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Plan Title Keywords Executors Plan Type
Plan Type
The relationships between demographic characteristics of companies and the requirements of their commercial websites: a data-mining approachdemographic characteristics، the requirements of their commercial websites، a data-miningAzar Kaffashpoor, , Practical-
Intimacy typology in workpalce (5star hotels in Mashhad city)Intimacy،workpalce ،typologyAzar Kaffashpoor,Mahshid Gharibpoor, Practical-Developement-
Evaluation of Relationship between...knowledge managementMostafa Kazemi,yousef ramezaniPractical-
Investigating the role of required flexibility as a mediator in the relationship between managerial flexibility and customer satisfaction (case study: Banks and financial institutes in the city of Mashhad)required flexibility, managerial flexibility, customer satisfactionAlireza Khorakian,Yaghoob Maharati,Elaheh NaserinezhadPractical-
The effect of invisible export of tourism goods and services on culture expansion; considering the moderation role of souvenir and handicraftsInvisible Export, Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Culture Expansion, SouvenirFariborz Rahimnia,Mojtaba Poursalimi,Ahmadreza Karimi MazidiPractical-
Investigating the role of nurses’ positive practice on hospital effectiveness (Case study: Hhospitals in the city of Mashhad)positive practice, hospital, effectiveness, nursesAlireza Khorakian,Yaghoob Maharati,hanzaleh zeinvand lorestaniPractical-
Study of Effectiveness and Relationship between Dimensions of Electronic Services Quality by eQUAL Scale ( Case study :Central Library of Ferdowsi University of Mashhadservice quality dimensions, e-qual scale, central libraryAhmad LatifianPractical-
Evaluating the effects of sensing capability and Responding to technological changes on corporates business positionsensing capability, Responding, technological changesSaeed Mortazavi,Alireza AminiPractical-
the role of psycological empoerment on emotional labor(a case study: diciplinairy employees of ferdowsi univercity of mashhad)psycological empoerment, emotional labor, diciplinairy employeesSaeed Mortazavi,Alireza AminiPractical-
Exploring the effects of sincere apologies onfollower’s commitment in An Iranian contextApology, affective commitment, humility, transformation leadership, forgivenessAli Shirazi,Mohammad Sadegh SharifiradPractical-
Authentic leadership and employee well-being: the mediating role of attachment securityAuthentic leadership, employee well-being, attachment anxiety, attachmant avoidanceFariborz Rahimnia,Mohammad Sadegh SharifiradPractical-
Psychological safetyPsychological safetyMostafa Kazemi,samira pourPractical-