt renewable energy in Mashhad, considering the moderating role of renewable energy costYaser TeshnejegarM.Sc.Maharati2023-01-08
Discovering the Components of Postmodern Human Resource Management and Investigating its impact on strategic Entrepreneurship with the Mediating role of Strategic Foresight in private big companies in IraqYousif Riyadh Mhmood MhmoodP.H.D.Maharati2023-02-26
Identifying and prioritizing factors affecting the implementation of corporate social responsibility and designing a model for these factors -Case: study Food industry companies of Mashhad Tos Industrial Town-Mahshid SadeghianM.Sc.Kazemi2022-11-06
Evaluating the innovation efficiency of the food industry with data envelopment analysis -Case of study: Food industries of Khorasan Razavi-hamid VojdanizadehM.Sc.Fakoor Saghih2023-02-12
Designing and testing a data driven decision making model in HRM: An HR analytics approachAkram GhezelbashP.H.D.Shirazi2023-02-28
Investigating the effect of the perceived performance of viral, guerilla and covert marketing activities on the brand image with regard to the mediating role of the competitive advantage of customers of Internet service companies in AfghanistanMohammad Hasib HazinyarM.Sc.Maharati2023-03-05
Identifying the components of Charlatan behavior in the organization and investigating the effect of Authentic leadership perceived with the moderating role of employees Moral Identity on it in the public sectorMoharram Abrary RoomenjanP.H.D.Rahimnia2023-04-11
Discover and modeling of indicators affecting supply chain transparency based on block chain in the country\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\HAMED ALIREZAEEP.H.D.Kazemi2022-11-02
Examining the mediating role of work participation and psychological empowerment of employees on the influence of responsible leadership on workforce agilitymahdi honariM.Sc.Shirazi2023-05-30
Identifying the components of internal marketing and determining its impact on employee commitment with the mediating role of service quality and moderating role of employees\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Mudher AlibaejP.H.D.Kaffashpoor2023-05-14
Investigating the effect of cyber insurance on creating a sense of trust between them in using internal apps through the role of user security control interface -Study case: Ofog Korosh App-Milad AminiM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2023-06-11
Investigating the effect of job satisfaction on employees\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Din Mohammad FaiziM.Sc.Malekzadeh2023-05-21
Designing a context-aware recommender system for order purchase of pharmaciesZeinab SobhiM.Sc.Bagheri2022-12-11
A model for exploit drivers of eco-industrial networks to improve the performance of circular supply chainsOmolbanin Khaldari M.Sc.Fakoor Saghih2023-06-13
Improving supply chain resilience through industrial symbiosis network using system dynamic-a study on livestock and poultry feed supply chain-Mohammad BabaeiM.Sc.Fakoor Saghih2023-06-13
A model for requirements of industrial symbiosis network using Delphi method and ISM-DEMATEL hybrid approach -case study : Babel Industrial park, Iraq-Qasim AlzuhairiP.H.D.Fakoor Saghih2023-07-04
Designing a resilient vaccine supply chain network under virus mutation disruption considering change Product typeelnaz borji khangheshlaghiP.H.D.Pooya2023-06-28
Dynamic modeling of employer brand by using fuzzy cognitive map and system dynamicsrazieh mirnezhadP.H.D.Pooya2023-06-13
Investigating the effect of brand reputation and brand competition on brand loyalty with the mediating role of brand trust -case of Super Cola soft drink company in Herat city-Wahid Daqan ZadaM.Sc.Bagheri2023-05-23
The effect of business intelligence on organizational performance trough innovation in iPhone company in Afghanistan.faridoon karimiM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2023-02-19
Designing a diagnostic-aid recommender system for cardiovascular diseases based on Machine Learning models and Design ScienceMahmoud Zahedian NezhadP.H.D.Mehraeen2023-09-09
Predicting the ability of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee applicants to repay self-employment facilities using data mining-Case study: Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, Hormozgan Province-Fatemeh PazireshM.Sc.Naji Azimi2023-09-26
Exploring the components of flexible human resource management and investigating its impact on operational performance by moderation of organizational ambidexterity in Iraq manufacturing companiesMundher TarafP.H.D.Eslami2023-05-21
Investigating the impact of human resource management measures on organizational citizenship behavior and considering the mediating role of organizational commitment -employees of Herat industrial food manufacturing companies-Zalmai KakarM.Sc.Shirazi2023-07-04
Identifying the dimensions of strategic human capital and investigating its effect on innovative work behaviors moderated by job embeddednessHasan AlluhaibiP.H.D.Eslami2023-09-25
Optimization model on the trains headway in Mashhad city metro line 2 according to passenger attraction rateMahdi AradfarM.Sc.Motahari Farimani2023-10-01
Investigating the effect of digitalization perceptions on employees autonomy with the mediating role of control_based human resource development management components in Audit institutions in MashhadSeyyedeh Tahoura AthariM.Sc.Malekzadeh2023-10-10
Designing the Managers Mindfulness Educational Package and Determining its effectiveness on the Performance of the Managers of Khorasan Razavi Gas Company.Elahe SaberiP.H.D.Maharati2023-10-30
Investigating effects of Social Customer Relationship Management and Social Media Technology Used on Firm performance with the mediating role of SCRM Capabilities and Salesperson Knowledge - Case of study companies active in the Food Industry in Mashhad-Nafiseh GhorbaniM.Sc.Maharati2023-12-05
Investigating the effect of perceived organizational democracy on organizational citizenship behaviors with the mediating role of job satisfaction and organizational commitment -case of: Aria Zarin Crystal Company, Tehran-Hamide ZahediM.Sc.Malekzadeh2023-09-26
Investigating the impact of human resource training on project successSayed Amanullah SharifiM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2023-10-08
Identifying distruptions and enablers of resilience in the health care supply chain and examining the relationship between them with total interpretive structural modeling approach -TISM- under the Corona epidemic a case study: MashhadNegar Takalloye BakhtiyariM.Sc.Pooya2023-11-05
Exploring the components of internal branding and investigating its impact on the brand equity and the job satisfaction of employees in non-profit organizations of Iraq.Amjed JaberiP.H.D.Maharati2023-12-26
Identifying the opportunities and challenges of Metaverse in the field of human resources for Iranian organizationsZahra KelidariM.Sc.Farahi2023-10-15
Designing a common good human resource management modelsomayeh rahiP.H.D.Eslami2023-12-05
Investigating the effect of psychological empowerment, meaningfulness, and safety on psychological well-being with mediating role of employees’ voice (Case study: public schools in Herat city)Froozan KarimyM.Sc.Farahi2023-07-04
Investigating the impact of innovation on brand performance through entrepreneurial marketing of Herat food companiesMOHAMMAD SHAFI KHAJAZADAM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2024-02-13
Investigating the effect of service quality on brand personality and credibility considering the mediating role of customer experience and brand value -Case of: Kefayat supermarket chain-Noor Mohammad TapishM.Sc.Hadadian2023-10-31
A model of ecotourism management requirements for the Sulaymaniyah, IraqMohamed Al-fayyadhP.H.D.Fakoor Saghih2023-12-19
A model for sharing economy requirements model for production systems in the textile industryAli Al-sultaniP.H.D.Fakoor Saghih2023-11-14
Determination Evaluation Criteria for Virtual Education Software and Ranking Software Using Fuzzy EDASSaeedeh SahebalamM.Sc.Kazemi2023-12-20
Investigating the effect of Product influencer congruence on the intention to recommend according to the mediating role of perceived characterizationMohammad HomayounfarM.Sc.Rahimnia2024-01-23
Analysis of sharing economy factors affecting supply chain sustainability with the combined approach of swara and fuzzy ism -Study case: Temad Pharmaceutical Company-Elaheh RamezaninoghondarM.Sc.Fakoor Saghih2023-12-24
The model of digital resilience in small and medium-sized enterprises in Mashhad city with SWARA and DEMATEL methodsohila takmilM.Sc.Fakoor Saghih2023-12-24
Optimum location of insurance agency branches using the best-worst methods in combination with IDAS approach the case of: Karafarin insurance branches in Mashhad-Maryam MollazadehM.Sc.Kazemi2024-01-07
Providing a simulation-optimization model of budget for the maintenance of university facilities with a system dynamics approach -Study case: Condensing chillers of the Central Organization of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad-Atieh GanjealiM.Sc.Pooya2024-01-28
Investigating the impact of competitors information, organizational culture, knowledge sharing on competitive intelligence with the mediating role of information value -a case study of knowledge-based companies active in the field of inElham HaghparastM.Sc.Kaffashpoor2024-03-10
Designing an interpretative structural model of barriers and enablers of using Internet of Things in the production management of the studied food industry: Mashhad cityMohammad Movahedi ShoorchehM.Sc.Pooya2024-02-27
Designing a fuzzy linear model for integrated planning of production and preventive maintenanceMasoud Aliniya OmranM.Sc.Pooya2024-02-18
Investigating The Effect Of Ad Type On Word-Of-Mouth Intention, Purchase Intention And Brand Loyalty With The Mediation Of Ad Credibility And Brand Trust In Relation To Mihan BrandDanial MashreghiM.Sc.Hadadian2024-03-03
Evaluating the research efficiency of professors using data envelopment analysis-DEALeyla Sedaghat NiazabadiM.Sc.Naji Azimi2024-01-14
Identifying Components of managerial decency and investigating its effect on the employee turnover intention: the moderating role of the perceived organizational supportZynab ShykholeslamiP.H.D.Rahimnia2024-03-10
Investigating the effect of perceived unfairness on the desire for unique products through the mediating role of need for social status and the moderating role of perceived economic mobilityAla Raouf SheybaniM.Sc.Rahimnia2024-02-06
A hybrid fuzzy BWM- fuzzy VIKOR method for failure modes and effects analysis -FMEA- identification and prioritization in the automotive parts industrySaba SeyraniM.Sc.Kazemi2024-04-09
Designing an improved template for the dissertation/ thesis defense process based on process analysis at selected top universities worldwideMohammad SharifiM.Sc.Motahari Farimani2024-02-27
Investigating the effect of information quality and information systems quality on user satisfaction with mediating role of ease use of system -Study case: Sepeh Bank users -Mashhad Moghaddis-Seyedhassan AhmadzadehsafarM.Sc.Bagheri2023-12-24
Selecting proper contract with supplier in clothing industry -case study: jacket product on Gonabad city-Maryam BarazinejadM.Sc.Motahari Farimani2024-01-28
Investigating the effect of human crowding and store messiness on shoppers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Mohammad DehnaviM.Sc.Eslami2024-04-14
Identifying the Dimensions of Job Demand and Investigating the effect of Perceived Organizational Leisure Benefits on itNadia Rashidi KermaniP.H.D.Rahimnia2024-03-11
Optimization of Inventory Management in Perishable Supply Chains using a Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach -Case Study: Blood Transfusion Supply Chain-Reza JafariM.Sc.Bagheri2024-04-30
stakeholders analysis and typology in higher education industry: -case study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad-Amirmohammad ZolfaghariM.Sc.Motahari Farimani2024-05-12